Kuuleme T Stephens

Everyday when I look at the postings on my Facebook page there are postings on the Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. Even when I’m driving down the road, I see the red, white, and blue stenciled signs that promote his campaign. I myself don’t really care for the man, but I do know that some people do. Now, I know the upcoming election is a big one, and I also know it is going to be very heated but does this give anyone the right to go plum crazy though??

I know people are going to want to express their own political opinions on the candidate that they like the best. They will also try to sway others opinions by posting links to other various forms of information that they think will catch your eye. People will often get into heated discussions over one candidate or another. This happens more frequently when you have two or more people with preferences of different candidates. My question to you is when is it that a person goes too far with their support of a particular candidate???

I have had the honor of running into many supporters of Ron Paul on my Facebook page. Some are a pleasure to hear from and converse with, while others made me want to reach through my computer screen and choke the life out of them!!! Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing but……….Freedom of speech only goes so far and even it has its boundaries. So, if you haven’t guessed the topic I will be speaking about today, the let me help you out!

Cult or not a Cult: Ron Paul’s Fanatical Supporters ( Lol)

When dealing with Ron Paul “supporters”, the conversations always start out on a good level. You have a common bond being Conservative and an equal dislike of our current President. I call this the RP Cheerleader phase. About 5 posts into the conversation the links from Ron Paul’s website, YouTube, and other various places start to pop up.  Some people have caught on to this tactic and ignore the links, other people have not. This is where the whole mood of the conversation makes a turn for the worse and then the RP Cheerleader turns into what I like to call the Over Zealous Cult Member. This is when the non-Ron Paul groupie makes the mistake of asking a question, defending another candidate, or challenging the Ron Paul links that have been posted to the thread and  in doing so, the non-Ron Paul person offends the Ron Paul “supporter. The RP Cheerleader then switches to attack mode and then the next  100 or so posts consist of more links, and arguing back and forth. Give me a break , don’t these people have lives???

I have actually entertained a few of the conversations of fanatical Ron Paul “supporters”. Not only is their support for Ron Paul a little over the top, they break under pressure when challenged with facts. The best way I know to describe them is that they are like Liberals defending Obama, very narrow-minded, hostile,  and a liability to our country and the next election. The way that the Ron Paul “supporters”  try to push Ron Paul on other people, make them seem more cult-like because they won’t stop until they have been blocked or deleted.  I have been told that I am not a defender of the Constitution, that I am not fulfilling my oath, that I am un-American, and that I don’t love my country among numerous other things, all because I do not support Ron Paul. I have been sent harassing emails to my inbox by people’s friends and even their spouses because I put a block on their buddy. Who does this kind of stuff, I mean really???

     So when does a supporter become a fanatical cult member?

In my opinion it starts happening the minute they start getting hostile towards you or other people just because you said something or posted something about their candidate that they didn’t like. When the name calling starts, they become offensive,  and they keep blowing up your page with various links, it’s gone too far. When they have friends or family inbox you messages (because they are blocked from your page) to scream and holler about their blocked friend and Ron Paul, they are getting way overboard. When they have to create another Facebook account just so they can return to your page, then they are just plain crazy.  When they start challenging your Patriotism and love for the Constitution, it’s passed to far and they need to be dealt with. Unfortunately, the cult-like behavior of  some Ron Paul supporters drive people away from his campaign.I know it does for me! The hostility, one-way views, name calling, ignoring facts that do not reflect in a good way about Ron Paul. Their better than thou attitudes remind a lot of people of the Democrat Party and their sleazy and rude tactics.

For you Ron Paul fanatics:

If you are on someone else’s page, please be respectful. Although you may think that Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate out there, there are other candidates that others choose to support.

If you are bringing your opinion to the table through intelligent conversation without badgering, name calling, arrogance or being offensive, you will most likely not have a problem.

Do Not continue to harass the person who blocked you through a third-party through their inbox or on their page. Having someone else do your dirty work is very cowardly and disrespectful.

If you are one who gets blocked, please don’t resort to being childish. Having someone else write the person who blocked you and  making a new profile under another name just to get back on the page you were blocked from is just plain immature.

My advice for those dealing with Ron Paul fanatics:

Do Not let them get out of control on your page!

Give the person a warning, don’t just dump them without saying anything, and don’t be afraid to block people if the unwanted behavior persists.

Make rules for your forum or platform, be it a Facebook account, MySpace, Twitter, or a personal website.

Last, make sure you let all your friends know  the law of the land is:  Your Rules for Your Page!!!



  1. Ron Paul supporters fall into two groups. Herb’s group is a joy to discuss things with, but the true Ron Paul ‘cultists’ are a royal pain. They constantly look at ways to ‘game the system’, Consider no one else could possibly be considered as a believer in the Constitution, and can never perceive that Ron Paul is wrong or has done wrong- ever. They actually HURT his cause. My first interaction with this contingent is when I began to attend ‘Support the troops’ rallies during the dark days of Iraq; They were they as counter-protestors with some really outlandish signs. (Still waiting for all that oil we’re supposed to get out of the deal.)

    • Thank you for reading my post Mike! I don’t know why people insist on protesting the military itself. It angers me so much being that I am a Veteran of the US Navy myself. People need to remember when they protest the military, it is not the military members fault that they are sent out. They are only following orders and if you deny those orders you can and will be declared AWOL and quite possible go to the brig. If they want to protest something they should go to the person in charge, and that would be the POTUS!!!!!

  2. K you are a true American hero and peoples inability to discuss candidates and issues without going overboard can be tiring. I have posted to your page, you have put forth intelligent questions, and I have explained the stance and I think opened your eyes a little or gave you a better understanding. I am a die hard Libertarian but not a big fan of Ron Paul. I find it utterly disgusting that people can’t have a civil conversation like me and you do, without becoming vile or intolerant. “De Oppresso Liber”

    • Thank you for reading and responding Herb!!! I love Ron Paul supporters like you! We have very intelligent conversations and debate! Even though I am not a bis supporter of Ron Paul, I do find some of his positions quite useful! I also have you to thank for explaining a lot of things on Ron Paul that I have questions about! Again, thank you and please share our pages with others!!!!
      Twitter: @LastCivilRight

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