You Need, no have to do more..Yes You too!

When are you going to stop being so docile, malleable, and complacent? Yes YOU, I’m speaking to the silent conservatives, those that don’t want to be perceived as being a “right-wing nut” about their political affiliation with the RIGHT. The ones that don’t want to be noticed because they don’t have the stomach for the possible comments, and backlash, the ones that don’t want to stand up and verbally support their party when the opportunity presents itself because “who am I to force my opinion on others” mentality. The ones that tell me every day every opportunity they can get, how I’m hurting my chances for future opportunities in business because “what if that client doesn’t like conservatives?” The ones that mention they don’t discuss politics period, no not even in their own homes with their own children!

You must enjoy living life as a prisoner, seriously, think about it. YOU have no voice because you fear judgment, criticism and possibly someone not liking you.  You have locked yourself in a cell and silenced your own voice. You don’t have to go out among your peers as if you are preaching from a soap box, but you should when the situation is has presented itself open for discussion speak up for the conservative beliefs and concepts.

You fear the unknown, because if someone can link you to a statement that was made in support of the true God fearing, right to life, free-enterprise, 2nd amendment loving conservatives, you may be ostracized. I’m not advocating you go to your place of employment and take up a soap-box; I’m just letting you know that you have a right to freedom of speech as long as it’s not defamation, slanderous or libel.

You not discussing politics at home with your family are a disservice to your children. I don’t want to hear that tired old excuse, “I want them to make their own choices.” How can you raise children with solid Christian values if you don’t discuss religion and God with them? Well how do you raise children with good strong conservative values if you don’t discuss what it means to be conservative? I see the two subjects as compliments to each other. I don’t see much value to practice “separation of church & state” in my own household. Christians believe in the right to life, so do true conservatives. Christians believe in helping those that need a hand but at the same time showing them how to help themselves, so do conservatives, for it says in the bible: “God helps those who help themselves!” Hezekiah 6:1.   Christians believe in providing opportunities for all to prosper, as do conservatives. The bible states: “How long will you lie there, you sluggard? When will you get up from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest — and poverty will come on you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man.” Proverbs 6:9-11.  My point is the home and hearth is where YOU raise your children so that they may go forth into this world and are steeped in the values and morals that will not only make them productive and successful inhabitants of this world, but also children of God.

You may be asking why am I singling out these particular persons, perhaps you recognize yourself in some of the mentioned descriptions?  I was one of YOU silent conservatives that do no justice for our party by locking ourselves in a cocoon of silence. By not speaking up to extol the rights our party has provided, and pointing out the correct core values and beliefs of conservatives as well as  all the historical rights conservatives have granted minorities over the years, I inadvertently allowed the lies that the democrats were spreading to poison the minds of many, even those in my family. You see when I was old enough to vote, and vote I did at 18, black conservatives were not purposely apparent, they were gawked at, considered suspect, and ridiculed. Oh yes the great 1980’s was still a new frontier for black conservatives to come out from behind their self-imposed gags! I’ll never forget walking up to a campaigner for Ronald Reagan in my upper-middle income 98% (I think my family was the 2%) Caucasian suburban town and asking if I could have a Reagan pin as well as some of the other items he was handing out at the train station that day. The look on that man’s face was priceless! To this day I’ll never forget the numerous expressions that crossed his face in 60 seconds, from confusion, comprehension, to suspicion!  I explained to this dumbfounded person that I had decided based on my own research that I felt as a Christian and capitalist, Ronald Reagan’s beliefs and ideals closely matched mine; therefore I would be making my first vote ever as a Republican while living in a houseful of democrats. The grin on that man’s face has embolden me ever since. Even after that encounter and building up the nerve to approach that man in front of my fellow train commuters, I didn’t say much to anyone around me regarding my political affiliation or thoughts. Oh I discussed things at home at the dinner table with my democrat parents (brother too young to care or vote), but at school and work, I just listened to people spew things I knew wasn’t correct as I had research these topics, debated them on the debate team, or just followed it in the news in my own geeky “Alex P. Keaton” fashion (remember the show Family Ties with the bow-tie wearing, capitalistic, conservative loving brother) well that was me in the female version.  Finally after years gone by, few and little words from me in regards to my political beliefs, the anger over being assumed to be in agreement with some of the most asinine ideology and laws enforced upon me by a liberal take-over in congress that I would be silent no more! Enough was enough, and time to risk the ridicule, comments, and personally I didn’t care anymore whether someone liked me because of my politics. That just meant they didn’t like me as a person to begin with, because my politics are part of my belief structure as I stated previously. Don’t get me wrong my statements are not just targeting the black conservative, but all conservatives that with free will, bemoan the state of the economy, lack of jobs, too much government control, elected officials in office that aren’t doing anything or not doing as they so represented themselves during their campaigns. I personally feel you have no right to complain about anything, hey do that in the privacy of your home behind your closed doors, right? Right! If you can’t in some small way educate (correct or stand up for the party when you hear false information being banded about), Teach and keep the true conservative beliefs, and just give a minimum of a help to the party during election times by placing a sign in your yard then yes stay silent oh but keep casting your vote. If you are bending over backwards as you see it your only means to survival with the attack first, reason last liberals, we don’t want you!

