Zimmerman isn’t the racist in Trayvon’s case

We’ve all heard about the murder of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin by now. He is the young man that was shot dead by a neighborhood watch guard.

The details of what happened are still too sketchy. Just about the only thing that ISN’T sketchy is the racial overtones devouring this case. You see, the surname of the shooter is Zimmerman and the victim is Black. One thing the mainstream, liberal media loves to do is to sensationalize White on minority crimes.

What we are now finding out about Zimmerman is that he is Hispanic; not White, and is from a multi-racial family. We are also finding out that the initial reports of him using racial slurs were incorrect. Although the racial overtones are glaring, and he has been labeled a racist, there is no evidence thus far to support the claim of racism.

Don’t get me wrong here; I’m not defending Zimmerman. Based on reports, he continued to follow Trayvon when he had been explicitly told not to. I feel but for that decision, Trayvon would not be dead today. And also based on reports, I’m of the opinion that the local police investigated the case poorly. Subsequent to the local police ruling the case self-defense, it appears that important details emerged that contradicts their determination.

I am prepared to allow the special prosecutor and FBI to cross all T’s and dot all I’s in this case. I want to see justice done just as much as anyone else. But because I’m a Conservative and refuse to be propelled by emotions like the vast majority of Blacks, I’ve been accused of being non-caring, not doing enough and standing with Whites (even though Zimmerman is Hispanic) and selling out the Black Community.

It is incredibly unfortunate when ANYONE is murdered. I’m saddened by the death of this young man, and I can not even begin to imagine what his parents must be feeling or their suffering. In 2010, 2,720 parents felt that unimaginable grief. That’s how many Blacks were murdered.

I still do not understand where the national media attention was for the murders of all those men, women and children; or Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and the mob of angry, protesting Blacks! They mattered as much as Trayvon, right?

Other than abortion (roughly 15 million Black babies murdered, yes murdered, since Roe v. Wade), loss of life doesn’t get more innocent than that of a child’s caught by the stray bullet of a gang banger or drug dealer as they play in their yards or sit in their home watching TV.

Of those 2,720 Blacks murdered in 2010, 2,459 of them were murdered by Blacks. The Black on Black scenario is not exciting enough for the liberal media; nor is there a racial angle for the likes of Sharpton to exploit. In addition, the murderers of many of the victims go unpunished. Unlike the angry mobs that mobilize when a non-Black person kills a Black person, those who know anything about inner city murders are suddenly rendered mute. Hey, who likes a SNITCH? Only snitch if the killer is NOT Black!

Zimmerman may be a racist. It’s just that I have not seen evidence of it thus far. But, the media and the many Black folk ready to hang him without a trial sure seem to be preening some racial feathers.

Have you heard about the thirteen year old Kansas City White teen that was doused with gasoline and set on fire by several Black teens, as they yelled racial epithets? Probably not many of you have. It’s not sensational enough for liberal media.

Liberalism must continue racial divide to survive. Trayvon is sadly being used as a mere tool by the liberal game players, and just as sad and equally disgusting, his parent’s, and that giant, angry mob of Black folk are definitely being played.

Vanessa Anderson

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12 thoughts on “Zimmerman isn’t the racist in Trayvon’s case

  1. Please show me a murder that is NOT a hate crime. Please show me a rape that is not a hate crime. You don’t kill or sexually assault or beat or stab someone because you LOVE them, that’s for sure. The whole “hate crime” brouhaha is asinine on its face, and that face is sometimes black, sometimes white, but always redundant.

  2. He is beginning to become the worst Attorney General ever? Ummm.. he has long since reached that status!

    I agree with you the the locals botched their investigation.

    This situation is getting really ugly, really fast and that’s VERY sad!

  3. First error that was made is the Police were wrong all around. Poor Job in February. Who ever was the lead in that investigation should be removed. After the fact: We don’t ever need Al Sharpton out on this type of case. Nothing obvious about this being racial profiling. But the actual act was wrong and had to be explained in detail more then it was Self defense. While this was being investigate Zimmerman belonged in a holding cell. His gun should have been removed from his possesion until the entire case was figured out and he would not be able to buy another gun till afterwards. Reverend Jackson must not have defended the Black boy. And finally the President had NO business being involved. He especially is not a good judge of character. If anyone else dies due to our Governments poor handling of this I would have questions for Eric Holder. He is beginning to become the worst Attorney General ever. This with Obama being the worst President we have 2 of the 3. They must leave.

