Christian(s) to the Slaughter

I am sitting here this afternoon with my jaw on my lap as I read all the press on Tim Tebow and his Bronco’s win last night on Sunday, January 8, 2012. No it’s not jaw-dropping amazement over the win, or how the game was played, but over the way the press and bloggers are attacking Tebow and his fans for their exhalation over the 316 passing yards, his face markings of John 3:16. I am disturbed, frightened and yes to be frank, angered by the reactions of so-called “unbiased” reporting! Sure freedom of speech allows them the right to make an observation and free opinion on what they consider news, but let’s be honest and frank here, there is no “unbiased” reporting anymore, not even an attempt to appear unbiased! Why do I say that?  Because one only has to read with the barest of comprehension to see analogies and comparisons that tells you the tone of the writing.  This tongue in check article may seem innocuous enough and even complimentary, but  you should get the gist with the writer’s very first sentence: “Has Tim Tebow, made a believer out of you yet? Relax, I’m talking as a football player.” Okay lets say this is a humor piece, but why the humor on him being a Christian? Why the humor on what he’s doing, and what all Christians should do which is to spread the word on ANY platform available to them? *Edited 4/2013: Note I may at the time have read more into the LA Times writer’s article at the that particular moment.

Tebow happens to have a great platform for Christians when you think about it. He’s a NFL football player, what better way to spread the word at such a highly publicized event? I have heard of churches where the pastor’s will move the service up or shorten it so that their congregation will attend and still make it home to watch the play-offs and Super Bowl (I’m amazed that football takes such precedence) but this is reflective of the times we live in, I guess.  Why then if we are to glorify God is this man and his followers of the Christian faith being ridiculed? I have yet to see one Christian viewpoint on Tim Tebow declare they “worship” or view him as God or the son of God, Jesus. Corinthians 10:31: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”  Can you dispute that is what Tebow is doing? Is he not giving all that he do to the glory of God? Are we to have restrictions on when, where, and how we praise? That my friends is where the anger comes from! Yes it seems there are restrictions as Tim Tebow is no longer allowed to use face grease paint anywhere on his body to proclaim his faith and one of the most important verses to Christianity.

Now about the pastors and churches that have a so-called higher authority on when and where faith can be proclaimed, I’ve researched and found a few, such as the highly controversial and greatly discussed statement that was made by commentator Bill Press, that I guess is such an authority on religion (tongue in cheek here folks) as he is a former student of the priesthood. Most of us have read or heard his statement of, ” Tebow makes a mockery of Christianity” – and trivialize religion. The truth is, God doesn’t care who wins an election, a bingo game, or a football game. Sorry, Tebow, Jesus is not a Broncos fan.”   Well Bill you are as I’ve stated before for others, “entitled to your opinion” but who are you to say God doesn’t care about anything? God perhaps is  using Tebow , and his TALENTS (we’ve should have heard by now about giving of time, tithe and talents) the best way he sees fit, so who are we to bash a young foot soldier of Christ?

I’ve also come across another widely followed publication written by a Rev.Julian DeShazier aka J.Kwest.  Rev.Deshazier states in his December 16, 2011 article which is titled, “Hey Tebow: Shut up Already” published on the site: ” It seems to me, though, that the overwhelming portrait is of a quiet and humble Jesus who doesn’t want to be thanked at award shows or after athletic contests. Not because God isn’t worth recognizing, but something more dangerous happens when we too readily open our mouths in the Winner’s Circle. God becomes a “God for Winners.” Further down in his writings he states: ” Hearing Tim Tebow only after victory may send an uncritical message about our “big” God: He creates and loves winners.”  Okay there are many scriptures I could quote and counter the basis for his first comment on Tebow and anyone in the media’s eyes in sports or receives an award that thanks God, but if your read on how he derives his opinion, I believe you will find it as asinine as I did, perhaps he should reflect on his use of twisting scripture to satisfy his own means and what a dangerous practice that is. In laymen street terms, “Don’t get it twisted”! Don’t twist the Lord’s words to satisfy your means, the scripture is as God intends, sure you can quote a verse and state your “understanding or how it may be applicable” to a situation, but to use verses and state this is what God and how God feels about something? I don’t think so. We as mere human mortals and especially those of us that believe in One God, the Alpha, the Omega, and we DO NOT presume what, where, how, and when our God reacts!  For we (Christians) know that “through HIM” anything is possible! Matthew 19:26, “26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” I should also state that as for Tebow making his statements after the “winning” games, perhaps that is because the media hounds the winners! Sure they’ll go for a snippet of a sound bite from the losing side, but they know the best quips and most wanted to see airings for the viewers will be from the winning side!

I leave you readers with this last thought, you will be mocked, judged and damned by those that do not believe in God, those that don’t want to hear of the true savior, but remember this: ““and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.” Matthew 10:22.

Go Forth and preach the Gospel


11 thoughts on “Christian(s) to the Slaughter

  1. Great blog Babette!! I may not be nearly as religious or church going as some folks, however, I have not, and will not poke fun of anyone’s choices of when and where they show respect to God. So with that being said, how is it the media finds what Tebow does amusing? And then for the NFL to fine him for putting 3:16 on his grease paint?? If I’m not mistaken, I believe someone else has done that in the past and it wasn’t a big deal, so why is it a big deal now? Maybe if more folks went to church, myself included, maybe there’d be more respect in everyone’s lives. I also have to agree with you that sermon’s being cut short due to a “big game” is a load of crap!!

    The last Nascar race I watched, at the start of the race they had a prayer, I haven’t heard of anyone mocking that, maybe they should start doing that at the start of the football games out on the field? Rather than in the locker room, if they do so at all.

  2. The mockery of Christianity has become the norm, and has possibly made us numb to it! Thank you, Babette! God used you to convict those who haven’t thought beyond their noses on this one! Great piece!

  3. Fantastic piece. I am actually a Steelers fan, and having Tim Tebow beat us, if only to continue sending a message, the belief in God, is good enough for me. I hope and PRAY that he can continue, the more he is out there, the more people HAVE to discuss GOD. I had the pleasure of seeing him play in Gainesville, and was thrilled to see people in the stands looking up the scipture he had written under his eyes. What a way to spread the word! Unfortunately, they are no longer to write under thier eyes any longer, but they can have tatoos. Thanks for the piece.

  4. I love that he continues to witness. . . hope that he remains immune to the hubris that haunts public figures (a la Tiger Woods).

    When Tebow errs — as he will — the media is going to throw a wild “Tim Tebow is a Sinner” party. We need to remind them that we are ALL sinners. Church is NOT a museum of Saints, it is a HOSPITAL FOR SINNERS.

  5. Babette, I found the first piece you linked to actually pretty respectful. The second to the last line was the key:

    “So, you may be able to silence Tim Tebow, but apparently you can’t contain him. Somehow, some way, his message comes through.”

    (Also, I did not know that his favorite and game-winning receiver Demaryius Thomas was born on Christmas. If THAT, doesn’t give the Tebow haters pause, they are simply too dense.)

    • Yes Mike O, that last line was respectful, but something about the mocking/humorous tone used rubbed me wrong, but that just may be the anger over the numerous articles and writings that are out there that want to mock and judge a man over his giving thanks to God.

      • I have a bit of the same irreverent approach to discussing faith. The author may be like me and counting on God and his Son having a good sense of humor (otherwise both the author and I better invest in asbestos underwear. 🙂 )

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