African-Americans for Obama

President Obama launched a website  for African-Americans for Obama.  I suppose it is safe to say that this qualifies as a  “blacks only” website, right?  Well, let us see here, I am black, so does that mean I have to accept the premise that because I am black I have to be for President Obama?  Well, I won’t; I won’t accept it.

I can only imagine what would transpire if one of the white candidates were to launch a website for whites:
WHITE PEOPLE FOR NEWT GINGRICH!  Do you honestly think that would fly?  I mean, conservatives, including myself, are already called racists and bigots on a daily basis, all because we disagree with the President’s policies.  Congressman Allen West can’t even make a speech without the Left questioning his black authenticity.  In January, Congressman West delivered a powerful speech to a Florida crowd aimed at President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and everyone on the Left with a Socialist agenda; some of his words were, “. . .take your message of ‘equality and achievement,’ take your message of economic dependency, take your message of enslaving the entrepreneurial will and spirit of the American people, somewhere else.  You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America.”

All of this was followed by a roaring applause, and I must admit, while viewing this, I, too, was in complete agreement! The Left, however, had their usual fit.  When MSNBC’s very own Martin Bashir asked Congressman Jim Moran to give his take on Congressman West’s comments, he went on to say that “ . . . Representative West is not only not representative of the African-American community or the Republican Party, let alone of the American public . . .”

Congressman West’s speech had absolutely nothing to do with race, so why did Rep. Moran feel the need to raise the issue of race?   Why is it so hard for the Left to accept the fact that there are blacks against this administration?  You see, it’s perfectly fine for a bi-racial President to launch a website for blacks only, but it’s totally unacceptable for a black man or woman to speak out against the President’s policies.

No one on the Left questions why our 50% white, 50% black President only indentifies himself as black.  No one raises many questions as to why he sat in a hateful, racist church for 20 years.  Oh, but how dare a black Congressman disagree with the President of the United States.  I guess black conservatives should know their place and fall in line with the rest, because only then will we be viewed as true blacks (whatever that is).  Well, it’s not going to happen; not now, not ever.  I digress.  Well, for the moment anyway.

Let us take a moment to analyze a few things President Obama mentioned in his video, or as he calls it, the “2012 launch of African-Americans for Obama.”  Forty-eight seconds into the one minute and forty-three second long video, the President says, “. . .
we’ve got to decide what kind of nation we want to be; we can either settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do very well, or we can build a nation where everybody gets a fair shot.”  I addressed this issue in a blog I wrote a few months back, but I will address this again: everyone has what the President calls “a fair shot.”  Each and every U.S. citizen has the opportunity to make something of himself and to go as far as they desire.  I grew up in one of the most violent, impoverished cities in this country, but that did not hold me back or give me an excuse throw my hands up and join the occupiers, chanting “I am the 99%!”  I have not reached all of my goals; I have a long way to go, but I am well on my way.  My success does not come from the government; it comes from God.

Why do I mention God?  Well, according to a survey in July of 2011, the Gallup found that blacks are the most religious group in the country.  President Obama wants Americans, primarily African-Americans, to become dependent upon the government in order to achieve success.  Mason Weaver, who stars in the upcoming movie Runaway Slave (please see this movie!), said it best: “if you accept the concept that every problem you have requires someone else to do something, you’re either a child or a slave.”  Success is not out of reach; don’t buy into it.  Stop buying into the notion that because you are black you have to support the President.  Dr. Martin Luther King said to judge by the content of one’s character, not by the color of their skin.  The President cared enough to dedicate the New Washington memorial in honor of Dr. King’s memory, so he should care enough to take his words to heart.

While the President can and will get away with race-baiting, it should not be ok with us.  If you would oppose a white candidate launching a “whites only” website, then the same should hold true for the President.  I am a proud, black conservative; I am not for President Obama, and I approve this message.


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  1. Veteran-You just clarified the Writer’s point perfectly, thank you!!
    You are correct, that the site mentioned is one of many pages within the BO domain. While you also see pages targeted at LGBT, Jewish, Africian Americans, Asians, and so forth, what you DO NOT see is a page targeting White Americians. This is evidence that he wants and needs to divide Americians along racial, social and economic lines in order to futher his agenda. He cannot sell his ideas unless he has you believing that you are a victim of some one else, and that he is the one who can fight them for you.

  2. Obama is pushing the communist agenda and is backed by the CPUSA! Television is now a tool for propaganda and many are decieved and being literally brainwashed. The communists have been working on grinding America down for decades and has infiltrated all three branches of our government. Tools for truth: Read “The Naked Communist” watch “grinding America Down” and then do your homework after resetting your brain from the propaganda machines that are prevelant.

    • Oh, I’ll be glad to poke fun at the Jewish-Americans for Obama web site. Their interests are about the only one more poorly served than African-Americans by the current administration. The site is SO OUTDATED, that it still has a prominent link to the Attack Watch site, which has been subject to so many parodies and so much humiliation, references to it have been scrubbed from almost everything else. (who can forget this marvelous video? )

      The articles talk about support for Iron Dome (much more needed, now that the radicalized Egyptian government- accomplished partially due to Obama’s ineptness- now is allowing in more rocket equipment to get smuggled into Gaza), support for the detested Obamacare and- most laughable: “President Obama has consistently demonstrated his ironclad commitment to Israel’s security and well-being, strengthening the unbreakable bond between our two nations.” The contempt the Israeli government has for Obama cannot be more unmistakable.

      Addressing the Jewish-Americans as another ‘different’ group is maintaining the standard ‘divide and conquer’ strategy of specialized interest that serves none well. And to have that ‘specialized site as being outdated shows the low regard the campopaign has for this group.

