I Believe That Love is a start to the answer.

The song, “I believe” by Blessed Union of Souls, gave me a jolt of insight today. I was going about my usual cheerful, fun, humorous posting business on social media, when I came across two significant interactive map postings on the sad state of the United States of America by a large media outlet. Instant mood switch to one of sadness, disparity, and yes to be honest hard cold fingers of FEAR raced up and down my body!
Why fear? Because no matter how graphic, chilling or factual the information is..many will continue to not believe!

Why won’t they believe? I can only liken it to a map and explanation I once saw on the History Channel of the Nazi’s march of terror across Germany and Significant parts of Eastern Europe, all while non-Jewish citizens refused to believe of the atrocities that were taking place right under their eyes and noses! Many of those citizens were recorded in the history annuals of saying, “We believed them when they said they were relocating them for their own safety”! Amazing in hindsight what you will believe and accept when even the cold hard truth is right there before your eyes! The logic just isn’t present, and doesn’t exists that people could disappear for days/months/years to never be heard from or seen again!  An excellent time line on the History Channel website does a superb job at showing  just how quickly in such a short time span a reign of terror can span the map!  This poignantly points out how not believing can also be harmful to your survival too; ….”At first few believed, including the Jews themselves, that the rumors of these death camps were real – preferring to believe that they being sent to hard labor camps.”  As Elie Wiesel states; “There will be no rest for the wicked, the uncaring or anyone else.” Will you continue to be the “uncaring”?

I believe that those that refuse to accept that liberalism goes against everything they were born under and created to be in God’s image is a sin. We all are sinners, yet we all have God’s given right to seek redemption, to sin no more and by grace be saved. Yet so many Christians do not consider how they cast their vote, (a legal right granted by man) can affect their religious views because they refuse to reconcile the two for their standard of living under God’s laws.  For example, how do you reconcile God’s commandment, “Thou shall not steal” with the liberal place that we must literally confiscate another man’s wealth in order to “spread the wealth?”  It does not fit.  Nor does it fit the Constitution where we are to be equal under the law.  But constitution aside, God never said, “oh it’s unfair that your neighbor has more.  Go and take it, or choose someone who will do the stealing in your name.  No, He said we are to not envy, not steal, not harm one another.  But that is exactly what we now do as dictated by the lawless  and uncaring actions of some,  the immoral is embraced as being the righteous  “man-of-this-earth” laws!

I believe that those that cast their votes for the democrat party and practice liberalism don’t have enough knowledge nor the TRUE correct knowledge of their party’s history.  The history of this great nation, the United States of America, and how democrats since the time of their parties conception have enacted laws to degrade, corrupt and cause a racist society.  Democrats will swear on a stack of bibles that they are not and do not support hate, racism, and bigotry against any others.  Yet based on the premises of the historical and current actions of how that parties leadership as designated to  represent you with their legislation, and voting records contradicts your refusal and blatantly disregards any attempts to dispute their race-baiting-hate-monger tactics.  Your own democrat history states: ” The Democrats benefited from white Southerners’ resentment of Reconstruction after the war and consequent hostility towards the Republican party.   When the Redeemer’s ended Reconstruction in the 1870’s, and the extremely violent disenfranchisement of African-Americans took place in the 1890’s South, voting Democratic, became known as the “Solid South.”  What is Solid South? Solid South is, “the electoral support of the Southern United States for the Democrat Party candidates for nearly a century from 1877, the end of  Reconstruction to 1964, during the middle of the Civil Rights era.  The whole basis for the formation of the Democrat party was due to their disagreement of the formation of the Republican party’s stance of political rights for blacks during reconstruction. For further reading on this information you can go to: http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Democratic_party.aspx#4-1O119:DemocraticParty-full, and of course http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Party_(United_States).

I believe that you don’t love yourself enough if you can prove making unholy concessions in your life by supporting any cause, party or action that willing destroys a life using man-made laws! A life that cannot speak for itself, defend it’s self, and did not ask for conception and yet was conceived. You are a hypocrite if you call yourself a christian and support the democrat party’s beliefs and practices about abortion.  Why would I state you don’t love yourself enough? Because any human that values their life and that of others, would cease and desist with supporting anyone and/or anything that advocates that it is okay to abort a baby because it’s your right. What about God’s word? What about adopting out if you cannot afford nor have the wish to raise and support a child? Democrats love the platform of “Planned Parenthood”, and use that platform for every election. Why? Because since the birth of the Real Deal under the guidance of Franklin D. Roosevelt, welfare subsidy programs have always been their top ticket to garnering votes.  Planned Parenthood since  inception by Margaret Sanger is an evil destructive genocidal bomb that they deploy.  Margaret Sanger for the true record was a socialist and an anarchist, one definition of anarchist is as follows: Person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against any established, rule, law, or custom.   Sanger is not one to be lauded as a martyr to anyone with firm christian values.  Her publication “The Woman Rebel” touted slogans such as; “No God, No Masters”!  Sanger believed in “those whose condition is known to be harmful to the stamina of the race, and that sterilization and segregation be applied to those with incurable, hereditary disabilities.” That was in a 1932 essay titled: “A Plan for Peace” that she proposed to a congressional department about population problems.  Call it what it is..GENOCIDE!  You seeing the correlation yet? Exterminate and thus keep the budget down, sounds harsh doesn’t it? They offer “free” sexual tutoring for neediest of the needy’s children (the influential future), offer free birth-control  (inadvertently advocating and supporting premarital sex), offer a list of “low-cost” genocide agents – aka: abortion doctors to eliminate the “accident” that they all along induced with their immoral and corrupt influence!

I believe it is only with taking a long hard look while reflecting on what it is about YOURSELF you love, and what is it about your life YOU love? What does being a christian mean to you? I believe when you can honestly answer those questions and how every decision you make including electing those that will represent Your beliefs as close to and as best as they can to the world. I believe you will have a very difficult time with the correlation of liberalism and Christianity.

That is why my friends I am a conservative, I like to call myself a Christian Conservative.

I believe love is a start…..


One thought on “I Believe That Love is a start to the answer.

  1. Wow! Thank God for you and your words. Awesome. I am so glad I found this blog through Ms Meah Wilson, my facebook friend!

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