Message Received: “What has Pres. Obama done to you?” Liberal question of the day!

I got a message today from a staunch life-long, hard-core, refuses to see, or admit any flaws with the democrat party as a whole person that went on to admonish me for holding Pres. Obama accountable for his failures as well as his administration’s failures (executive members).

Well pardon me for placing the blame on those that should be accountable for the transgressions they incur!  The President of the United States is the head of state and federal government. He is the commander-in-chief of the Military, he has the power of appointing federal executive, diplomatic, regulatory, and judicial officers, and concluding treaties with foreign powers, with the appointing federal executive, diplomatic, regulatory, and judicial officers, and concluding treaties with foreign powers, with the advice and consent of the Senate. The president is further empowered to grant federal pardons and reprieves, and to convene and adjourn either or both houses of Congress under extraordinary circumstances.[1]

With that said, does it not behoove one to look at the person at the top of the command chain and wonder or state, “why does he not fix this issue?”  Of course you have to consider the source that sent me this question as well as the fact that this is coming from a liberal that has no problems pointing to the past president, and with the conviction of one that has received word from all that is holy and sacred will just as quickly shout, “it was Bush’s fault”!  “He has to clean up the mess that Pres. Bush left in place!”  Never to consider that now the question being posed to me, or let’s be honest and upfront about it, is calling me out on something they consider offensive is the same tactic they (liberals) deploy to make justification for their severely incompetent and frankly just doesn’t give a damn about the United States citizens well-being as a whole, but his presumed for the greater good agenda (of course that is my own opinion)!   Sounds like one-sided entitlement of freedom of speech if you ask me.  It does no good either to point out that yes, Bush can be the figurehead for an uniformed and/or, one that chooses to stay ignorant of the fact that some pieces (a couple or to be fair 3 off the top of my head) legislative acts that contributed to this economic mess for lack of a better term and fall upon Pres. Bush’s shoulders, BUT you have to be fair and state, look at the senate party majority and, house party majority that he had to work with in his 2nd term of presidency.

Pres. Bush had a talent and you could at least state, the fortitude for doing something that Pres. Obama is severely lacking in, and that’s the ability to effectively use bipartisanship.  The reason that his own senate, of which is a democrat majority and has been since 2009 has not been able to pass a budget because they don’t believe they can do so with a filibuster cloture of 60 votes[2] (already they are pessimistic) and it makes no sense to them to earn their paychecks for issues that are as important as discretionary spending in appropriations bills and ease changes in taxes and entitlements. You have to wonder, what if there was some real leadership, someone who would make a phone call at least if not a summons to the Oval office and tell these public servants…correction let’s make that public tax payer paid government employee to, DO YOUR JOB, if only some real work would have been done in the past three years besides that of the Potus’s own self-interest and their Super Pac/lobbyists interests.  I should also note that using filibusters to enact legislation does not harbor goodwill towards bipartisanship and even exempts the reasoning for a two-party system. It is something that may need to be reviewed for reform down the road. Filibusters use to be deployed as a last-ditch effort; it seems it is now the mainstream tactic of enacting laws.

Let’s break it down on why Pres. Obama is getting so much heat from those that are not his base of voters and some that are.

  1. He does not approach those that would be of the greatest influence to broach his policies with republican participation; instead he freely chooses to avoid doing the fair and right action, to have secret closed-door meetings.  The health care act proves this point as by undercutting the Senate Finance committee chairman Baucus, not a smart move considering Baucus has or had bipartisan connections it was said that may have created a better healthcare mandate.
  2. When he takes credit for something working well, it’s usually because he’s recycling something that the Republican Party has enacted; therefore he’s not trying, but blatantly misplacing credit. Yes we can say Pres. Obama gave the last word for the kill of Osama Bin Laden, but you would think it was his operation from the start to hunt down the terrorist, and that is the least of his parties’ constant spin on legislation. I’ll mention but don’t feel it should be necessary to the intelligent reader to even expound on the Tax cut renewal he signed off on, must have felt great to just pick up a pen and with flourish re-extend an act that only required the next POTUS to sign on the dotted line.
  3. President Obama does not ever give a clear and concise response to the true data of unemployment and the directives he has taken to rectify or get the economy moving in the direction of gainful employment.   Some can only make the assumption that he will not answer this particular issue head-on with clear and concise plan of action, except to bring up the same song and dance on private job sector is because he has no plan or concept how to fix something that he knows his cronies as well as a few so-called conservatives enabled this disastrous state of job affairs.  His numbers recently celebrating the rise of  numbers employed in the private job sector does not accurately reflect that it is only a net gain of 300,000 over the course of his administration[3]
  4. Foreign affairs.  You can rightfully point the finger at Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton and her department, but, is she not also under the command of Pres. Obama?  Yes she is Sec. of State, and with that title one should have the competence to be able to handle the job without needing to consult with one’s boss, yet shouldn’t one’s boss being appraised of any situations that may need either confirmation from the leader of a free nation or even the confident backing of being able to say, “Pres. Barack Obama is appraised and has stated his…..”. I can not presume to state for sure whether those lines of communication nor the type of directives communicated  to the executive branches of power were open and direct, but one has to wonder (since rumor has it he rarely attended foreign affair briefings), when Mr. President sir, do you take some accountability for the murderous and horrific execution of Ambassador Stephens, aides, and marines in Benghazi?  Is it fair to hold him and his administration accountable for this horrific atrocity?  That is soon to be seen with more and more information coming forth that states that the consulate had repeatedly asked for more security while diplomats were attending business in Libya.  Senator Darrell Issa of Ca. and Senator Jason Chaffetz of Ut. are convening a hearing panel as soon as tomorrow (from date of writing this), October 10, 2012 to review possible security failures in Libya.[4]  Goodness knows Pres. Bush took enough of a verbal beating for his handling of Katrina and homeland securities response and competency for that sort of disaster.