  3. Obviously Ms.Golden, proud black conservative, you were born yesterday because the KKK, Arian Nation and other all white groups have all white websites. And the majority of them are conservatives! Do you think you are exempt just because of your opinions? No, I say not. They don’t see you as a proud black conservative, they see you as just another n****r on the streets. To them you could root hog and die poor! Now that is fact! Wake up my intelligent black sister wake up! Though I am not in agreeance with you, you have a right to your opinion and to choose your party affiliation.

    I noticed that you mention MLK in your article but do you remember or are you familiar the Bill of Rights? Without the Bill of Rights you would not be able to have an opinion today because you weren’t even considered human. Many black people died in the past for you to have an opinion and to be a proud black conservative. I say to you my proud black conservative sister speak out but humble yourself, you are young and a long life ahead of you be careful what you say and when you say it…to everything there is a season.

    I am well in my years and educated…in fact, my youngest daughter is your age. I have seen Presidents come and go and they all do and say the same thing. Know this, that it has never been about “We the People” its about big business, banks, lobbyist and Wall Street this is how this county runs. Instead of listening to others do your homework and read your history. Truly get to know a man before you pass judgment on him. If you are a christian as you claim then you would not have the bitterness you have toward President Obama the man. As you know God is love and our steps are ordered of God. If God did not want President Obama to run this country then it would not be. Oh and by the way thank you for calling him President Obama because your conservative counterparts do not give him that respect. And remember not every African American agrees with you or feel the way you do about the President. I voted for President Obama because he cares about “We the People” think about it!

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  5. Thank you for expressing what so many feel – but in this PC environment with New Black Panther party people physically intimidating people and knowing Obama “has their backside” – most won’t or can’t.

    Obama is plain evil.

    He will succeed in destroying what took 230+ years to build in 8 years if we let him.

    He hates America and is doing everything he can to “trasnform” her.

    He is evil.

  6. What if u are white and from africa….Does that mean u cant join. I know 5 or 6 whites since we are classified by just white or black. That are from South Africa so dont be so simple minded to put BLACKS ONLY. Wouldnt they be African American or can only Blacks use that.

  7. As a Euro-American, I find this website racially offensive. And I demand that the name of the website and its content to be changed and made politically correct. Racist people need set a bad, negative example for our children, families, and society. This website is along the lines of the KKK and is unacceptable in our country today.

  8. Setting aside Obama’s ethnicity for a moment – the point of this article was that Obama created a “blacks only” website. The Leftist media tolerates this – even encourages it! They would NEVER allow a “whites only” website for ANY candidate. Nor should they. It’s the lack of outrage against a “blacks only” site that Ms. Golden is pointing out. People should NOT be divided up into groups along racial lines under ANY circumstancs. Wasn’t that the whole point of the civil-rights movement? That ALL people are equal? That divisions along racial lines are WRONG?

    I’m in 100% agreement with what Ms. Golden wrote here.

  9. Thank you for your article!
    The one thing that has bothered me since I started living in the US is the race issue. This country claims equality, then why are we alsways asked what race we are? I am from Europe, born and reared, but was never asked what race I was (and yes, there are many races living in Europe). And how in the world can you be African-American when both your parents have been in this country for 200-300 years? Only if one parent was born in Africa and the other in the States would that apply, otherwise you are just plain American. What in the world does it matter what color you are? Get over it already (This goes for the ‘whites’ as well). Sorry, just one of my pet-peaves. Same goes for Mexican-American or Irish-American. Keep up the good work and God bless you.

  10. Hey, Atarah.

    My Goodness. Thanks to Clif Hennecy of Lakeland, FL, a classmate of ’76 of mine who said, ‘I wish I could express it this well!’ as he shared your post.

    I only read your one response to the ‘African-American’ website our President has. I haven’t checked there, yet, and I haven’t read more of your blog. I am CERTAINLY going to do that to confirm that.

    You are a BRIGHT STAR in this world of weird and political politeness/pettiness. I love that you have the words to explain your thoughts, and they can be spread, and read, throughout the world. I was only the Business Editor of a high school Newspaper back in ’76, but I loved Journalism. Haha I ‘reached’ maybe 1000 kids per issue. You…wow.

    While I do not agree with the Christian concept, I do completely agree with the fact that a, ‘Whities for Gingrich’ could not happen–so the reverse, also, should not be acceptable.

    Because of you I find It is not acceptable to me. And I voted, for the first time in my life, for our sitting President, and I might, again. Hmmm. Some one on his Staff is sadly mistaken, and sadly … just plain wrong.

    But I wanted to sincerely thank you for being a fresh, welcome, open, outspoken, intelligent, female, who is not afraid to say what she feels. I could have been your mom, your grandmother and OMGoodness, your Great Grandmother. Urghh. I never had children, but I would be no less proud of them, than I am of YOU, to have the words to speak your own truth.

    You hang in there, keep speaking YOUR truths, and taking these politicians to task. Wish there were legions of you, from all Faiths and from all Colors…but from the womankind of the Earth. I look forward to watching you grow up. Not unlike Chelsea Clinton and so many before her who were ‘pre-schooled with the DC politician appropriate thoughts, words and deeds’ but, despite that, ERR, handicap, have grown UP with their own thoughts, words and deeds.


  11. I am so glad you wrote this! i have 2 mixed race children… I hate it when people call me a racist because I didn’t and will not vote for Obama.

  12. You are remarkable! Your Brilliance or your Courage – I am still trying to decide which one you have in greatest measure?

  13. I haven’t read through every comment but I love reading your opinion on things. Isn’t that what this is? And opinion? And isn’t everyone entitled to their own opinion? I just happen to agree with Atarah’s opinion in this article. I too believe in God. I believe we were all born with natural talents and that we can all achieve more talents by working at them and developing them. That is how we are going to get places whether we’re at the bottom or the top of ‘the stick’. We can all make our lives enjoyable if we choose to look at what we have instead of what someone else has that we might want. Thanks for sharing your view! I really enjoy your style of writing!

  14. I hope that all of you who claim that “government programs create dependency” opt out of taking any tax credits–for your home, your education, or your children. Because that’s also a “government program.”

