The Condition of Black Americans under Barack Obama! Good, Bad or Worse?

Greetings to all my fellow Americans out there!  Recently I had a very interesting debate about the unforgiving state of many black Americans today.  One could only imagine how that ended up.  I will tell you this much, I only spoke what was true and fair as I see things with my very own eyes, and what I hear with my very own ears coming from so many black Americans.  Indeed, it is a very sad state for all of us.  There is so much bitterness, hate, and unforgiveness still there.   The lack of ability to let go and move forward has truly affected the black community.  This awful trend has been passed down from generation to generation.

Don’t get me wrong here; I know every ethnicity has problems, yes.  But I am addressing this because I can honestly see and understand it for myself as a black American.  I don’t see it getting better; I only notice that it is getting worse.  These issues must be addressed immediately, not just for the sake of blacks, but for everyone.  The curse, if you would call it, has caused hostility for many blacks against whites and towards other blacks as well.  The most disturbing is the resistance from many blacks not willing to own up by taking responsibility for those negative feelings.  I see it as a potential stumbling block in the midst of our nation. Amongst various blacks, many still carry the heavy burdens and harbor the ill feelings of slavery inside of them, including all the terrible deeds done to their ancestors so long ago.

The magnitude of unforgiveness runs so deep that we cannot even see the problems that fester within ourselves and our communities.  That is how blinded we are by our unwillingness to forgive and move forward.  Blaming our bad choices on others, and living recklessly without a conscience or thought of the awful consequences that come right along with it.  We are constantly pointing our fingers at others as we continually lower our own standards and values.  When the outcome is not as expected, we run and hide with the shackles still on our feet.  It is a consistent pattern that needs to cease.  I know none of us is perfect, but when will we grow up and start taking responsibility for our own personal choices?  We all have a duty to make something for ourselves; we have just as many gifts as the next person.  But the problem is this, various blacks remain loyal to their very own demise and downfall.  Why are we so committed to destroying each other by any means necessary?

Men hiding behind the pulpits in several churches as wolves only add to the recipe for more disaster.  Wearing Sunday clothes is not the answer, and it’s simply not enough to fix the problems that are growing within our community.  It is hurting us greatly and destroying who we are.  I am sick and tired of so-called “Men of God” covering their own tracks, for their lack of ownership and honesty to the flock concerning Godly standards.  They selfishly deceive many, as they twist and corrupt the Holy Word of God, just to meet their own needs.  We must practice reading and meditating on God’s word for ourselves.  We must not depend on any man for this.  Chances are they can and will lead us astray.  The only allegiance we should have is to God, he is our source and spokesperson.  The origins of our destiny have always lain within him and that is where they need to remain.  For some reason or another, we truly lost sight of that.

I am extremely exhausted observing too many blacks looking to leaders such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Kwame Kilpatrick, Charlie Rangel, and Louis Farrakhan.  Men who are outright thieves and worthless to the bone — yeah, I sure did say that.  They are the very ones who rob us of our blessings because of their own weakness.  Men like them do not deserve any honor or respect from us.  The only intentions they have ever had, are to divide us.  They bring the curse because they are representatives of the curse.  How is it that anyone could think to have any honor or gain any respect by following men such as these?  Men who lie, commit infidelity, cheat, and steal from the very ones they claim to be helping.  The list of greedy poverty pimps continues to grow because we do not hold them accountable, nor do we question their actions against us.  They clearly have their own agenda, and it is not in the best interest of the community.  They insist on waging war against those of us who speak out the truth and recognize them by their true evil characteristics.  They do not represent us, nor do they speak on our behalf.  They are only cowards who enjoy hiding behind their ugly deeds.  They keep us on a short chain like an abused dog.  When they need us, they gladly set us free, and then use us for their benefit.

Take a harder look, and then ask yourself these two main questions right here:  Are these the leaders who are raising us up in unity?  Are they helping us build a better future for our children and grandchildren?  No, they are not.  Instead, those are the very men who set the negative tone and influences inside the majority of our rundown communities.  They have set the course of destruction that is taking place right now, because we have allowed it.  Just take a good look for yourself.  Our communities are unsafe, unstable, full of poverty, drugs, crime, much despair, and rundown.  We know these conditions are not acceptable for us, but we still continue to steer the same awful course.  Re-electing the same fools who keep slapping us around like bitches, and controlling us like robots.  How much more abuse do you need?  How much more suppression do you desire from men such as these?

Thanks to their so-called “GREAT” leadership, I see a liquor store, an abortion clinic, a bus stop, and a church on the corner.  I see the rundown businesses, homes and schools.  I see the youth with nowhere to go, pants hanging low on the ground.  I see sadness, regrets, and pride.  I see the elements of shame and sorrow.  I see the illiterate state of so many black adults and their children.  I see the grown ups who are so unwilling to get out and work for a living and do better for themselves and their families.  I see the many children who do not even have text books, because the adults spend money on foolish things instead.  Black-on-black crime is rampant, abortion rates, AIDS, infidelity, the motherless, the fatherless, outstanding prison statistics.  I see all of this in the majority black-populated communities.  These are clearly the results of the curse that we have so gladly invited into our culture.  Placing a bandage on it alone will not start the healing process.  You must clean it up first, and then medicate it.  The conditions of unforgiveness are very obvious and evident, simply because we have chosen ungodly men to take the lead for us.  We must remove ourselves from underneath their wings and seek refuge in God instead.

