Please….Put your Race Card Away!!

Living in a nation with so many beautiful cultures and backgrounds, why are will still haunted by our past concerning race? We are all Americans. Many long to move forward as to forgive, and heal from America’s indifferences and slavery. With the recent election of Barrack Obama, we soon discovered that many still hold tight and even cling to the subject and factor of race. What is the race card, who plays it, and why? The race card is used to accuse a person of racism, even though they may not be a racist. It is a scapegoat to run away from, divide, defeat and destroy someone or something if you do not agree. Using the race card is a way to deflect off the subject at hand. Providing a temporarily escape from facts and logic. It provides a way to place judgment towards someone without the lack of evidence that they are actually a racist.

When a person makes an unfounded assertion that he/she is being rejected by society because those who made the decision are racist. The race card refers to having an unbeatable card in a game. When played, it must be either accepted or trumped by the entire deck. The reality of the implementation of this term is that many people misuse it in order to gain an advantage, which they would not have otherwise. It plays into the idea that race is the issue, and that our differences matter more than our similarities. It is constantly overused so it does not promote equality, but destroys it. The term race card implies the entire subject, matter, and issue is a game about race no matter who gains the upper hand.

The race card is in play anytime someone uses the issue of it to benefit their position or defend their actions. On several occasions, it is used in such a way to construe that someone is being racist. An instant win if you are losing a fight with someone. Many will even find it amusing to use in order to persecute. Using it as a slingshot, the back to the front whether the win is deserved or not (more often not). When an individual calls foul on a situation that is detrimental to them and say the situation is racially discriminatory. Now, whether it is or not, is irrelevant, stories like these are sometimes taken as gospel. By playing the race card / or creating volatile race issues that really do not exist so they can potentially draw someone into an argument about race and not the real issue. Charges of reverse discrimination can be a form of playing the race card. When two individuals interview for a job, discrimination and reverse discrimination sometimes occurs. “Well the black person got the position because they needed to meet their quota” or “They did not hire me because I’m _________” type non-sense.

The tossing of the race card, as I have been a witness to it, is used more so since the election of Barrack Obama. We already know the circumstances surrounding the Presidents success, and the reason why so many voted for him. In some cases we found that many did not care for his policies, and the direction he is taking our nation. The result was a hand full of Americans to become the victims of the race card. Politicians are just as guilty for pulling the race card, in hopes to pass laws, break laws, get attention, and gain power. On July 22, 2009 when Barrack Obama said the Cambridge, Mass. Police department officer Sergeant James Crowley “acted stupidly” while arresting Harvard Professor Henry Louis Jr. The president invoked the specter of racial profiling; his comments had explosive potential of every kind. Given the painful history of race relations already in the United States, the president’s criticism of the Department could have sparked demonstrations, fueled demands to fire Crowley, and potentially undone much of the progress police departments across the country have made in overcoming the racial divisions of the past.

MLK said it best right here: ‘Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of value and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and false with the true” from his book “Strength to Love 1963 “ That is how our society has chosen to play the race card, dealing it out with hate. Twisting it around, so to fit their own agenda and belief. It corrodes the mind, and eats away on the inside like a cancer. Spreading and never ending like an incurable disease. When we take a hard look around us, are we all at risk (sometimes) to play the race card based on our own conditions, self-pity, and situations? Let us not get involved with anything of the sort, using it for entitlements, a way of escape, to receive pity, as a power tool, and to drag others down. Those ideas are pointless and do nothing to build our society towards positive examples to our future generations.

There will be a point in all our lives when we will have to face the reality of who we are and what we have become as a nation. There is racism in America but this is a game none of us should play. The issues that plague our county must begin with us, and our actions alone. Our mentality and our choices make us who we are as a whole. Pulling the race card just for evil, or to win a discussion is immature and very unacceptable behavior. God made us all unique for his purpose alone so we must respect each race based on God’s standards, which is the human race. Owning up to our own mistakes by not blaming others is a great start. There is not a single thing to be gained by pulling the race card, its only purpose is to separate and stir up trouble. We all have shortcomings and faults, but as a nation, we must first learn to forgive the past, and stop bringing up race. In order to overcome the obstacles that trip us up, what are we going to do so our kids can learn that color is NEVER a bases for anything, but the person’s character is what matters?


One thought on “Please….Put your Race Card Away!!

  1. The new definition of a racist is, “When a conservative is winning an argument against a liberal”.
    Sorry bout that, just thought I’d clear that one up for yea. 🙂


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