    And, the Republican party that “abolished” slavery is NOT the same Republican party people know and love today. Get the history right.

    • First off, your opening statement assumes is the money we earn with our labor belongs to the government; it does not, it belongs to us first. The government must take it from us to provide services. Personally I pay over $4,000 per year in direct school taxes- 6 years after my kids left the system, so I PAY my freight there. I pay gas taxes, so I PAY my freight on the roads. And I paid my medical insurance and all freight on my kid, who proudly left school without a penny of debt (other than the massive one the government is running up).

      Please state specific examples of supposedly racist activities by the Republican party.

      • No, I didn’t. My point is that people often claim that “government programs creates dependency” but have no problem taking advantage of government programs that benefit them (like tax deductions). I take a larger view of “government program” than most it seems. But even the blog author, as a college student benefits from the GOVERNMENT subsidizing part of her college education–assuming she’s attending a public institution, which she probably is since she’s getting an AA degree.

        Since the cost your child required to attend public school does not equal what you paid in taxes, you have lots of people to thank for helping to support your kid. That’s how it works.

        Secondly, I never said that the Republican party is “racist.” But HISTORICALLY, the “Republican” party that Lincoln led is not the same thing as the Republican party today.

      • “No, I didn’t. My point is that people often claim that “government programs creates dependency” but have no problem taking advantage of government programs that benefit them (like tax deductions). I take a larger view of “government program” than most it seems. But even the blog author, as a college student benefits from the GOVERNMENT subsidizing part of her college education–assuming she’s attending a public institution, which she probably is since she’s getting an AA degree.”

        phd2011 – merely using something associated with the govt does not cause a person to go down the road to being a “slave” to the govt. hence using tax deductions or driving down a road created using tax dollars is not the problem. The way I look at this argument is that they are referring to citizens of this country who rely on the government for every single human need. Therefore, the generations of Americans who get their food / healthcare / cell phones / housing / clothes / etc from the government are in fact entirely dependent on the US govt.

        Creating entitlement programs that replace personal responsibility and risk taking with the idea that the govt will cover everything are responsible for turning tens of millions into mere vassals of the state. Whole generations of American families live off welfare and other govt largesse – it means an almost permanent underclass of citizens who will never see prosperity. All the wealth redistribution in the world will not help this!

      • That’s just my local property taxes for the education, Bucko. It does not include my sales tax and gas tax that partially go to the schools locally as well, and a whole raft of other taxes I pay. I can assure you that, when you combine ALL of the taxes I pay, I am a net provider, not a net consumer. How about you?

    • “Secondly, I never said that the Republican party is “racist.” But HISTORICALLY, the “Republican” party that Lincoln led is not the same thing as the Republican party today.”

      No you did not use those words but you sure as hell are implying it by saying them on a blog of an African-American who ascribes to conservative values which naturally find a home in the Republican Party. You feel that the Republican party of today is obviously not good for black people.

      Let’s try a new experiment. Instead of casting thinly veiled racial remarks on the Republican Party, how about you tell us in detail why the Democratic Party (which has enjoyed an almost monolithic control on the african-american voting bloc for decades) is GOOD for black people?

  15. I apologize if I repeat someone else’s sentiment – I haven’t had time to read all the comments. But I just want to say THANK YOU first – for thinking for yourself and secondly for identifying so clearly what I see in our culture.

    In our culture there are systems comprised of politics, media, and for the most part ignorance – that seek to bind up, tear down and really enslave people. And you cannot free yourself from this – it’s ubiquitous and we all fall prey to it at some point, believing that the right policy or the right candidate or leader can help free us from it.

    But they can’t – the answer as you so aptly pointed out is God. It is in the realization that we’re all messed up and fall prey to the evils of this world that – yes – often manifest themselves in our media and our politics. I’m talking both liberals, conservatives – and the folks who just don’t care.

    There is something (rather, someONE) who is greater than all our bickering and posturing – greater than our government – greater than the ideals that govern it. Our hope lies there.

    “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” (Galatians 5:1)

  16. Wow, this is amazingly well put. When I read this, I realize that, with young people like you in this country, we still have a chance to bring back this great nation form the deep pit that Obama has dropped us into. Keep it up. You’re not alone.

  17. Excellent article. I greatly appreciate the straightforwardness of your statements and your honesty. The statements you make agree with the comments I have heard from many of my black friends. (By the way, I am really kind of pinkish with brown spots. We may be distantly related.) Socialism is really nothing more than the enslavement of people to a dependency on government. Socialism slowly advances through people incrementally sacrificing their freedoms for rights of entitlements until they have no more freedoms and they find themselves sitting at their new master’s feet with their hands out begging for his allotted daily crumbs to them.

  18. Great article and always stand up for your faith and support all America’s rights. You are a very success young woman. YOU should be proud of yourself. If you always show your love for America and all she stands for; the Lord will always be with you. God be with you and bless you always!!

    • Not like that. Like most sites, there are spam filters that trap out comments that have too many links. These comments are also moderated; primarily for language content. There has only been one foolish enough to use inappropriate language. I will pull one of your link list comeents- which is NOT to his other campaign group’s site (which is also directed from the White House).
      realize I do this for honest discussion; something a ‘liar’ would generally not do.

  19. Regardless of skin color, we are all Americans and we know whats right, we know whats wrong. When are the politicians going to listen. Obama needs to find another country to scam. America has been trough enough. We have all suffered enough by the hands of free American dictating policies to entrap other free Americans. obama is no different.

  20. Some people should really do more research. That site wasn’t created by Obama. It was done by a group called Organizing for America. I could go make t shirts and sell them at the barbershop and that wouldn’t mean Obama endorsed it. Do your research next time.

    • So, Serg, you have no clue who Organizing for America is, do you? it is Obama’s primary campaign arm, and has been since the beginning. You REALLY need to have some idea what you are talking about.