Let me also add, if I may, that voting for someone just because they are black is not a means of payback or revenge.  If you even think that for a moment, you are sadly mistaken.  You are only hurting yourself by making that decision.  That only proves just how ignorant, shallow and unforgiving you truly are.  Why is it that 98% of blacks vote in favor of shattering their own circumstances?  That’s right, every single time you vote the Democrat base you tighten the noose around your neck.  Meanwhile, the rest of the community suffers and remains in shambles.  You keep the shackles on by voting for those values.  When will we learn that social programs and handouts are not working in our favor so that we can move forward towards success?  Dumbing us right on down, and we are repeatedly keeping ourselves enslaved by doing so.  That is the very message we are sending out to others who are looking in our direction.  That is the future we have chosen for our children.

Let’s just call it what it really is — enough of the hiding already.  Blacks are literally fleeing their very own wretched conditions because of their denial and pride.  We expect others to walk on eggshells for us, when we are not willing to do the same.   Insisting that it has always been about race, when in fact, that has nothing to do with it.  We need to learn that it is all about personal responsibility, period.  It is about you taking care and setting the bar high for yourself.  It is about owning up and not looking back.  All that self righteousness does is grow deep inside of you and become a root of bitterness.  I see it, I know you see it too, but why have you chosen to look the other way?  Why have you made a choice to not even acknowledge it?  Why have so many chosen to deny the truth?

You choose your own fate, course and destination, not others.  You are the one who decides your path and direction, not anyone else but you.  Who out there is willing to raise awareness about these very problems affecting us?  Not those leaders I mentioned above.  They are only in it for themselves.  They don’t care about us; we don’t even have respect for ourselves or each other.  Is anyone willing to forgive so that our communities can finally be set free and start the healing process?   Who is willing to take the very first step so we can be blessed and not cursed.  We not only have a responsibility to ourselves, but also to our children who look up to us.  They depend on us for the correct guidance and direction to meet their needs more spiritually.

We must plant seeds of greatness inside of our children, black America.  If we don’t, then who will?  We can’t rely on B.E.T, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, or Snoop Doggy Dog to get the word out to our kids!!  What is wrong with you?  Wake up, and realize what is going on here, so that we can fix this awful mess.  Stop allowing television to raise your children.  Get up, then get involved with their school activities and academics, if you aren’t already.  Communicate in a professional manner with their teachers, staff and other parents.  Don’t get an attitude when it requires that you step up and move for the sake of your own children.  Just because you send them off to school, doesn’t mean you should not be teaching them at home.  Stop being lazy!!  You raise lazy kids who don’t appreciate anything, then they will raise theirs in the same manner, break the curse!!  You are not entitled to anything, so just stop making excuses for everything you won’t do, or you refuse to do for yourself.

It starts with us.  It’s time to forgive and move forward with humility!!  Stop robbing yourself and others.  We have nothing to lose but so much to gain.  I only aim to get the truth out.  If this offends you, then you should consider praying to God, and then making the appropriate changes in your lifestyle.  I am an individual who wants to see all people succeed with honor and dignity.  That is nothing to be ashamed of.  I want to finally see people stand up and take a turn in a more positive direction.  There is much work to be done, but together we can strive and seek out God’s wisdom in doing so.

Now is the time.  These problems have been ignored and haunted us for way too long.  Denying it has only made it worse.  No one seems to want to talk about it.  We only keep running away.  We need to place our pride aside by admitting that we have blamed others for too long, admitting that we were wrong to hold a grudge, and confessing the bitterness that is deep inside of you.  Proclaim the victory over the wrong deeds that have been done.  Learn to forgive,and then let it go.  Lord knows we can’t hold onto it, God is too good.  We must be the voice of reason, truth, and passion.  We have a choice to encourage our children do the same.  God can help us pick up the pieces, as we allow him to remove those roots of hatred and unforgiveness.  Let him show you the true meaning of freedom.  He made us to be free, he made us to love, and in his very own image.  This is our opportunity to make it right and give in to the true meaning of real forgivenessfrom the heart.  May this truth set you free as you allow the bondage of pride and denial to fall right off of you.  Now is the time to remove those shackles.

God bless America!!

2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV) If my People, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.


3 thoughts on “The Condition of Black Americans under Barack Obama! Good, Bad or Worse?

  1. Wonderful site with some of the best insight of any conservative site that I visit. After reading the articles I feel a little better and face the day with a more positive attitude. It’s refreshing to know that there are intelligent, God loving Americans, who speak the truth. I hope that you don’t mind that I post references and links to your site on other conservative sites. I believe that some of the articles posted here are some of the best written and deal with the true problems facing the black community, as well as America. God bless you and all who contribute to this site. You are all true patriots.

    • Thank you Dale for the wonderful feedback.We do what we can to face the truth. We address what needs to addressed,and then allow others a chance to face it also.Come back and visit us soon. We enjoy being that breathe of fresh air in everyone’s life. Unfortunantly, some have a hard time coming to terms with what we blog about.May God bless you,as you join with us in this fight to inform others.

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