Challenge Accepted!


I am writing this to all my conservative minded readers. I have taken the time out to watch both the Democratic Convention and the Republican Convention.  I have read the negative comments on both sides. It seems to me we have enough real issues to focus on instead of wasting energy on those who live to create drama.

Below is an excerpt from the book “White Folks Guide to Understanding the Black Community, and get out the vote” on welfare reform. I have a 2 part challenge for all of you, read it and give me your thoughts in the form of a legislative draft we can get our elected officials and candidates to commit to. Part 2 of the challenge is I want all of you to buy 2 or more copies of the book, for yourself and you’re your friends. We have a really short period of time to make a difference in this year’s election. We need the 750+ of you on this page to help us get 1,000 copies of the book in the hands of people who will read it and then do something!

We have less than 2 months to be active and insure the direction of our country.  Saying something is good and we really appreciate all your feedback but now is time to DO something!

Chapter 13

Financial Empowerment and Job Creation

            We need Welfare Reform. The current welfare system incentivizes men and women not to be married. In the welfare system, as it is now, women get more support if the father is not around. They are forced to give information on the father, so he can be forced to pay child support. In a lot of cases, that couple is still a couple, and they are trying to see if they can work it out and stay together. That needs to be the other way around. That family needs to get incentives for staying together.

When a couple has a child and stays together that family has a better chance for long term success. That child has the benefit of both parents in the home. They say children learn more from their parents in their first few years on behavior, manners, and morals. They learn their code of conduct at home. With 2 parents in the home, the child has a better chance of becoming a better adjusted member of society. Which costs the taxpayers more, the family stays together, are assigned a life coach, and a stipend to bring them up to the living wage level.

Let’s run the numbers. If a couple is together on welfare and has 2 children, and each works for $8/hr, under this new reform, they would get the following:

1. A life coach                                                              $       500(an)

2. Living wage stipend to $14/hr                        $23,040(an)

3. Food stamps                                                           $    1,320(an)

4. Section 8 voucher                                                 $   6,000(an)



Couple not together (family of 3)

1        Life coach (2)                                                     $      500(an)

2        T.A.N.F.                                                               $   5,088(an)

3        Food stamps                                                      $   4,200(an)

4        Section 8 voucher                                           $16,200(an)

5        Medicaid                                                             $14,043(an)


As you can see, there is an immediate savings under this reform. You can further incentivize the family by giving them a $1,000 bonus at the end of every year they stay gainfully employed as a requirement of the program. The bonus would be payable at the end of five years in a lump sum.  Also, as they remain employed, their wages will go up and taxpayer will save even more.

With this kind of reform, the effect of the new Health and Human Services Directive, in regards to employment waivers for the States, will be minimized (see appendix). Subsequently, 112TH CONGRESS, 2D SESSION, H. R. 6140 (see appendix) should be amended to include appropriate reform, and not just knee jerk reform.

People will see a way out through this new form of welfare. Work ethics will improve. Families will stay together. You will see less people turning to crime as a way of living. You will see a drop in the divorce rate and an increase in the marriage rate. You will start to see an increase in the strength of families in our communities, and our communities themselves will be stronger.

A reform like this will enable Black men to come back home and feel good. It will help to give them their self-respect back. For the first time in this nation’s history, you would be enacting a reform that would give Blacks a hand up, not a hand-out. This reform would go a long way towards empowering the Black community. An empowered community will fight to defend those that have empowered them.

If the provisions of the Affordable Healthcare Reform Acts A.C.O.’s are also allowed to stand, across the country, we are looking at over 500,000 jobs created. At least 100,000 of them, will be the life coach position. These can be filled by well screened current welfare recipients. This will further lower the welfare program rolls and costs.

With the living wage stipend in place, you will see people willing to take jobs they never would have before. If you know the only job you can find is a cashier job at a corner store. It won’t matter because you’re going to be motivated to keep that job to continue to get that living wage stipend and be able to take care of your family.

This welfare reform will also help small business owners and budding entrepreneurs. This reform would give small business owners the opportunity to hire new employees from a new untapped pool. This would allow business to grow. Our economy is driven by small business and entrepreneurs. To enact welfare reform in this manner would allow the business sector to feed the economy the way it was intended. Growing businesses means a growing economy.

The long term economic and psychological advantages for the economy, and the country as a whole, far outweigh any economic concerns. The benefit of strengthening families has exponential value for beyond dollars and cents. Families are the cornerstones of our communities. Welfare reform is necessary to build strong families, which leads to strong communities.

The next step in true self sustainability is understanding money. We all know what money is, but few of us really understand money, especially, what it means and what it does.  We want to include a mandatory financial literacy component. We want to teach the importance of good credit, how to plan for financial future, retirement, rainy days, and education. This will cost you nothing.

Service providers will be clamoring to get at a new market. Those that are interested in providing the financial literacy component need to be properly vetted. They need to be able to deal with a challenging clientele, meaning they need to be prepared to start from scratch. The program needs to start as far back, and basic, as how to balance a checkbook.

Intermediate financial literacy should include an economic perspective. People need to understand what drives our economy. People need to understand what role they play in our national economy, and how they can benefit themselves and our economy as a whole. People also need to understand national spending, the deficit, and the role taxes play.

Advanced financial literacy should cover and introduce to the people the global economy and marketplace. People need to understand what “Buy American” means and how it works in our economy. People need to have a basic understanding of global financial markets. They need to know what they are and what they do. They need to understand how all this impacts not only our economy, but especially prices at home.

Welfare reform, as it is outlined here, is necessary, but it is not enough. Financial literacy is a must. Only with both components in place do we properly address the phrase, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. It’s fishing season and class needs to be in session.


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