My Early Beginnings as A Conservative

“Someone wanted to know why I am a conservative and so I decided to take the time to explain to people how I came about to believe what I believe….As a young girl I grew up in a Pentecostal church where I found my faith. My parents were Democrats,  and as I matured,  I noticed something disturbing.  My religious beliefs were in major conflict with my parent’s political stance. My parents never really discussed politics, but just proclaimed they were Democrats.

One day I was talking on-line to a friend, and she told me that she had never met such a passionate conservative. I was baffled by this,  because I was told blacks were only Democrats.  To be associated with any other party was unheard of to me and foreign in concept.  I did some research and to my shock and pleasant surprise, there were other black conservatives…people who believed as I believed. When I revealed this to those around me, I was saddened and dismayed when I was called a self hater and sell out. I did not understand why being outside their political fold made me any of these things.  But then through prayer and through like-minded people, I was blessed to meet along my journey, I learned to accept who I was. I embraced my beliefs and to this day I continue to stand by them.

My grandmother use to tell me that if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. I believe that whole heartily.”


8 thoughts on “My Early Beginnings as A Conservative

  1. It takes courage to come to a complete turn around one’s belief in something as close and personal as politics. Dear lady I hope that you will always remember that no political party is perfect. They have their good times and bad but what I have found is that the Democrat party has had a continuing run of denying others freedom from the days of the nation’s founding to present. If you would, I’d like to invite you to my blog site where I placed a rather intensive argument for how and what the Democrat party has been up to for over 200 years. I think you will find it explains a lot about them, that so many who still follow it should know but will never be exposed to by academia, and the liberal media. Visit Look for the article titled Christians vs. the Democrat Party to End Slavery in America

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