Stand up and be counted!

This article caught my eye and I decided to share it.  . It speaks to the need for Republicans to reach out to a broader demographic. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush spoke to the potential alienation of the Latino community because very vocal  positions on issues like immigration. Last week a NBC/WSJ poll came out that stated no Black support for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

This is disturbing. As conservatives, we must stand up and be counted. As Black conservatives it is absolutely imperative. When you are overlooked, you are invisible, you don’t count. This election cycle is too important to stand idly by and not be counted.

Luke 12:48, to paraphrase says: For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall, much be required: the more knowledge a man has, the more practice is expected from him; and the greater his gifts are, the more useful he ought to be.

By this scripture those of us that have been given great knowledge and understanding have an equally great responsibility to do something of equal greatness with that knowledge. We can not allow ourselves and our votes to be taken for granted. We must make it our mission to reach outside of our comfort zones and make our voices heard. As Black conservatives it is imperative that we do not forget how rich our heritage is and the many contributions our ancestors made to this great nation. Frederick Douglas, and Martin Luther King Jr. and many others deserve more from us. We cannot go quietly into the night. We must stand and make ourselves known.

The following is an excerpt from the book, White Peoples Guide to Understanding the Black Community and get out the Vote (

In my dreams the statement, “We the People” stands for all shades, hues, and pigments. We are working together in order to form a more perfect union. Justice is color blind to ensure domestic tranquility and to provide for a common defense. We promote the general Welfare of all, and we secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity Irregardless of our skin because that I say to you is the true spirit this great nation was founded on.



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