I could go on and on, still haven’t touched on Pres. Obama’s dealings with the DOJ and the Fast and furious scandal.  The failed green energy investments in firms that are now bankrupt as well as the bank stimulus funding.  The flip-flop on gay marriage, and immigration laws.  I have in the past touched on his senatorial voting records which when you put it into perspective, being absent for a vote on crucial social issues is as good as admitting you don’t’ want your true intentions to be stated nor recorded for all of history nor can it be used to hold you to an opinion made on record. [5]

I will close with this frame of thought upon his race relations; it is a consensus among many of all races that this current administration has not made any “historical” strides in race relations, it has divided races even more,and not conquered what they dreamed of eliminating prejudices and racists beliefs but actually escalated black on black racism!   I personally attribute the growth and flagrantly vocal and without fear of impunity of this behavior to the way Barack Obama ran and allowed his 2008 campaign to be ran.  Oh sure we all know he made a token statement about “this is not about being black”, but thou (Barrack H. Obama) did not protest too much when for months as your campaign picked up fever, even breaking barriers with white moderate conservatives that wanted to “make history” by electing our first black president.  The real issue is that once it becomes acceptable, even justifiable to make references to race as an excuse, there was no longer the “internalized racism syndrome” but the say it loud, use it proud race baiting and racist calling mandate among your constituent of voters and supporters.  They are so emboldened, that as of recent to take their chosen president to task for not being “black enough”.  Imagine that? The audacity!  Well why yes I can, imagine that, because not since the early 1970’s to just about the 1980’s have I been called a racists so many times from “my own people” and mainly I too wasn’t “black enough” in many cases.

In conclusion dear secret and too fearful to discuss your concern to me publicly, these are just a few issues in their most simplified form why I and others feel, leadership starts at the top, you’re only as good as the effort you put forth and the guidance you give. Remember dear friend, “you didn’t build that” so therefore those of you that helped “build the White House”, are also those that should be held accountable.  Amazing how that works when one puts it into perspective with the words of THE ONE, you (democrats) revere more than whom your Bibles state should be revered.

In this video in Cincinnati, at the 3:06 time frame, listen to Anna Joiner when she touches on being black..then at 3:49 she states a common sentiment with black democrat voters. Angeline Hall at the 4:26 caps it off with the blatant statement acknowledging race having a significant factor and so are does the next speaker, followed up with the immediate Bush bash! It pains me to see the faith these women put into a mere mortal, a man that didn’t have the experience to handle the most fundamental elements of government let alone be the second coming and great unifier of Martin Luther King Jr.

Doesn’t seem like delegate Onzlee Ware is too happy either with the performance of his presidential choice nor are his constituents.

“Gary Younge talks to Virginia state representative Onzlee Ware, who he first met in Roanoke in 2008. Back then, Ware helped mobilise the black vote for Obama in Virginia, when it wasn’t as secure as he initially expected. Four years on, he’s is still an Obama supporter but finds it increasingly difficult to criticise Obama’s first term in office without alienating African American voters”


18 thoughts on “Message Received: “What has Pres. Obama done to you?” Liberal question of the day!