Let’s stand up and be counted by voices, and actions this year! We can make all the difference in the elections just by being seen and heard! It is never more imperative than now that we take back our country and our lively-hoods this November 2012. It is imperative that we choose a strong true conservative candidate for this dire race against the liberals’ destruction of this once great U.S. of A. Just by stepping out of our “comfort zone cells” and making a small change that gets noticed and could make all the difference in just one more voter to not only consider another option but to vote with a conscious!

I need you to help me, see I’m doing my part now as a committeeman for the republican party in my township, and trust me this particular YOU person that I’m describing exists! I’ve had many a doorstep conversations with them. My favorite statement from them are, “I vote, but I don’t want a lawn sign, because my neighbor might get perturbed, he’s a democrat you know.” Jaw drops me every time! Why would you care when you own your house, it’s within code, and that neighbor doesn’t care about upsetting you when he places his parties candidate sign in his yard?  So please come on out of those shackles and do something to help yourself and your conservatives make 2012 a “give me back my life and my country” year!


15 thoughts on “You Need, no have to do more..Yes You too!

  1. I haven’t read your entire blog, but I do like most of what I’ve read so far. However, I must point out that there is no book called Hezekiah in the Bible (re your reference of Hezekiah 6:1).

  2. I’d love to do more. But I do not have the time or the resources. I’m in court reporting school, which is very demanding (have been in school since 2006). I’m married with a son that has autism. We take Medicaid to help pay for his therapy. I’m in school so we can eventually get OFF Medicaid, because I fear that one day, there will be NO money to pay for Medicaid. I also deal with a couple of chronic health problems. Plus, it seems that liberals ALWAYS win. They have won on health care. They have won on gay marriage. If the people vote that they don’t want gay marriage legalized, a court overturns that decision. If a law is passed criminalizing illegal immigration, the court blocks the law. And liberals control the majority of the media, so they can make conservatives look like fools!

  3. Wow what an excellent article. I’ve been getting in Liberals faces every chance I get. The way I see it if I don’t, who will? Like Michael Savage says Liberalism is a mental disorder and he is so right. We are dealing with a bunch of mental midgets that think they are smarter than us. Anyway keep up the good work

  4. Too many people are content to just go through life in a haze. It takes too much effort to concern ourselves with the future generation commonly referred to as our posterity. Instead we watch the magic box, go to our lame job, and talk about nothing.

    • Exactly! It’s not instant gratification or something they can do without giving any regards too, so it’s a sacrifice that they think they can afford! If only they knew how much it really costs them to be so careless with letting people in office that are more than happy to reach in their pockets and take.

