The Melting Pot – The American Black Conservative, still holding strong (Video)

Meah Wilson

Hello, to all of my fellow Americans. The other night I was resting very peacefully. As I slept, all these thoughts came to mind about the attacks against black conservatives, like Herman Cain and Allen West. I actually wondered to myself, where are all the so-called black leaders when Allen West and Herman Cain are under fire? I could have sworn that President Obama, who is half black, was the one who told blacks to take off their slippers and get out and march, right?

Then on top of that, we have the 98% of blacks who vote against their own values and for the destruction of their own future. I have to say this, and I don’t really care who I offend, but, black people, we are our own worst enemy. I don’t even blame the white man, because we should have stopped this mess ourselves a long time ago, but we didn’t. We let this mess continue on from generation to generation. Most of us are broken because of our pride! No, it’s not just blacks, but it is the majority of them! Stop acting like a damn victim already! OWN UP!! GROW UP!! AND THEN STAND UP!!

Most blacks probably don’t even know who Allen West is, and they barely know who Herman Cain is. Hell, they don’t even know who Barack Obama is, if they did know, they wouldn’t be supporting his foolishness, period. As racist as it may sound, I’m seeing some validity to the statement, “If you want to hide something from a black man/woman, put it in a book. “ Yes, it’s true, the lack of information that so many blacks deny themselves is outrageous!

The Democratic Party actually relies on it. They need their supporters to be dumbed down, ignorant, and stupid. They need them to be less informed and brainwashed with lies and deception. That is the only reason that the Democratic Party still exists today. I am telling the truth, if you don’t like it, then good for me, because I love it!

It is a sin how they are trashing Herman Cain, and not enough black people are coming out in his defense. I guess it’s because he is a conservative, which only makes things worse for blacks at the end of the day. Remember Obama telling the press about “allegations, accusations and statements” made about him that were “false or not true,” and they dropped it immediately? But with Cain or any conservative, they will dig as deeply as they can to find some dirt, to make more “allegations, accusations and false statements” against him that they’ll report as “facts.”

You see the double standard in that? Yet, you most certainly hear liberals sit up and deny it each and every time. That is why they are such a sick bunch. They blame someone else for the havoc they cause, instead of admitting their way just doesn’t work. There is absolutely no limit when it comes to the madness that manifests from liberals.

I even imagine myself dashing lots of holy water and placing a cross on them just to see if I can exorcise the demons inside of them. Exorcism is mainly thought of as the rite of driving out the Devil and his demons from possessed persons. Exorcism is mainly performed in incidences of demonic possession that are generally distinguished from spiritual possession. A general assumption is that the Roman Catholic Church singularly practices the rite of exorcism, but some Protestant denominations such as the Pentecostals and other charismatic groups practice it as well. These groups refer to the practice as “deliverance ministry” where gifted people drive out devils and heal while they touch the person with their hands, called laying-on of hands, and pray over them.

The truth be told, liberals are afraid of Herman Cain and those of us who are just like him. They can only smear us. They could never face us real conservatives with facts. They are a pathetic bunch because their only foundation is built upon lies.

Take a moment to imagine the strength Herman Cain must have had to battle cancer, the chemo treatments, the incredible sickness that goes with that, and to be able to carry on an affair at the same time! Wow! If he is that strong and steadfast then that is even more reason we need him as president to fix this horrible mess! No worries, Cain, we got your back!!

   The majority of black Americans basically refuse to support what will work better for us and our country. You want better for your community and your children’s future? Then stop re-electing and supporting the same people who can’t even stand you and rob you and your kids on a daily basis. The Al Sharpton’s, Charlie Rangel’s, Sheila Jackson Lee’s, Jesse Jackson’s, the Maxine Water’s, and Barack Obama’s who swear up and down they have your best interest at heart — but don’t.

In the black community, party trumps race every time. If you are a black person escaping the Democratic plantation, there will be no support at all from the black community — even when derogatory remarks are made by a white liberal. So many will fully imprison themselves and others with political correctness. Keeping yourselves locked up because you can’t comprehend the spiritual foundation that holds up our nation. You lack the fundamental facts about politics and then you go out and vote without a clue. I would rather be with a man with a erectile dysfunction than be with a man who doesn’t comprehend the fundamentals of the voting process or appreciate Godly American values.

I am very proud to be an American conservative. I refuse to hide who I am, what I support, and why. Conservative values are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you should be both blessed and proud if you support such beliefs. The attacks against non-white conservatives have always been intense. You would think we are out to destroy the world or take out families, innocent babies, and businesses with the way we come under fire. It is so great to see more conservative Americans who are Hispanic, Latin, Asian, and black coming out of the woodwork. When it comes to that, I want to highlight it, because I think it’s great that we have come so far as to educate ourselves on the many issues that destroy so many families, businesses, and our communities. That is a far cry from what we could be supporting, which is liberalism.