  21. It is unfortunate that many people do not really recall history. I see people minimize our political structure into an opposition game as if it’s a sport. I am of the mindset at my age that each adult should have the “Pledge of Allegiance” drummed back into our daily lives to make us understand the goals of our society. We tell out children not to bully, or speak badly of others and then some launch into some of the most disrespectful vitriol. People willingly wear labels of conservative as if it’s a trophee yet act as if labeling by color is a sin or that they don’t see it. Maybe I just don’t know any liberal-minded folks who wear “LIBERAL” on their chests like a fraternity Greek letter or team insignia.

    For example, if one is not gay then leave those who are gay to their opinion and don’t visit their gay establishment but respect their right to live. I am not gay so I don’t want to marry anybody of the same sex. At the same time I am willing to listen to points of why a gay person wants to do it. I could respect something called a civil union between individuals to allow them civil rights. One such example is if in a hospital rules only allow family members to be with an individual. If that’s their lives then current laws don’t allow a significant other (of the same sex) to be with the hospitalized person. However on the contrary, a girlfriend is allowed to be with her boyfriend and vice-verse during a critical hospital stay. Also on the other side, reality is that a male/male relationship yields very different health risks from a female/female one when it comes to health insurance. At the end of the day, no divine diety has bestowed omniscience upon me to judge either situation. So I am willing to vote on whatever comes to the voting booth without judgment. But the will of the people one way or the other may not trigger armageddon and should be the law of the land. Unfortunately I don’t know what to label myself as politically because I see valid points on many sides because I tend to listen to political points and not the messengers.

    I offer the following information to you Attarah. I could be mistaken but you appear to be a person younger than I. That is not meant to be disrespectful or degrade your opinion. There are so many websites out there that I perceive all of the “for” websites supporting President Obama as social media marketing. It allows people in different spheres of influence to be reached. There is a quote of “Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.” It doesn’t mean that it will be repeated because people are bad. It’s true because over time humans find other ways to ostracize and divide those who they do not align themselves with in order to achieve a perception of peace and order. Allow yourself to interact with those who may disagree with your viewpoint and the truth is that the differences that appear vastly opposed are actually not very different once discussed.

    Some might see my contribution to the conversation as non-commital and weak. I count myself as the loathed middle. I do believe that everybody needs to work to get their own. As an example, I recall that public eduation was not established freely. The wicked “government” entity debated and voted to instill education as an American institution to make our country greater. Prior to that law all schools were like our college education system. You could be a “legacy” if a parent had attended the school and taxes did not pay for education. The same government entity battled for you to be educated in a school better than the shacks of some of your ancestors where states believed in “separate but equal”. You may believe that it was inevitable that America would have naturally progressed to provide everybody an opportunity so I’ll ask a question. The civil war ended in 1864. 1865 through 1879 was the reconstruction period which was to unite all Americans. They won’t teach you this in school but a question remains. With 14th, 15th, and 16th amendments to the constitution guaranteeing equality specifically to address equality for blacks at the time. How on earth did blacks end up having to fight and die to have civil rights legislation re-established nearly 100 years later? I understand. It might seem like ancient history. But again I quote, “Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Now many schools are separated by economic status and not race due to the areas where they reside. But wait! Wasn’t the public school system established to make our country better by providing better education to all of our young future citizens. How has it ended up unequal again? Some schools don’t have the sufficient number of books truly due to underfunding. I’m still learning about life so I don’t have answers to much. But we do find that in poor school areas crime and the dropout rate are increased.

    My best advice is that you be willing to exchange dialogue with those who agree as well as those who may appear to disagree with you. I have found that each of us may think differently as a result of our life experiences. I am interested in learning more from you about what the “socialist agenda” is from you.

    (Now I’ll leave things be and wait for commentary on my comments)

  22. It is the media that keeps the racism going, blacks and whites have learned to work side by side, regardless of the past. There will always be white on black or black on white crime. But as a nation I think people don’t make as big a deal of it as the media does. For some reason they don’t want this issue to die!!!

  23. Cheryl…She doesn’t sound full of anger to me. She sounds like an intelligent young woman who wants people to stop using the race card, including the president. She is also right about his “we need to make everything fair” thing too. We all have a choice on whether we succeed or not. Yes, some have it a lot harder because of where they grow up. I don’t discount that at all. I do NOT think it is right for the people who are trying to have to take care of the people who are not. Why couldn’t he just have a website “Americans for Obama”? Why does he have to separate every group out? That does not foster unity in the country that he loves to talk about. I think this young lady is a courageous, smart woman and she should never back down from her beliefs.

  24. Oh noooos…a self-identified victim…I think she’s being childish. There are many groups who say “_________ for candidate/issue”, regardless of political ideology. Ex. Vets for Obama. This whole claim that it’s somehow a racially exclusive political group is a bit of an exaggeration, crossing over into falsehood. Anyone can join, regardless of color. What this is really about (and this goes for all target groups supporting a candidate or issue) is that it’s a group who publicly announces consolidated support relating to specific issues – in this case, African-American or minority issues. Atarah Golden should understand this.

  25. First of all, she should be ashamed of herself, because there is NO African Americans for Obama website, so the sister is straight up guilty of bearing false witness.

    For those who want the truth, there are groups on his official website, i.e. African Americans, Latinos, Asians, LGBTs, People of Faith, Jewish Americans, Veterans and Military Families, etc.

    Conservatives of all colors do not cease to amaze me with the lies and distortions they throw out, and then have the nerve to fix their mouths and throw God in that mess. SMH……

      • @Mike O. That is a lie. There is no such site. There is only his official site, with a sub link for groups that support him.

        Claiming that it is just makes you look like a deceiver.

      • Really sad denial, Guy. I’ve been a grassroots activist for 50 years and can tell you, that is his main campaign arm and that is his approved site. Your denials are only embarrassing yourself.

