The Uninformed voter…stop!!!

Just the other day, I was visiting with a neighbor of mine when the subject of politics surfaced, and as usual, I prepared myself for it. She was in utter disbelief to discover that I did NOT support our current administration. She even took a brief moment to yell into the other room, and tell her husband that I did NOT “like” Barrack Obama. My EXACT words where “I do not support this administration.” She got it twisted, even to the point of mentioning Bush. “Asking her if she had been paying attention to what is going on?” She responds, “No, I have no idea.”  Nevertheless, that is what it is like dealing with an uninformed voter these days.

Recently, I also met a woman who was an uninformed voter that took the time to listen to me. I was amazed that she had not been keeping up, but watches the news!! Giving Obama all sorts of undeserved praise. She told me how great Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi were. She expressed utter disdain for Sarah Palin and she was very serious about it too. Politicians like Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Barbara Boxer and Harry Reed were all in her top 10 of “LIKES”.  I told her, “You have to follow their track record each year and not just listen to what they are saying, but also watch what they are doing.”  When you study the word uninformed, it means not having knowledge or information about a situation, subject, etc. I have been there and I have done that, many of us have.  We have to WAKE- UP eventually and get it together because knowledge is power.

Honestly, I get so frustrated explaining, repeating and reviewing the mess that Barrack Obama is making in our country to his uninformed supporters simply because they “CHOOSE” to be uninformed. I am sure many of you have had endless, never-ending debates about politics and then soon discovered, “my goodness, this individual has no clue as to what is really going on in our country!”

You just want to knock them upside their head or shake them because they simply do not get it, do not pay attention, do not care, and nor do they want to know. On many occasions, I even discover they are just flat out lazy and selfish. They only care about what they want and what matters to them. Therefore, after they vote, they just move on, not keeping up with what they voted or supported. To many people vote for a party instead of voting for a person with the values that represent our constitution or standard way of life.

I have not always been into politics myself, so when I could vote, I promised myself that I would stay informed on all the issues. Even making it a habit to take my children with me when I vote, that way, they follow my example while voting with a clear conscience.

Uniformed voters have a pattern that trickles down to the rest of us in a very negative way, because they are gullible and will believe anything, and do the wrong thing at the same time. They can be so easily swayed and fooled by media outlets and false propagandists, which can affect their voting ability instantly, causing a domino effect of bad policies for the rest of our country.

When trying to explain and update them on the current issues, plenty will become upset with you because of their pride and embarrassment. It is like going around and around on a carousel, what gives? I tell you what gives, when uniformed voters toss in some information they heard in passing and not factual turning it into a huge debate.

One of the main problems I have with uninformed voters is that they know so much about what and who they did NOT vote for while being hypocrites NOT knowing who and what they are voting for. Then making up claims just to cover their tracks because they don’t even know what is really going on.

Knowing key information like the three branches in the United States government as established by the Constitution is a start. There is the Executive Branch, which is held by the President, Vice president, and the Commander and Chief of the military. The Legislative branch, which is Congress, the House and the Senate. Then the Judiciary branch, those seats are held on good behavior and judicial review.

The Executive branch can veto the law, thus making it harder for the legislative branch to pass the law. The Judicial branch may also say that the law is unconstitutional, not making it a law. The Legislative branch can also REMOVE a president or judge who is NOT doing his/her job properly. The Executive branch appoints judges and Legislative branch approves the choice of the Executive branch. This system is supposed to insure that the branches check and balances each other so that no one branch has too much power.

Most voters are not even aware of the limited power the President has, but in the case of Barrack Obama, exceptions have been made, since his party has the majority of the house right now. During the end of the Bush term that was also the case. I find many voters don’t know that fact. The President’s legislation power is limited to recommendations; he cannot make legislation, because that power is for Congress. When legislation is sent to the president, he has only three options available to him.

He may sign the bill into law or veto the bill or he may do nothing. In the first case, it becomes the law of the land. If it is not disputed, it will remain the law until it is changed by the Congress. If it is disputed, it may be brought into the court system and may eventually end in the Supreme Court. They may rule that it is a good law and is Constitutional or may rule it is not, in which case it will not become law. If the president veto’s the bill, it returns to the Congress unsigned. The Congress may override and must be pass the bill again with two-thirds of the votes in the House and Senate to make the bill into law.

