Smoke and Mirrors: the Democrat Modus Operandi to Divide & Conquer

We bought the smoke and mirrors from the liberals, and they also did us a favor while effectively diverting our main focus by shining a light on those with hidden contempt and prejudices.  The liberals have once again succeeded in dividing, distracting and destroying a fragile united front within the conservative army. The conservative army being those that have the biggest influence and most powerful voices with social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and all the other available resources you have at your disposal, we being the conservative voter, vocal opponent to those that want to take our liberties away from us, those that walk door to door by foot, march and stand at rallies to make our voices heard.

There are actual families that I know of that are not speaking let alone the “social-site friendships” [friends because of a mutual interests, but never met personally] over the Martin and Zimmerman tragedy and the race-baiting war it became. I took an interesting journey a week ago through my timeline and some friends timeline’s on what was going on prior to the big news break of Trayvon Martin’s murder, the media frenzy, and Al Sharpton’s-race-dividing-war, to serve his own self purpose. I didn’t find hardly any postings on any topics that directly correlated race and the atrocious act committed being credited to that person’s ethnicity, besides the usual dislike for those that practice and believe in Sharia and other illegal acts by illegals in the United States of America.  Lately though,  you can’t miss at least several postings in your news-feed on Facebook and Twitter, hourly, and daily regarding which race did something horrific to another race.

Today there was a posting that was just the last straw for me, when a so called  “Social-site Friend” posted an article about a black woman that is finally going to court for starving a dog, this dog was horribly mistreated and the picture of the dog was hard to view. I have a grand passion for dogs, I love animals but a dog has me at “woof” every time.  The statement above the linked article really floored me because it stated,  “I don’t understand it the most when blacks do this to animals seeing how they’re always screaming on what we did to them.” What exactly is she trying to say? Is her point that blacks are not homo sapiens per se,  but of the canis lupus familiaris genus?  Therefore they can’t express their disgust over a time period in history when not only they were slaves, but fast forward to the era of entering the back door, using “colored only” entrances, water fountains, stepping off the sidewalk to allow a white person to walk by and so on. Yes it’s even annoying and frankly irritating to me, those that constantly harp on and tout those reasons as excuses for their lack of fortune in life period. Some of those that want to use the excuse of  “the white man holds me back” weren’t even a generation of thought at the time. Yes tragic things have happened to all racial groups, yes America was built on the backs of blacks, Chinese, Irish and any other ethnic group of people that came over here after the white man.  Which many of the white men were not explorers but either criminals, or found to be undesirables in their countries and offered a new life here in the America, as well as tradesmen, farmers, and indentured white servants.

But, (yes there is a but), I don’t begrudge anyone when I’m in the presence of those that are discussing those time periods in a just a general way referencing their lineage or for historical discussions. I do find it offensive myself to hear a black person use slavery or Jim Crow laws   as a personal creed for failure or unfortunate incidents in their life unless of course they were born, raised, and actually physically experiencing the conditions of racism during those times.  Same with any ethnic, and racial group in world. I just can’t comprehend why now some so called christian conservatives or just conservative (mind you the conservatives are good for stating they don’t believe on basing their views on color but the good of all), so why are some of these freedom loving, for the good of all Americans fellow conservatives so intent on posting inflammatory racial comments on your postings? Yes it’s America, you have your freedom of speech and it is after all YOUR page to state how you feel as long as it’s within in the guidelines of social media site rules, but, when such a statement as mentioned above is made, what difference does the race of the person make for any crime that isn’t a specific racially motivated hate crime? A crime is a crime plain and simple. Not even the article referred to the dependent (I prefer to refer to her as the beast) that committed this heinous act against the animal in her protection as “the black woman”. This particular person that wrote that statement to me is someone that has hidden prejudices regardless of how much she may claim she is not racist.

Prejudice: “unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding a racial, religious, or national group”.

Racism: “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races  determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.”

Her statement can be interpreted as a prejudiced racial statement, which is unfortunate yet probably true. Everyone has some sort of prejudice, but at the same time, you cannot call yourself a friend to a particular race and make a statement such as she did, when you are questioned and provided a perspective from someone of mentioned race and state you stand behind your statement. Fine so be it and you are no longer a friend of mine, I wish you well but I wouldn’t call you a true christian conservative with that mind-set.

We need to stop with the tit-for-tat on the great insult and injustices done to us based on the color of our skin and get back to defeating the party that is based on, exists on, and uses racial disharmony as the life blood for their existence!  We need to get back to spreading the word on the bad, ugly, and the immoral practices of the democrat machine that is uprooting and destroying ALL civil liberty rights as quickly as they can while they have the power. We need to concentrate on uniting our members and getting them as well as keeping them motivated to stay in the fight for our lives as we knew them under great conservative leadership that treated this country as a REPUBLIC not a Liberal democracy! We need to cease and desist falling for the media and all AL Sharpton clones antics and stay focused with the sight of a major victory in November 2012.

God bless everyone,  I wish you well, much blessings to my fellow true conservatives “friends”.

*Note: I did not mention other racial atrocities in this blog as I was specifically referring to the fact that the Martin/Zimmerman case is specifically related to an out-lash so it seems of racial sparring and comments based on blacks and whites.   Which incidentally, it appears that Zimmerman is part Hispanic.


4 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors: the Democrat Modus Operandi to Divide & Conquer

  1. I think there must be a special kind of hell for people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and liberal politicians who would take a grieving family like Travon’s and use and manipulate them for political gain. We hear a lot from liberals about keeping the issue of racism front and center in order to make sure black people are treated fairly, but I always thought that the more you scratch a wound, the more likely it is to become infected.

  2. I always find myself nodding my head in agreement when I read your posts. I am of Irish descent, and my husband’s family is from Italy, and the pity parties that can ensure when either of our families start discussing how different ethnic groups treated and/or stereotyped our grandparents (and it’s readily apparent that some of our relatives are still holding grudges over things that happened before they were born) can get a little stomach-turning. People do crummy things to each other. If we want to stop that sort of behavior, it starts with teaching our children that you don’t get to hold the guy next door responsible for any rotten thing someone who shares his phenotype has ever done.

    In other words, I loved this post and identified with nearlly everything you said.

    Peace be with you,

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