Where Are They Now?

Where are those bastions of truth? Those harridans of civil duty, and righting a wrong? Remember the four women that had the irrefutable truth regarding Herman Cain’s indiscretions? The four that didn’t have to nor were asked to submit to a polygraph test to destroy not only a man’s dream, to obtain the highest office of civil duty in the U.S. of A. but destroyed a reputation with their unsubstantiated “truths”.  Where was Geraldo Rivera (remember his talk show and the infamous polygraphs to prove that so and so was so and so’s baby daddy? Where was that political pundit Joy Behar (we all know comedians have the most educated insights on politics and politicians).  Where was that “can’t keep a show on the air” Rosie O’Donnell and her big intelligent mouth piece? Why didn’t any of these so-called experts on human nature and behavior have them on their shows to question them?  I think Barbara Walters should wrap up her 2011 show with these four ladies and put them under her scrutiny and real journalistic questioning techniques, after all she never misses the opportunity to point out how tough and groundbreaking of a woman journalist she is. Walters, does consider herself to always be several notches above the reporting on her produced show The View. *

Where is Karen Kraushaar (accuser A), Sharon Bialek, Ginger White, and then there is Accuser 2 (unidentified), accuser 3, and wait let’s not forget Donna Donella who tried to jump on the Cain “destruction-run-away-train” just last month.  What have these women gained by their oh so timely conscious clearing, for the good of the county actions? What do you think? Money!  Here’s the kicker though, two of these models of truth omitted that they had received settlements for their earlier accusations of improprieties on Herman Cain’s behalf.  Karen Kraushaar it seems  is ….”one of the two women who formally settled harassment complaints against Cain in exchange for severance payments in the late 1990s when they worked at the restaurant association.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2059382/Herman-Cain-sex-allegations-FIFTH-accuser-Donna-Donella-comes-forward.html#ixzz1hlaMAL56 The New York Times reported previously that Mrs Kraushaar received $45,000 in the settlement with the restaurant association.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2059382/Herman-Cain-sex-allegations-FIFTH-accuser-Donna-Donella-comes-forward.html#ixzz1hlZuX6XN

By the way as noted on CNN, Kraushaar is a registered republican yet in 2009, not 2008 but 2009 made a $250 donation to the Democrat National Convention…I smell a fake and a fraud on the make!

By now we should all know of Sharon Bialek’s knack for living off the system, this woman has filed bankruptcy not once but twice, she’s doesn’t have a stable employment record, as well as tax evasion, late credit card payments,

CHA CHING! They have reaped their rewards and served their masters purposes well.  Masters I say? Yes masters, these puppets of monetary gain* and  left-wing servants of destruction have been “sexually used” and don’t even realize it! They were “pimped” to bring down a man as no other man could do without the aid of the female sex (sex as in gender). Now they may fade as dust in the wind because their “favors” are deemed no longer necessary, by the all means necessary political party*.

*These are opinions strictly based on my own assumptions not to be credited as stated facts, just a perception of read observations made. I made these statements with no desire to influence others as fact but exercising the right to freedom of thought and speech. 


6 thoughts on “Where Are They Now?

  1. Nice Read.Too bad the lame-stream media won’t mention this article and/or this topic. Gloria Allred is a joke and the kool -aid drinkers cant drink enough of the media’s nonsense.

  2. Thank you for this post! I *love* Herman Cain and, in my opinion, was the ONLY one on the Republican ticket who could properly do the job of president. My heart BROKE when he dropped out of the race.

    God bless you all for writing this blog! You are a breath of fresh air!

  3. Since the liberals couldn’t use the race card they used the “Black man can’t keep his mojo in-check card” on Herman Cain. Just like they did to Clarence Thomas. It’s amzing they get away with it.
    You notice how long it to find out that Jessie Jackson had a 2yo love child? Yep! It took only 2 days after Jessie called out Bill Clinton for not repealing the drug laws when Bush first took office. Wait till minorities figure out that the commie democrats and media is only using them to enhance their own power.
    I tell liberals all the time that what are they gonna do when Obama is out of office and another George Bush is elected? AND HE NOW POSSESSES ALL THAT POWER OBAMA HAS OBTAINED?????????
    Yes kids…….A Bush or a Gringrich controlling your healthcare and the authority to arrest you at anytime for no reason. SCARY!!!!!!
    That normally gets them thinking about the dangers of a centralized government.

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  5. It amazes me to NO end that the media was so gong ho to follow these women when it was so blatant that their only goal was to ruin Cain. None of them did any research on these women from what I could tell. The media just jump on what these women said as if it was the gospel truth. And as soon as there duties as puppets to the media was over, back to the shadows they went.

    I have to say that a Barbra Walters special on these women would be a great way to end the year!! Just for kicks, maybe have Geraldo Rivera asking some questions too.

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