      • @Mike O. What does your 50 years have to do with you lying? You lied today. There is no official website for African Americans only. There is only one website with sub groups that support the president.

      • @Robert Thomas. Yes she did. Look at the site. It is his main site, and there are links for groups that support him. Of which there are Jews, Latinos, Veterans and Military Families, etc.

        If there was a website for African Americans only, then she would be correct. There is only ONE SITE, with a drop down link for groups that support him, and one of those is African Americans.

        You can try to dress it up, but she is guilty of bearing false witness, because she is trying to deceive folks into thinking that there is a website established by the president ONLY for African Americans. That is a lie. It is not.

        I am a veteran, so I fall under two categories at this SAME website.

    • For those who keep claiming that it is a separate website dedicated for African Americans:

      Now, all of those links are for the SAME WEBSITE. They are simply sub groups that support the President at that site. There is no African American only site.

      Again, she is straight up guilty of bearing false witness. She is trying to deceive and cause dissention and strife. And we know whose game it is to do that don’t we? Satan.

      • “The Veteran”, my man, don’t beat yourself up trying to lift up knowledge. As a veteran you know, like many others, that we had to learn to respect and get along with so many types of people that we learned about their lives and found common ground and common goals. If you re-read most of the comments you’ll see most people pushing their viewpoints, poking at opposing views, and using derrogatory words to call others out. It’s not President Obama, Speaker Boehner, or any of the political leaders who have it wrong. It’s many of our citizens who allow themselves to be manipulated by rhetoric and ideals. The internet and these blogs don’t encourage unity, the perpetuate the divisive nature in man. Don’t get frustrated and allow folks to turn your energy to the “darkside”. LOL.

        I invited the author of the blog to email me outside of this website. I have not yet heard from her but I’ll assume that she’s studying hard.

      • “Mike O”, I don’t know where this will fall in the order of our discussion (meaning visible placement), but I’ll answer your question. I haven’t seen evidence of discussions here. The tone of many comments have been derrogatory and confrontational. I don’t get off on that. I need to hear viewpoints and then we can discuss facts void of anger. I don’t personally know any people who want the government to take care of everything for them for free. I also don’t know any affluent tax cheaters. I have traveled to many places and interacted with various ethnicities. One sided viewpoints are not what I am interested in hearing or expressing. Americans are selling themselves short and getting played in the process.

        I had a most interesting conversation with a 17 year old who comes from a Republican background last night. He said that he’s a Republican and doesn’t go along with Democratic values. I asked him what those were. He mentioned that he was against gun control where President Obama wanted to place limitations. I told him that I am independent but I told him that of what I knew, the only thing that I was aware of the administration limiting was on assault rifles (to continue a ban). But we both had the ability to go back and investigate to learn. It could be that something got snuck into the legislation that I was not aware of. I’m willing to check it out.

        This young man mentioned being against the mandate of having the government health care thrust upon anybody. I shared with him that from what I saw there was a waiver to anybody who wanted to reject that health care plan. I also shared that they would not have to have the health care from the U.S. which would allow an individual the freedom to negotiate or pay for their medical bills themselves. I also told him that the cost per family/individual would be linked to income so that oppressive rates wouldn’t destroy lower income earners. The alternative however was that if they showed up in a medical facility without the ability to pay the costs, it wasn’t fair that the rest of people who have insurance should carry the load & end up with higher premiums so that the hospitals could continue to exist. That was when they’d be enrolled in the program and be responsible for paying that fee along with the hospital costs. In the end they could still possibly yield a lower hospital bill plus not impact the rest of us who pay for health insurance. This would also help close the loophole on illegal citizens draining our health care economy under the hospitals hippocratic oath.

        I was encouraged by the talk between me an that young man. It was totally respectful. If he comes to me and has a point of view I can listen, learn, then investigate for myself. That is how we become smarter voters. The whole conservative/liberal label is manipulation to me. Those labels are used to motivate and enrage. My wife sent me a link to this topic for reading. I went through comments in an attempt to learn more about points of view. What I saw was slurs, misunderstandings, and omissions.

        So to answer your question Mike O, the reason why I won’t discuss things on here is because I have enough drama in my personal life. I wouldn’t wish to add some virtual drama to it. I didn’t see much objectivity in comments. I don’t do virtual “push of wars”. I take what I hear and read, then research for facts.

      • Did you also tell the young man that the CBO just increased their best estimate of the number of people who will LOSE their company provided health insurance BECAUSE of Obamacare from 1 million to 3-5 million with the possibility of 20 million losing it? This adjustment- in ONE YEAR- makes a mockery of the claim that if you like your insurance, you can keep it. Do you have personal experience in the actual estimation of the portion of cost increase of employer health insurance for my company? Without Obama-care (and the mandated coverages, most of which we don’t need.) the 2-year increase was 16%; with Obamacare factored in, 42%. The company is eating a portion of that, but the rest cuts deep.

        This is just the beginning. A half-century of being in, around and a signifcant consumer of health care services has toaught me, the more government actually gets into it, the less of the resourse- and -focus actally goes to patient care.

      • As much as I’d like to follow your statistical data Mike O, I do respect the information. As I did say before, I’m interested in exchanging facts and not conjecture, estimates, and possibilities. I’m talking about policy. I could go to cut my grass tomorrow and a statistical possibility exists that a driver passing by could have a heart attack at the wheel and veer into my yard either injuring me or worse. The alternative is that my neighbors could fine me for a yard that is out of compliance. I’m not comparing health care to my possible freak accident. The same CBO quoted that the auto company bailout would be billions more than what I’m hearing the cost was. I’m not using that to say that I supported the government bailout. Facts I’m speaking of exchanging are in the legislation not in quotes and estimated spreadsheets.

        The fact is, if somebody doesn’t want it they don’t have to get it AND they don’t have to pay for Obamacare as folks want to call it. Just pay the bill when it’s received. But another fact is that if they show up at a medical facility and can’t pay their bill up front they’d better get something instead of being a drain on the hospital and negatively impacting the price I have to pay for services. There’s no free lunch. I think that’s a pretty conservative ideal on my end.