    The President is the Racist.

  4. Hi Bonju,

    First, I never wrote that abortions are due to Roe v. Wade… I wrote SINCE Roe v. Wade, 15 mil black babies have been aborted. And the people who sold out “my sisters” are the black churches, politicians etc who are perpetuating Margaret Sanger’s desire to exterminate the Black race.

    So if Zimmerman is White by virtue of his mixed race, then Obama is White, Correct?

    And please give me evidence where this is a hate crime? I’ve apparently missed it and I read a LOT of news to form my opinion to write my article. And since only God knows what is in any of our hearts, I will leave that judgment to him. With all due respect, what’s in your heart has no bearings on this case.

  5. Well this is a sad case but to say that because of Roe V Wade black babies get murdered is insane. The black women who get abortions apparently gave it enough thought to not have their babies for one reason or another and I commend them for that. Others more poor used to have a lot of babies and abuse them (talking about black people here) and there is all sorts of evidence about that. So to say that women who get abortions are murderers well you just sold out your sisters there, V.

    About Zimmerman – his father is a white jew married to an hispanic woman – Cubans will disagree with you that they are white – so Zimmerman is a white man carrying a loaded gun into a gated community with the intent to shoot anyone who trespasses his territory. That is what he did with T Martin. He murdered that kid and if Martin had shot and killed Zimmerman Martin would already be in jail.

    In the past high profile cases were paid attention to more because race hate mongers like Jessie Jackson & Al Shapton were instrumental in driving attention to the cases but not for the benefit of the victim’s family. They did it and still do it for their own purse strings. These men prey on black families in a time of extreme grief and help motivate bad karma instead of helping the situation.

    The same goes for the Martin case. Where was Rev Al and Jessie a month ago when this kid got killed, where were they when Martin’s grief stricken parents had to hire a lawyer and they and the lawyer started making the TV rounds to garner some kind of media hold to this?
    Nowhere were they until Human beings realized the outrage of this case and demanded an explanation.

    I am one of those people. I wrote a lot about this case on my blog granted not when it happened but when I read about it on yahoo. If I had known before I would have written about it at that moment. I know in my heart Zimmerman is a racist and I know there are people in the hispanic community that hate blacks and they have black friends so to write that because Zimmerman’s mom is hispanic makes him not a racist is dumb.

  6. Dear, Vanessa

    I am deeply anguished to once again see this out break of hatred perpetuated. Sketchy is a good word and also propaganda. To keep a divide , unrest and help suspicion to thrive in the hearts of Americans. May Trayvon rest in peace and though’s of us still living find mercy & grace instead of finger pointing and “rationalized” hatred.

  7. Thanks, Mike. It might anger Blacks enough to turnout in masses, but it could anger the Latin community and send them in the opposite direction.

    I agree, this IS a simple case….

  8. Good perspective, Vanessa. This is a simple case that needs to be prosecuted and sent to the grand jury; there are a dozen such cases of botched investigations across the country on any given day.

    But one thing you don’t consider is how playing this up fits the needs of the Obama re-election campaign. I expect that anything of a racial nature to be emphasized to build up outrage for election day. They need the emotion, since common sense would NOT lead to a massive turnout for Obama this time around from the minority communities. Note how rarely news accounts even mention that the shooter was Hispanic; can’t offend the other required voting bloc).

  9. At the risk of sounding patronizing, I wish to congratulate you on your courageous essay, Ms. Anderson. The knee-jerk reaction by peddlers of racial strife in this tragic incident apparently are unaware or unconcerned that their actions not only are inconsequential to the pursuit of justice, but are actually counterproductive. Under the guise of championing the grieving Martin family, they instead are despitefully using them for craven, selfish ends. Sadly, our duplicitous Main Stream Media fuel the fire by encouraging the likes of Sharpton in exploiting their misery for an easy, sensationalized story. It is an indictment on so much of our cultural behavior.

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