Start blaming yourself…and stop blaming the white man!!

“Blaming white people can be a way for some black people to feel better about themselves, but it doesn’t pay the electric bills. There are more doors of opportunity open for black people today than ever before in the history of America.” –Bill Cosby


2 thoughts on “Start blaming yourself…and stop blaming the white man!!

  1. Yeah blame the liberals quite easily…you expand gov’t to keep them in their place so you can get their vote. Its pimpin and panderin at its finest.

    The issue is that liberals are doing A-As a far worse service then any conservative would. Wake up A-As, you dont need our help to make your own place in this world, you REALLY CAN do it on your own if you belive in yourself, which Dems/libs do not believe in you, they just need your vote to push their agenda of gov’t expansion. Which by the way you are victims of.

    And if I was A-A, I sure as eff would be insulted that 1/2 of America thinks I need gov’t intervention to make anything of myself.

    DEMOCRAT/LIBERALISM = Gov’t provded fish for a day at the expense of the people who actually pay taxes, get in line to get yours.
    (NOTE-I’m not saying A-As don’t pay taxes, I’m saying 50% of Americans do not, but yes some A-As are included in that)

    REPUBLICAN/CONSERVATIVE = I will teach you how to fish. From there you are on your own. If you need help come back and I will teach you again.

    I think it is quite disingenuous that the Dems pander minority voting with fear mongering. Yeah, vote Dem or ya’ll going back in chains sound familiar? Repubs are racist bigots and want to bring back slavery…ever hear that from an liberal?

    At the heart of liberalism, the core concept is dependance on gov’t.
    At the heart of conservatism, the core is independance from gov’t.

    Choose where you want to be and how you want to be thought of. Look past the fear mongering.

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