  26. I don’t understand why there is so much emphasis on race in this country. There is way too many other issues going on in this nation and world. Who cares if the POTUS is black, white, blue or yellow. Who cares whether you are a Republican, Independent, Democrat, Conservative. Let’s get the frigging nation back on track. Put away your pitch forks!!! Our nation is divided on so many issues, sadly the color of this President’s skin has been his greatest obstacle unlike no other POTUS as encounter. This is sad that such an article was written – it is like adding salt to a wound!!!!

    • That’s the sort of thing that should apply from the top down, my friend. If you dislike the focus on race, perhaps you should petition the President to take his site down.

      Further, OF COURSE President Obama suffers from more challenges due to his skin color. He’s our first (partly) black President. Rest assured, the first latino, the first woman, and the first transgendered/gay/whatever President will suffer from the same challenges.

      Being the first anything is never easy.

  27. I admire your stand, as folks like Regina have so pointedly attacked you and can’t understand why you believe the way you do. Just another person who has bought into the lie that the liberal left is the party who cares about the people and conservatives do not. We’ve all heard that crock before – Regina, did you do any research on the charitable giving of your liberal representatives? Conservatives far outspend liberals in charitable giving, and that is a fact – or did you forget Biden’s generous $300 charitable contribution for an ENTIRE YEAR? Or Gore’s $0? Or perhaps you have forgotten about Obama’s passion to pass a bill that enables doctors to ‘finish the job’ on alive, failed-aborted babies? What a great humanitarian! Or Regina, maybe the trillions of debt this liberal adminstration has saddled you and I with prove their care for us as people? Wait, I have it – their trampling on the constitution proves they love everyone. (now, Bush and other ‘conservatives’, including some current GOP candidates, have done this as well, but I digress…)

    Regina, did you ever stop to think that their government programs are really more of a hindrance to you than a help? Do you think it’s good to become more and more dependent on government? And do you really think, I mean actually think, that Obama and other liberals give a rip about you? They crap on you every day, then turn around and tell you they feel your pain (as they spend $10 million on vacation and you save for 3 years just to go to Disney)….and you buy it.

    And WE are clueless? L…..O…..L.

  28. The article is simple Simon. We are all slaves to capitalism, aka money-ism. Why do you think they call us consumers? Most of you reading my post are corporate slaves right now. And some do not even realize it.

    Do not fall for this slavery nonsense. To even compare the quest for fairer laws to barbaric slavery is an insult to the millions who died at the hands of their brutal masters.

    With that said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with African Americans for Obama, or any other group. If you are African American, and not one of his supporters, then obviously you should skip the site, like I skip all conservative sites, because I don’t agree with the Pharisee philosophy.

    The site is NOT for African Americans only. And saying that it is, when it is not, is bearing false witness.

    As for his race: I cannot believe that AAs are so ignorant that they do not know the history on the classification of race, particularly the White race in America. It must be pure, whatever that is, and since Whites came from Africans anyway, the agenda behind a “pure” race is nonsense.

    All life began in Africa. It is good that not all AAs are voting for the President. Maybe folks will stop saying we are voting for him because he is black.

    I’m voting for him simply because he is the best candidate, and because the GOP lacks both Christian Faith, as well as integrity.

  29. Excellent. I was very poor growing up, got married when I was 17 (had to), barely finished high school while working 8 hours a day; had my second at 19.

    I am not in my fifties, own very successful multi million dollar companies, live in a 10,000 square foot house etc.

    I’m not saying this to brag, but to say success has nothing to do with the neighborhood/family you were brought up in – your life is all in your hands.

    And back then, it was a sign of failure if you were a leach on the gov’t dole.

    Signed a proud republican (social liberal/ fiscal conservative)

  30. Thanks for having the voice of reason. As a freedom loving American also…I love your article and insightful comments. Keep up the good work…we need more smart young Americans to step up!!

  31. I hope and pray that you continue to do what you do.

    The onslaught from the left can be brutal.

    Prepare yourself from those who seek to destroy you and your message.

    We are Brietbart!

  32. WELL SAID. Just because you are white, black, brown, or any other color, does NOT mean you are a racist if you disagree with this phony that is called the POTUS. I am just tired of what ALL the politicians are doing to this country, but especially him because he specifically ignores the Constitution on a whim. Jan 20, 2013 can’t come fast enough for me!!!!

  33. Concise and straight to the point… It’s just the kind of presentation of the truth that more conservatives need to use. Excellent!

  34. You black conservatives never fail to amaze me with your cluelessness. You serve no real purpose in the grand of things, politically speaking. How can you willingly support a party that demonizes your people on a regular basis? Blacks in the conservative universe are to blame for every ill, real or imagined, in this country. Do you think being a conservative ‘patriot’ makes you an exception? You are nothing more than a political pawn in a sick game run by people who still have no real regard for you. When the election is over, all of you black conservatives will fade back into the racial obscurity that you normally call home until the grand old party requires your services. Enjoy your fifteen minutes, the clock is ticking.

    • Well, just WOW! Regina: As I sit here working on ELECTING three Conservative Americans of African descent locally (one already serving as state rep; another running for it, another running for judge), I’m not sure how black conservatives are ‘going away’. But then, I’m one of those Tea Party ‘racists’… who has a Chinese wife and Ugandan daughters. My regard is for PEOPLE; skin tone has never mattered to me. And I have been a conservative since the Goldwater days.
      A political pawn? We’re ALL political pawns to the professional political class. And we, as conservatives- of EVERY stripe, will fight the battle against them for years to come.

      • Then answer this question; how does one support a political party that denigrates and casts all blame for societal problems on blacks? Rick Santoram, Newt Gingrich and their ilk have all made negative comments and you black conservatives choose to overlook all of the racist comments. You aren’t excluded from any of their vitriol so how can support them and uphold their policies? How can be ignored and removed from the discussion as if it does not exist?

