Cain Was Guilty…. Of Being a Conservative!

No blue stained dresses. No taped recorded messages. No witnesses whatsoever. There has been no corroboration for any of the multiple claims of sexual harassment against Cain, and of the bevy of skanks making such claims, only one had filed a formal complaint against him. After an internal investigation, that complaint was found to be unsubstantiated. Not even an alleged thirteen year long affair could yield irrefutable evidence against Cain. One would think that a thirteen year affair would yield evidence greater than our nation’s deficit!  That was not the case. The only evidence produced after thirteen years were anemic records of phone and text messages showing only the time and date that calls were made and messages sent… and most of those calls and messages were initiated by the complainant. From what I’ve gleaned, Cain is probably innocent of inappropriate behavior; however, he is guilty of something far more ominous… Cain is guilty of CWB!!
You’ve heard the phrase DWB (driving while Black) right? Well, the CWB phenomenon is being Conservative While Black! Oh yeah… it’s real!! You get no love from the Black Community if you’re Black and Conservative! Black liberals, especially those with notoriety, can molest children (Michael Jackson)… on tape (R. Kelly); murder two people (OJ Simpson); be a druggie (Marion Berry); beat their women (Chris Brown); kill dogs (Michael Vick) and just about anything else under the sun, and the Black community will forgive them! Most Blacks will stand by a Black Liberal, right or wrong, before they will ever let “tha (fictional) man” bring them down! The fact that NO so-called Black leaders (they’re actually misleaders) defended Cain should prove that when Blacks call for unity in the Black communities, they’re certainly not including us Black Conservatives. We are looked upon as the enemy… and that’s a crying shame!
You see, being CONSERVATIVE WHILE BLACK is THE unforgivable sin as far as Blacks are concerned. You will never hear the inarticulate chants or rhymes from Jessie Jackson in defense of the Black Conservative. Neither will you ever see Big Perm– I mean Al Sharpton marching or boycotting in protest of a Black Conservative. That’s because Black Conservatives don’t promote the “Blacks are victims of slavery” mentality that Sharpton and Jackson perpetually reiterate to keep the flames of racism burning. They are race baiters, so they actually need racial division in order to prosper. Conservatives believe that every American has equal opportunity, but many simply don’t take advantage of their freedoms. If Blacks could become doctors and lawyers during the era of slavery, what’s stopping that success today?
Black Conservatives are like kryptonite to both the Liberal and Republican establishment elites! Lord forbid Herman Cain made it to the White House and actually made a difference! Blacks and others could very well open their eyes and see that the only way to secure happiness and prosperity is by their own strengths, and not because of any politician, government entitlements and certainly not because of any community “misleaders”. The realization of self-sufficiency would destroy the establishment elite’s power structure because every American would be fighting for the same thing… protection of their rights and protection to be their own fisherman and to prosper. This realization would also be the beginning of restoring the power of We the People over government, which is how it was meant to be. But, since “the establishment” railroaded Cain out of the race, we will have to suffer a slower progression towards the restoration of power… it will happen… people are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the same politics as usual BS!
My goal, along with other Conservatives, is to help reach enough people, specifically Black people to prove former president Lyndon B. Johnson dead (pun intended) wrong. After he signed “that nigger bill”, more commonly known as the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he stated “I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”. Well, I think it’s time for Blacks to regain their political power… not for the sake of “blackness” but for the sake of saving our nation… besides, Democrats have owned the “nigger vote” (their words, not mine) for long enough!

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Vanessa Anderson

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24 thoughts on “Cain Was Guilty…. Of Being a Conservative!

  1. VAnderson, have you ladies ever gone to this website?

    These people have done some amazing investigations on Obama and his family. They even did and interview with Frank Marshall Davis’s son. It’s some great reading.
    I’m now posting your website on theirs.

    Pertaining to that radio show, a friend of my is a computor geek, “Black conservative cmputor geek from Oakland Cal” and he wants me to do a radio show with him. I’m not sure if I’m gonna do it but if I do…..I want you ladies in on it. I’m sendind him to your website also.
    I’m gonna ask him if you ladies can have your own show.


  2. VAnderson, when my wife reads this website…..she’s gonna feel like she hit the jackpot. She’s gonna love you all here. She’s from France an a recovering socialist. She knows all to well the disasterous effects of socialism and gov depenance.
    I think you all should start a radio program. I’m talking to someone that can possibly make that happen.


  3. Ok, Greg.. that would be great…but, you don’t have to…. don’t want you to feel any pressure. I asked because I was appreciative of your support… If you choose to, my profile pic is a sparkly looking, blue Christmas tree. God bless!