  5. I have to agree with you. I will attempt to explain my understanding of this problem. The politically correct army is winning the propaganda war. Since the 60s the left has had control of the airwaves, education etc. Then a man named Limbaugh came along and started talking back and they didn’t like it. The ratings of conservative talk radio and fox news is proof that we are a center right country. Just amazing how many left shows fail in their first year. Now as thing moved forward more and more people began to say “hey wait a minute,” here is what I believe is best for America, and the left couldn’t take it so they used the old Saul Alynsky tactics, and when the right called them out on it they turned to name calling and racism. Then the tea party came along and said enough is enough. This solidified the voice of the Constitutional Conservative movement and told people you are not alone. Now they accuse us of standing in the way of progress/ progressive ideas. Well, in nut shell we won’t go along to get along anymore and we don’t want our politicians to do that either. We have drawn our line in the sand and the left can accuse us of anything they want to as over the years the lefts tactics and strategies have been exposed( thank you Glen Beck).

    A little know fact is that Gridlock in Washington is a good thing. It was designed that way and was meant to be so complicated that no one group or person could take over or move the country in a direction to fast. As demonstrated by the Dem majority and passage of Obamacare, we must never let any one party have control ever again. Always remember that when you silence your opposition, they may be in charge one day and use the laws you passed against you.

    Speak up, speak loud, draw your line in the sand and be prepared to defend it.

    Live Life Out loud

  6. You’ve nailed it, too many keep quiet and never speak up about their party affiliation. They might as well have “Doormat” tattoo’d across their forehead. How can people NOT speak up when they hear false information coming from family or friends? Are you really friends with those people that you can’t have an intelligent debate with them? Same goes with family, what are you afraid of? Granted I can understand the overbearing mean family members that you just avoid…maybe it’s just me, but those folks are the ones I enjoy rubbing the wrong way, after all, they’re already mean so what’s the worst that could happen?

    With your statement about separation of Church and State, I agree with you. Within the family there should be no separation, they go hand in hand. The only place they need to be separated is outside. The way I see it, they’re two different businesses that just don’t belong together. In the home, they go hand in hand. Your religious beliefs are aligned with your conservative beliefs or at least that’s the case with myself. So teach your kids your beliefs, they’ll learn about others beliefs as they go through life and then they can make their own educated decision. By not teaching them anything you’ve taught them that you don’t have a strong belief in your own party so why should they. You’ve allowed their mind to be more open to the views and beliefs of others by doing this.

    Regarding the sign in the yard and Democrat neighbors. Go ahead, put that Republican sign in your yard, how do you know that Democrat neighbor of yours isn’t surrounded by Republicans unless you stand up and show where you stand? Who knows, maybe you’ll meet some other conservatives that you can band together with to stand up with. Roll the dice and see what happens, maybe that neighbor with the Democrat sign is really on the fence, maybe you’ll get them to flip sides.

    As much as I write about doing the right thing, I too have been one of the silent ones. Never had a sign never wore a pin. Yet always had the conservative beliefs. Many times have felt that I didn’t know much about politics so I wouldn’t speak up too often. Depending on the friends discussing their views though, I would speak up…always had a thing for adding my two cents in.

    • Hello Jason, thank you very much for leaving a comment! I’m glad another person agrees with the fact that church and politics go hand in hand within your own home. We all at times have to be the silent ones, but it’s nice to know that you have validation and support from others when the opportunity strikes. Once again, I greatly appreciate your “two cents”!

  7. It’s insanity at it’s best! Conservatives roll over, turn the other cheek or what you want to call it, trying to appease those who are set on destroying us. Those that sit silent may not see it but they’re stabbing themselves in the back. And furhtermore, to be silent while liberal lunacy spreads like a out-of-control deadly virus, is exactly what the devil wants. Today, the best weapon the devil has is silence from those who claim to be against him.

    You touched on “separation of church & state” and I agree with you, we really need to drive the message home, “If God is atop your lifes pyramid than God should be in every aspect of your life”, especially your politics! I feel like I’ve been shot, when I hear a Christian side with “seperation of Church & state”. First of all, the term is taken out of context today and second what “Christian” would voluntarily seperate God from any part of him/her?

    Good stuff musingsfromthegirlontheright, wish there were more like you and your girls!

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