What has me the most pissed off are the conservatives who say, “Cain is out of the race, he is too damaged.” Cut that mess out, because that is exactly what the liberals want, don’t you dare give it to them!! They’ve done to us before, are we going to fall for it again?

The reason why I support conservative values is because it supports who I am. Being a Christian makes me a child of God. Being an American makes me a child of freedom. Being both makes me a better patriot. There you have it. It doesn’t get any better than that.

But to liberals, that statement alone would set them on fire. Why, do you ask? Because I mentioned God. What they practice cannot co-exist with Godly standards. They try so hard to be gods and play the part of God. That is why they don’t have a problem living a life denying God or removing him altogether.

Even those who try to justify their liberal stances with a biblical one are very misguided. They are in the world, not of God. So don’t sit up and tell me that it is okay to be a liberal while holding onto God’s hand at the same time — not going to happen, ever. You need to educate yourselves better, you really do.

Yes, liberalism is all about control, mind games, brainwashing, removing God, and basically reconstructing the truth with nothing but lies. Let’s be real about it. Liberal policies are nothing but a disaster. There is no compassion in keeping your fellow American in poverty or dependent on government entitlements. What is so compassionate about that, huh? Exactly, nothing. It doesn’t work, it never has and never will. You can try your darndest to convince yourself and others that it does work, but it is a big fail. The evidence is right in your face, go into the inner cities, go into those schools. All those caged up businesses are the results of liberalism. Detroit, Chicago, Maryland, etc. Those places are a horrible, miserable mess. There is nothing but despair in the midst of it all. Most of our schools and universities are saturated with those liberal-loving teachers and professors. Take a good look at Hollywood also, they reek of liberal nonsensical agenda.

Yet, none of them even understand what they support or why. They don’t have the information or knowledge to even research the truth. They boldly mimic false information and do as they are told by their puppet masters. Then, like the fools that most liberals are, they get on board with it. You can have all the degrees in the world and still be dumb as a doorknob — true story. I have seen that very trend up in Washington D.C. with our leaders, if you want to call them that.

The other trouble I have is understanding how you can be born here in America, but hate it so much. If you hate it so much, then get the heck out of here, and don’t look back. The reasons liberals give aren’t even valid either. America was freed of slavery — almost. You can thank the Democratic Party for the form that still exists today. When you look at other countries like Africa, you should be thankful. America is blessed, and we have overcome so much. American citizens who hate America, you are a disgrace to the rest of us who enjoy our freedom and liberty. You are disgrace to all the hard-working rich people who provide jobs for others and their families. You are also a disgrace to our military and their families. If you are so proud of spitting on this nation, then just leave and never return. As soon as someone tells you that, you cop an attitude. The truth is sometimes hard to embrace.

America is not flawed, the people who are leading us into a ditch are, and those who vote for them are also. They are all hypocrites. In their inane book you can only be a victim of racism, sexism, or discrimination, if you’re a Democrat. Otherwise, it doesn’t count, because it doesn’t fit their political agenda. These people are a disgrace to justice and liberty, and they embody the backwards political agenda that is destroying this country. They’re not about progress, only progressivism. You cannot produce something out of nothing. That is not progress, that is what you call crazy.

I am one of the many conservatives who are willing to shine the light to expose this awful trend called liberalism that is taking hold in our cities and counties.

In closing, I want to thank all of my friends for their feedback and most of all the inspiration to write this blog. We have a long spiritual battle ahead of us. God commands us to pray for our country and our leaders. Having prayed, God wants us to act. The elections are vital to the future of this nation. Our country is in the middle of a spiritual awakening, and it’s vitally important that the right people be elected. We must see to it. Don’t wait until the last-minute to seek God for who to vote for. Begin to pray now so that the media, cleverly designed commercials, and other voices cannot influence you and draw you in the wrong direction. So pray that the next administration is God-indwelt, God-ordained, God-overseen and God-directed. Then register to vote. And vote. We still get another chance for the elections coming up, lets not mess it up! God bless America!!

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3 thoughts on “The Melting Pot – The American Black Conservative, still holding strong (Video)

  1. Although I am personally attracted to conservative black women (because of the morality factor), it’s sad to know that, with more than enough issues tearing itself apart, the black community is now adopting competing political ideologies–liberalism and conservatism–as another means of creating divisions. There are many things I can negative things I can point out about liberalism (feminism, distorted/New Age views of child-rearing, abortion), I can find just as many wrong with conservatism (support for the death penalty, ethnocentrism, political fear-mongering, hypocrisy). I wish more people would think outside the intellectually limiting ideological spectrum.

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