Stop Tail-Tucking and Ditching Candidates!

Now that Rick Santorum is rising in the polls, and since he just rose from political murk to land a very taut second place finish in the Iowa Caucasus, the slander and smear machines are already cranking up to start tearing him down. Seems the moment a candidate becomes a blip on the political radar, they become targets. I knew it wouldn’t take long before the mud started to fly, but now I’m wondering just how fast it will take Republicans to tuck their tails and run from the controversy and accusations that are inevitable.

It doesn’t seem to matter if accusations are factual or fabricated. Many Republicans will quickly, and undoubtedly scurry off the scene when the going gets tough. Ask Herman Cain about that.

Liberals know good and well that all they have to do is call the GOP candidate a racist, a homophobe or in Cain’s case, a sex crazed womanizer, and not only will the candidate usually cave, but so will their supporters… with supporters usually being the first to throw in the towel! It seems we have not learned to hang in there when the going gets tough. I hate to say it, but we can learn a lot from Liberals when it comes to selecting a candidate, and sticking with them through thick or thin. If Obama had raped a toddler in a public square, liberal pundits would have spun the event successfully before Obama zipped his pants up. The voters, media, and all other Obama supporters would stick by him, and defend him to the bitter end.

I am in NO WAY suggesting that we should support ANY candidate under ANY circumstance. We must always be moral and prudent when choosing candidates for any office, but we should always have PROOF before we start dropping our candidates faster than a pimp drops a useless hoe. Dirty tactics will be employed by the masters of the game… expect it and be ready and most importantly, wait for the facts and demand proof of wrongdoing!

To give you an example of what the dirty Left is capable of, check out what was said about Santorum and how he handled the death of his baby boy, Gabriel. Gabriel was born in 1996, but died shortly after birth. The Santorums took their deceased baby home with them to make him a reality for their other children and to give him a funeral. Well, Lefty talk show host Alan Colmes stated that Santorum’s popularity would end once people realized some of the crazy things he has said and done. Colmes went on to discuss the 1996 death of little Gabriel this way…..

“once they get a load of some of the crazy things he’s said and done, like taking his two-hour-old baby who died right after childbirth home and played with it for a couple hours so his other children would know that the child was real…”

Vile words, said in a vile context and with a vile intent, don’t you think? But I suppose honoring Gabriel and treating him like a part of the family (which he was) would be crazy to someone who supports killing babies by ripping them out of the mother’s womb. There’s certainly much, much more to come from the morally destitute Lefties. Don’t believe me? Check out this video of Santorum making a “racist” comment: 

I realize that the GOP candidates not only run against their liberal opponents, but they are also fighting a liberal media, and the smear-mongers. Let’s not make them fight for our support as well. When things start heating up, and we know they will because “dung is slung” from both sides of the aisle these days, (ask Newt Gingrich about that), hang in there until there is irrefutable proof of wrongdoing, or until it’s clear that the candidate is simply being targeted for a political smack down.

In other words folks, don’t tuck your tails between your legs and run like wimpy little puppies anymore. We’re in a fight here! We know the swamp gates will be opened, so brace yourselves for the onslaught, but remain strong.

To get the inescapable smear campaign started, I will use a joke that I stole from my friend Mark Forsland: “Breaking news…… Rick Santorum had an affair with Herman Cain when he was a delivery boy for Godfather’s Pizza.” And…. we’re….OFF!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Stop Tail-Tucking and Ditching Candidates!

  1. I wish Herman Cain was still running for president. I like him. I read a little about his bio/career and found it interesting. He’s inspiring and likeable. I’m not sure I believe the press about the woman. I think they were just attacking him repeatedly in hopes of getting him to drop out, because he’s conservative and could win against Obama.

  2. True, Duncan. We have to fight fire with fire, but most importantly, we have to learn to ignore the BS coming from the Left.

  3. we are going to have to develop thick skins, the other side is very good at this game and while it would be nice to stay above it all I’m afraid the candidates are going to have to develop a ‘prove it or shut up’ attitude.

  4. I didn’t know that saying you want to brings jobs back so black people can have them is a racist comment? Isn’t that what Obama wants to do too? That’s what Obama and the Demoncats say they want to do.
    Why was it so wrong the Herman Cain ran for POTUS in the repub party? One would think that the leftist media would have encouraged it.
    “Hey look kids….. the repubs have a black presidential canidate! Maybe race relations in America getting better”.
    Nope, not when it comes to the leftist. They found evil in that one too when it came to Herman Cain. I thought that Herman Cain running for POTUS was a good thing.

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