The president may also do nothing and allow the bill to remain unsigned, two things then may happen. If the Congress is still in session after 10 days, the bill becomes law. If the Congress adjourns during the 10 days following the bills submission to the president, it dies. This is known as a pocket veto and cannot be overridden by the Congress. When the president vetoes a bill, it is for the entire bill. He does not have the power to veto line items in the bill.

The president submits a budget, which are his “goals” for spending in the next fiscal year. Once it is submitted, his budget duties are done. The Congress now, through the Ways and Means Committee and other committees and their sub-committees comes up with the spending bills for the following fiscal year. The Congress decides where the money will be spent and in what amounts. The only control the president has is to ask them to hold to limits in spending or to shift their spending to other priorities. They can agree and shift spending or ignore the suggestions and present their appropriations bill for his signature. If they have included a poison pill in the bill, in the form of a line item that cannot be vetoed, the president may be forced to sign the bill against his better judgment. If the bill is vetoed the override rules apply.

Candidates running for office often tell you if you elect them, they will do various things like taxing people having higher incomes or change the laws concerning Social Security or increasing education spending. The president cannot do any of those things. Only the Congress can tax and spend. Are the candidates lying to you? If he tells you he can do those things, then yes, he is lying to you. If he tells you he will ask Congress to do those things, then no, he is not lying to you. There is a big difference between those two ways of saying what he will do.

Most politicians will do that, and many voters fall right into the snare. Thoroughly research the candidate’s record and voting history. That is just one the most effective ways to gaining information and dismissing all allegations of being an uninformed voter. Another useful tool is checks and balances; it is a part of our Constitution. It guarantees that no part of the government becomes too powerful. Here it is one last time in logical terms. First, the Legislative branch makes the law, second, the Executive branch executes the law, lastly, the judicial branch interprets the law. Each branch has an effect on the other.

The video posted below is courtesy of you tube; it is the reality we face when uninformed voters take to the polls, so learn and enjoy! I pray this helps someone, somewhere along the way because we have a duty as Americans to share and spread the knowledge to those who desire to listen, want to learn, and are seriously concerned about the direction our nation is going in. Therefore, please stay encouraged and stay informed.  God bless America!


5 thoughts on “The Uninformed voter…stop!!!

  1. Sorry for the mispelling….tired! MeahWilson, I also am a man of God and love your inspirational message…..blessings to you and your family on this Christmas Season and beyond! Christ is the reason for the season! I too am happily married for 19 years and had my wife baptised before we were married. She is Asian and her parents were Budhist, I explained to her about Christ and God did the rest while also giving us a beautiful daughter!God Bless!

  2. Very Very informative and correct. The only way a person can vote responsibly is knowing as many facts about the politician and forgetting about the promises……..promises are get elected schemes….promises don’t pass bills. I didn’t vote for Obama for one simple reason, he was not qualified. The man held a Senate seat for 1 1/2 years, mostly he was a political activist…….intelligent, definetly, experienced enough for the job…….now way…….just look at the shape of the country, Bush gets credit for alot of it, but Obama hasn’t really done anything except increase the National debt and weaken the country even further……as well as our current Senators and Congress. This who washington system is a sham and don’t even get me started on Pelosi………”We have to pass it to see what’s in it!” The most idiotic statement every by a speaker!!!!!

  3. RINOs are just as bad as democrats. We need true conservatives and not the Mitt Romney solialist type. Herman Cain type of conservative.
    When it comes to BHO, I always wished that the 1st black president would have been a desendant of slaves and not some guy who’s dad came from Kenya and his mom is an aledged commie. If BHO’s ansestors know anything about American slavery, it’s from the business end. You know what I’m saying. BHO has stolen this mark in history.
    I hope I didn’t offend anyone here. I appologise if I did.


  4. Yes Marsha, you are correct. That is why it is very important for all of us to get the facts,and then share as much as possible. Thank you for your feedback.It is greatly appreciated, God bless you!!

  5. When many of us think of the uninformed voter we think Democrat or Liberal yet I am increasingly coming across Republicans who speak in talking-point-ease. It is distressing because as I often point out to them: They declare “I am a Christian-Conservative” but the words reveal self-righteous Republican. This growing segment of the party population often refuse to address constitutional facts as well as biblical facts if it goes against their opinion.
    As the Democratic party thrives based on the ignorance of their members the Republican party will perish because of lack of knowledge.

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