    • Regina, please cite your sources for your comments:

      “How can you willingly support a party that demonizes your people on a regular basis? Blacks in the conservative universe are to blame for every ill, real or imagined, in this country.” and

      “Then answer this question; how does one support a political party that denigrates and casts all blame for societal problems on blacks? Rick Santoram, Newt Gingrich and their ilk have all made negative comments and you black conservatives choose to overlook all of the racist comments.”

      Please give real examples of any of that happening. I’m sure it’s on YouTube or something, right? Or somewhere in print? You personally heard them say racist things at a rally? Don’t just throw out the charge, “They are racist!” without backing it up. That doesn’t work. As I stated in an earlier post, conservatives deal in FACTS. If you show me the facts of that happening, and not just you FEELING that conservatives are racist, then I will believe you. And if there were real examples out there, I guarantee the media would be playing them non-stop. You and I both know it’s true.

    • Regina – with all due respect you offer vague generalities when referencing the Republican party treatment of African-Americans. This does not help your argument. To the contrary, it shows YOU to be the person who is clueless.

      Let me ask you this question, you support the Democrats. right? if so, how do you excuse the Democrats’ having Sen. Robert Byrd as an elder statesman before his death? The same guy who was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and actually helped recruit for them?

    • @regina miller , Out of no disrespect toward you or your opinion , the republican party ABOLISHED SLAVERY ! If you want to BLAME , which is becoming a trend in the democratic party , BLAME the democrats for holding minorities back in this country ! Blame them for lying to you and filling head with their propaganda ! Dr. King would be Obamas worst nightmare if he was still with us ! It is not about black or white , red or blue , conservative or liberal, THESE are the tactics of the democratic party ! We are all Americans , We all deserve opportunity , but are not entitled to opportunity ! We are entitled to our liberties ! The democrats are slowly taking our liberties away ! Please do not turn this about race , your black conservatives are freethinkers that have not been manipulated by the media or anything else ! These are the people going against the grain , protecting freedom and values of all americans ! If I remember , Dr. King did the SAME exact thing ! Thank god for freedom ! Thank god for Dr. King ! Thank god for America ! In the words of Bob Marley , Get up, Stand up , Stand up for your rights ! Not Entitlements !

    • Uh…yeah. “No real purpose in the grand of things, politically speaking”? Did you know that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican? And so was Art Fletcher, who is know as the Father of Affirmative Action. The first head of the NAACP, James Johnson, was also a Republican. Republican Senator Everett Dirksen from Illinois wrote the language for the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and also crafted the language for the Civil Rights Act of 1968, which prohibited disrimination in housing. Which Albert Gore, Sr., a Democrat, voted against. I suggest that by posting things such as the above quote, without expecting someone to refute it with facts, you are doing yourself a disservice.

  35. @Sam Forsyth: The key is to define “fair”. No two humans are alike; some have artistic ability, others don’t. Some have musical ability, others don’t. It’s not unfair, it’s just differences. If two people are applying for a recording engineer position, and one person has a tin ear and the other is a gifted musician, you can’t say it’s unfair to the person with the tin ear – they simply don’t have what the job takes.

    There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that some people are better at, or even better suited for, some things than other people. Yet many on the left seem to equate “fair” and “equal” with “anyone must be able to do anything/everything.”

    Having a fair shot means everybody having access to the same basic level of education. We’re not there yet.

    Fair shot also means no automatic exclusion due to irrelevent conditions. For example, skin color makes no difference when fighting fires. However, physical strength does, so if one person is too weak to lift an unconscious adult, they should not be a firefighter. That’s not a matter of fairness, it’s a matter of qualifications for the job.

    The problem is that some folks equate “equal opportunity” with “equal outcome”. They are not the same thing. And even the concept of equal opportunity doesn’t always mean the same thing to every person – some may have to work harder to seize the opportunity than someone else, but the opportunity is there, available to all. In other words, we as individuals have to choose and then pursue, or work for, an opportunity – we should never expect it to just be handed to us, with a guaranteed outcome, like some folks seem to think.

    Having a fair shot is made up of two parts: Opportunity being available to all at a basic level, and all putting forth the effort to seize an opportunity.

    • maybe my analogy was bad.

      how about this…A father has two sons. He keeps one child at home, does not mentor or supervise him, doesn’t talk to him or feed him or comfort or care for him and leaves him to fend for himself with no role models to teach him right from wrong and how to be responsible. And the other child is loved and cared for, and fed well, and mentored and educated, and offered help with his homework, encouraged and is made to live within a set of rules… Then on their 18th birthday the father says to his sons “okay, you each still have the equal right to become successful in life, now get out of my house.” did they each really have the same opportunity? did they really each have the same fair shot after they left home?

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  37. How do we get this young woman in front of Congress and the media. She deserves to be heard and is much more enlightened, intelligent and well spoken than others who are commanding the spotlight.

  38. I think you can succeed, but still start out on with the short end of the stick, and it can still be true that there is a short end and long end of the stick… those things can all be true. Just because you succeeded despite where you came from, that doesn’t mean that you weren’t at a disadvantage… it just means that you had to try WAY harder than someone who was born in a middle class suburb of the city you grew up in.

    Saying that everyone “has a shot” is true, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Nobody can control what color they are, or where their parents live, or how much money they are born into… but that doesn’t change the fact that all those things have actually happened to the person…

    We all have a shot, true… but that doesn’t mean we all have a REAL FAIR shot.

    There are people who are born with an almost inhuman ability to memorize entire books, just by flipping through them…they can remember the details of every sentence, just by scanning them… they can read entire books in minutes, and retain all the information forever.

    and then there are people like me… people who take a normal amount of time to read a book, people who retain an average amount of the information presented…

    Putting us both into the literary research field as interns and then saying we each have an equal shot at being highly successful is just disingenuous. We both have a shot, but one of us is at a clear advantage.

