Blatant Disregard/Liberal Media Hide-n-Seek?

Listening to three powerful speeches broadcasting live from the Republican National Convention on PBS for the last couple of days has invigorated me!  Restoring that sense of true hope,  and faith in some real results.  Definitely not the change we have had to endure in the past almost 4yrs.  There is though something that has incited me more so than invigorate and revive my American spirit and that was MSNBC’s RNC coverage on Tuesday, August 28th.

I would like to touch briefly on MSNBC’s blatantly rude decisive move to ignore all the minority speakers’ speeches on Tuesday’s line up, including the rousing and powerful speech of Mia Love. Mia Love is the current Mayor for Saratoga Springs in Utah. Mayor Love is currently running for Representative of Utah’s 4th congressional district. This intelligent, experienced, and successful woman was shunned, as well as Ted Cruz the Senatorial hopeful from Texas, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, and even Artur Davis a black former Democrat Representative that has become a Republican was shunned.  What is MSNBC afraid of? Letting their predominately liberal viewers see that there are actually people who share their racial identity, and possibly even have similar family backgrounds as theirs can be conservatives?  That republicans and tea-party members are not all Caucasian, nor men that dress in sheets carrying torches? That conservatives are people just like them that want a better life for all American citizens regardless of gender, race, creed and least of all nationality, is it this truth, which has them cutting to commercials, and commentary during key speeches by those that represent the diversity of the Conservative/Republican party?

We do know this one truth, it bothers some liberals so greatly to see a black conservative, that they had to make malevolent comments on Mia Love’s Wikipedia page calling her a distasteful name and the ever over-used mantra (for any black person that is a conservative) of “uncle tom”.

My two daughters were listening to me on the telephone tonight discussing this matter with a friend (never ceases to amaze me when your children do decide to listen to you), and as soon as I hung up to catch Paul Ryan’s speech (thank goodness for DVR) my youngest asked if what MSNBC did was called ‘Jim Crow’.  Before I could answer her, my oldest daughter responded with, “No silly, that’s called being a media-demagogue!” I had to laugh! Demagogue is her new word from a class she is really enjoying thus far in school this year.

I explained to youngest that Jim Crow laws were rules about black’s freedoms in public and private society that governed what they could and could not do, such as shake hands with a white person, touch a white person, drink from the same water fountains, sit in the same train cars as a white person and so forth. Now the demagogue part was trickier because the verb tense definition of the word could apply in the context that my oldest stated. MSNBC may have inadvertently elicited an emotive bias of the minority conservatives by omitting the broadcast of those speakers, therefore without verbally saying anything implying that they were not worthy of recognition.  This is of course supposition and not an actual known factual statement on the broadcast programming of MSNBC on my part, I can only guess the reasoning as to why these fine civil servants speeches were not broadcasted on that network, Tuesday August 28th.

This just goes to show that all conservatives, and especially those of us that do not fit the mold of what the democrat/liberal media and many members of their party prescribe to as what and how a conservative looks, have to be diligent, speak up, speak out and hold accountable those that try to stifle and hide anything about the truth of our freedom loving, small government, fiscal responsible, faith supporting party.  Will you my friends help keep our values, pride and truths within the forefront of all Americans, and the world?

*Fact of knowledge to share about Jim Crow laws:

Blacks were denied the right to vote by grandfather clauses (laws that restricted the right to vote to people whose ancestors had voted before the Civil War), poll taxes (fees charged to poor blacks), white primaries (only Democrats could vote, only whites could be Democrats), and literacy tests (“Name all the Vice Presidents and Supreme Court Justices throughout America’s history”). Plessy, (Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) case, which legitimized Jim Crow laws and the Jim Crow way of life), sent this message to southern and border states: Discrimination against blacks is acceptable.*1



7 thoughts on “Blatant Disregard/Liberal Media Hide-n-Seek?

  1. This is starting to get a little embarassing. I am starting to to go to 2 people on a daily basis to read what they have to say, before anywhere else. The 2 people, you and Crystal Wright (Conservative Black Chick). According to the people who live around me, and who know me, they say that I am a contradiction in terms. I am a white conservative, married to black woman, who is also a historian, who wants facts and not rhetoric or half-truths. As you might have guessed, the vast majority of them are liberals. In this article, you have brought up everything that I have said to them in the past, and also the present. As much as the liberals have pontificated on this point, “There is only one race, human, after that you are talking about a description”, I keep seeing very little from them to back this point of view, both in history and in the present day. Sometimes you must feel like Moses crying out from the wilderness, but please don’t dispair, or get dicouraged, because there are people out there who are listening, and who really like what you are saying. Please, continue what you are doing, because I really find you informative. Take care of yourself, and your family, and may God richly bless you.

    • Thank you Ray! Thank you also for seeking answers and trying to provide the truth regardless the audience! I hope to always convey the truth as it is and for my political party. I don’t believe in supporting lies or the even the GOP if something isn’t factual, but the truth is always the truth. Thank for the reminder and reference to Moses, goodness knows we all should hold on to the lessons from the Bible! God bless you and yours.

  2. I just love this website, I loved Mia Love, Artur Davis and I love and will vote for Allen West this November. He is coming out saying that the Democrats are the true racists! I know racism exists on all parts of the earth. I have lived all over the world. My husband works in Africa as well, and trust me, there is black on black racsim there as well as slavery, STILL. I am sure all of you, beautiful women on this website must take a lot of criticism, but please I andknow that I and others are praying for you, keep it up.

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