  4. VAnderson, I may send you a message through FB from my wife’s page. With the wife’s approval ofcourse. This way you know a little more about me. I just need to know how to find you on FB.


  5. LOL… no worries. I just thought we could get to know you through FB. Congrats on your accredidation. You are teaming up with us againt the Libs and RINOS by helping us here!

  6. VAnderson, I got off of FB in January because I was in the process of applying for an ACR Nuclear Medicine accredditation. I was spending too much time on FB arguing with libs and needed to concentrate on work.
    I’m not sure if I want to get back on FB because I believe it’s up to no good with the government. Becareful of wht you post on FB.
    If I do get back on, I’ll use a alternate name and send it to you. My family back in Philly is dying for me to get back on FB. They loved my comments.
    I would love having you as a FB friend. We could team up against the libs and RINOs!


  7. Sure VAnderson, I’m trying to have your website destroyed with traffic. I keep posting everytime I comment on other sites. Hope you don’t mind. If web traffic gets too much, I do appologise. I want to make all you here famous!


    • Thank you, Greg! We appreciate your help in spreading the word. I posted a link on Perrymans page in case you didnt see that post. Can you friend me on FB so I can know who you are… we are very loyal here! Thanks!

  8. I really enjoyed this!!! Such insight and all truth!!! I mean if we really know our history, it was the same conservatives that really voted for civil rights not the dems who strongly disapprove!! Thank you for your stand and for your knowledge on getting the truth out!! PS I just believe it would have gotten alot worse for Mr. Cain and his family because OB and the black libs would have had a hard time explaining how to vote against a all black man who was a product of the civil rights era against a half black man who didn’t!!! I call it Big C vs little c. Be blessed

    • Thank you so much! We’re glad you stopped by! I have to ask… is this Pastor Manning? IF so…. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your videos! Cain and his family are not a political family… most women marry politicians knowing what they will be up against… for the Cain’s, I guess it was like moving from California to Antartica! God Bless… God bless us all!

      • No my Sister I’m just a Conservative Black pastor trying to teach ppl to depend on God who is the real supplier rather than the Government. Plz pray for us as we do the same for you.

      • No worries… Pastor Manning does the same. And I’m so happy to see pastors holding true to God’s words…. as I’m sure you know, so many many churches are incredibly secular these days and teach everything EXCEPT the word of God.

  9. Hey you all mind if I thrown a bone here for Rev Perryman? I’m throwing a bone on his website about your website. You all might want to read his latest class-action lawsuite.
    This is one class-action lawsuite I can get behind. This lawsuite has “Class” and needs some serious action.

    I understand your situational terrets syndrome handicap…. my handicap is terrible when it comes to liberals. One day we should share the new words we created when dealing with liberals. 🙂


  10. LOL… That’s what I’d claim anyways, Greg… then I’d just apologize and go to rehab… that always workds for liberals!

  11. Kuuleme, V Anderson….. You two do not have demons or cuss to much….. you have situational terrets syndrome. 🙂
    I’ve been sharing this website with everyone I know….. especially with liberals!
    Liberals I know… the white ones, have a deep seeded opinion that black people would never become successfull without their idiology. You know, black people could have never made in America without them.
    I’m drafting you all here for office.


  12. Love this strong “Black” woman….When we chat I most times forget she is “Black”.

    Vanessa is like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell in my life…living proof that wisdom does not have a skin color.

    I thank God for these strong conservatives who are willing to speak out….keep on..keeping on.

  13. Oh… they still played the race card, Greg…. don’t you know a sex-crazed Black man chasing after White women when you see one? He just couldnt keep his hands off those women!

    Thanks for reading our blog… Please share!!! And regarding running for office… I have demons and they tend to come out at the most inappropriate times!! haha! God Bless!

  14. Since the Left can not use the “Race Card” against a black conservative, they go to the “Moby can’t keep his fly zipped” attack. Clarence Thomas? Rotten leftist praised Clinton for his antics and implied it gave him “Mojo” but, now a black conservative is a preditor and an out-of-control neaderthal. It amazes me they get away with this crap.
    This is my new favorite webstie! I love you all here. By the way, I hate saying “Black Conservative” but you all understand why we still need to label these days. Rotten libs!

    Can all of you ladies on my new favorite website run for political office? I need somene to vote for! PLEASE!!!!!!!


    • Speaking for myself, Greg. I am way to ill-tempered and cuss way too much to be in politics!!! I’m afraid if I won, our House floor would be like the Koreans, a slug fest and last one standing wins!!! Lol!!! Thank you for reading our blog and please share our site with others!!! 🙂

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