    In life its the same way…

    Moving on…
    would you be very upset if it were a league of another group of people “for obama”? “Latinos for Obama?” or “women for Obama” or “veterans for Obama” or is this just uncomfortable because it’s based on skin color? These groups, including African Americans each form to fraternize and support each other because they each share a specific perceived societal disadvantage.

    it doesn’t make sense to form a group of white people in the same way…because they don’t share a common societal disadvantage… As a white guy, i’m not at a disadvantage in life because i’m white… as a man, i’m not at a disadvantage because of my gender. so if i were to start a group like that it would be simply out convey exclusivity and/or superiority….and so it’s not the same.

    • Sorry Sam, I call BS, can you get a job because of affirmitive action? I cannot, and, I do not feel there should be favortism to any group, black, white, chinese, latino, polish, it just does not matter, SEE MLK’s speach please, he was a great man, Obomo is not! This young black woman has made a great point!

  39. Very good article! I too go against what the left expects me as a black person to do. I’m the only conservative in my entire family, but I will not give up my morals just to go along to get along. Check out my blog if you like. I’m just grateful to have a way to get my opinion out there, and let people know that conservative blacks are not a myth! Peace and Blessings to you!

  40. President Obama is not saying that you must rely on the government, but that he believes in a government that makes the environment favorable for all to reach their potential, giving all equal access and opportunity. Did you know that he has also launched Women for Obama, First Americans for Obama, Latinos for Obama, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Jewish Americans, LGBT Americans, People of Faith, Veterans and Military Families and Young Americans. So please get your panties out of a wad, the campaign has several constituency groups. President Obama has chosen to identify as Black or African-American because that’s where he found acceptance, and before being President if he hailed a cab, the cab driver saw a Black man not one of mixed race. As someone who struggled as he did with my identity and for acceptance, it is quite a dilemma. This is not race baiting but opportunity to organize with issues that are relevant for each constituency group. Congratulations for being a Black Conservative. One question why are you all so angry, mean and bitter?

    • Gee, how about just…Americans for Obama, rather than to try to divide up everyone into their own little boxes? It is identity politics, and it destroys personal responsibility and supports victimhood mentality. If my daughter in Uganda had EVER accepted such compartmentalization, she never would have graduated secondary school- much less college as a woman- in a wheelchair.

    • Black conservatives, and most conservatives in general are not angry, mean, or bitter. Liberals and progressives are the ones who deal in feelings, conservatives deal in facts. Her article was jam-packed with facts, quotes, and links to cite what she wrote. Those facts speak for themselves. Conservatives are not nearly as mean or spiteful as liberals… I face liberal scorn on a daily basis. When speaking with liberals, I always state the facts, and when faced with those facts, the liberals without fail resort to personal attacks and name calling. Why are liberals so angry, mean and bitter?

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  42. Claiming to be African-American is the soul and substance of his claim to fame. It is what he has used throughout his adult life to distinguish himself from other competitors. It is the ethnic identity he proclaims, and it is the ethnic identity he craves. Without it, he is just another mixed race Caucasian Arab with an African influence playing on his skin’s pigmentation.

    But no matter what he craves, no matter what he has used to propel himself through life, no matter the racist presumption of seeing his skin and without question calling him black, the hard, cold, genetically inarguable reality remains: he is not an African-American.

    Mr. Obama is 50% Caucasian, that from his mother. What those who want Mr. Obama to write history by becoming “America’s first African-American president” ignore is that his father was ethnically Arabic, with only 1 relative ethnically African Negro – a maternal great-grandparent (Obama’s great-great grandparent, thus the 6.25% ethnic contribution to the senator’s ethnic composition.).

    That means that Mr. Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother’s side. He is 43.75% Arabic, and 6.25% African Negro from his father’s side.

    He’s not even black. Lol.

    • Your comments are ignorant my brother. Most Blacks are mixed. It was White racist laws that prevented someone of mixed race to be considered “White.”

      Also, the President’s Father was of Kenyan ancestry. 0% Arab. He is as African American as I am, me being a man who is part African, part Native, and I am sure, part White.

      • The Veteran, President Obama’s father was most certainly not “African AMERICAN”. There was nothing AMERICAN about him. He was not from the US, and he did not seek or in any way try to obtain US citizenship. Your comments are just as ignorant, my friend.

      • @Robert Thomas: You think it matters that his Father was African, and not American? That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. His mother was American, and his Father was African. If he is not African American, then what is he? White? SMH….

        The same black blood rule that applies to me, applies to him.

      • Blood does not rule, Chris; culture and experience does. You could ask my Ugandan daughters about that; they have no clue where African-Americans are coming from most the time. They seen things and experienced things 99% of Americans (of ANY skin color) can’t even imagine. Rwandan genocide, Idi Amin, The Lord’s Resistance Army… we have no clue.

      • i concur. and thank you for that. if i ever encounter a real person (ie not the donald or anyone on fox) who thinks he’s not american or black, all there is to say is “he’s truly an African American – black african father, white american mother! end of conversation”. genius yet simple. and where did ms thing sigfrida(?). get her arabic stats. lastly, i’ve heard him numerous times claim his biracial identity, because if he didn’t he would be dishonoring his white family who raised him in Hawaii. everybody should see the hbo doc ,” Right America: Feeling Wronged – Some Voices from the Campaign Trail” – it was a horror movie to me, haunts me to this day, cause the white american people in that movie told their truth -“no niggers in the white house. it’s the White House!” (they even have a tshirt), there were many of them, missing many a tooth, who think he’s not a “real” american citizen because Hawaii isn’t really part of america.

      • While I am unable to provide 100% certain verification on the president’s father’s ancestry, it should be noted that many of the people who live on the continent of Africa are of Arab descent. So simply assuming that because he is from Kenya means he is 0% Arab is incorrect.

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