  1. Right on point Babette. I watched the video with the ladies in Ohio. It saddens me to hear that lady say if Barack doesn’t get elected it is because he is black. That means that this country basically has no ability to choose who they want to be the president without being held up for judgement based on race. Just curious, what would have happened if the GOP candidate were also black? We see what happens to patriots like Col. Allen West when they speak up. They see the overly supportive response to Col. West , Herman Cain and Mia Love among many others..but, the Democratic party does this hatchet job stuff to safeguard the enslavement of those who go to the government for their needs instead of their God. I believe Romney will be elected president, however, should he not, I know there is a movement in this country for unity…There is a movement to break the bonds that keep all from prospering. The truth will be told. I cannot wait for the day.

    Once again, thank you for your brave and bold character.
    You my friend are a true patriot !

    • Thank you Ray, at least some knowledge of what your cabinet members are up too! The president/owner of a business is held accountable for his employees actions, well the President of the United States is accountable to the citizens of this great nation.

    • Thank you Catherine, you nailed it with “their needs instead of God”. I hate to say it but I’d fear for a ‘minority’ GOP President. Look at Kennedy he was a bit too moderate for the Democrats, many still say it was the Civil Rights Act that was behind his assassination.

  2. Very well put my friend. Leadership begins at the top. As President Truman’s famous quote goes, “The Buck Stops Here”. The policies, and the way that the Departments either do or don’t enteract with one another is a part of how he has – or made a better way to put it – hasn’t leaded with leadership. You made that very plain, and put it very eloquently. Very well done, and thought out article, and you should be proud of yourself.

  3. Maybe I’m going to open a big can of worms here. As I watched the conversation between Joy Stroud and Anna Joiner in the video above, I couldn’t help feeling very frustrated. The white people from my generation on down were not raised with the same attitudes towards blacks that my parents and grandparents were. I can say with a clear conscience that President Obama’s race had absolutely nothing to do with the way I voted and it has nothing to do with why I do not support him now. When I chose my candidates, or my friends for that matter, I’m looking at who they are, their record, their character. Race doesn’t even come into play. I find it insulting that anytime a white person criticizes a black person in the public arena, most blacks automatically assume it is because of race, and the press always works that angle.
    Women like Anna Joiner maintain that the goal is a racially neutral society, but they don’t recognize the progress that has been made toward that goal. It has been slow, and It’s not yet complete, but it is there.

    • I’m totally with you, middleagedhousewife. That is how I grew up, as well. I have a close family member who spent some years working as a teacher in the Detroit Public School system and told me some very disturbing things about what children in that setting were being taught about history… it’s just anecdotal evidence from one person. However, if true, it is brainwashing by some adults in the community that rises to the level of child abuse. I’m just a white girl from suburbia, but I know that if I was taught from a very young age that all of life’s oppression, poverty, and general misery is caused by one group, it would be nearly impossible to break out of that mindset, without completely removing myself from that poisonous environment first. I hate to sound like the stupid white girl who is totally ignorant of other people’s situations but I really had no idea until the past few years how deeply divided many members of the black community feel from the rest of America, I mean deeply to the point of wanting to do bodily harm. I do not lay this division entirely at Barack Obama’s feet, but he certainly has managed to peel away any scabs that may have formed. I get that people feel personally attached to the President strictly based on skin color; and it seems like changing that would be next to impossible. The profound transformation that is necessary would have to come from inside the community, right? I’m so thankful to hear strong voices like Babette’s, because frankly, the entire situation is so bewildering to me…

      • Thank you DFTL, once again a voice of logic with clarity and intelligence. I’m so grateful for you and Middleagehousewife’s input! You feeling about some of his voters is spot on, and it’s not just but predominantly the black democrat voters which is a shame to say, but I felt it needed to be said.

    • I agree with you middleagedhousewife, not all blacks either consider criticism as being racists, I personally welcome constructive criticism as it only helps me do better. I got agitated too with that dialogue, she immediately assumed the “white” woman was discounting her!! That’s what I was trying to relate, may not have done a good job there but I just wanted those that vote based on color blinders (not color blind) to realize just how detrimental and ridiculous that is. You vote the way any thoughtful and conscientious voter would, you vote for whom you hope will accomplish the best for the interest of the citizens they represent. You are also wise enough to realize when it’s time to cut the ties and support. Heck even I do that with republicans/conservative/tea party electeds when I feel they are not living up to doing the job at hand. Thank you for being so honest and commenting! I very much appreciate your input.

      • I have to say that I have been following your blog for a while and what you and the other ladies do here takes real courage. You have provided a voice for black conservatives, many of whom are unable to speak out. It’s really not all that hard for someone like me to voice her political opinions,most of my friends and family feel the same way I do, but you ladies really risk, and that is to be commended.

  4. Julie F. I’m honored to have your very clear and concise comment, not to be well thought out and on target! You have stated the exact same sentiment that a large segment of the American population shares. He is extremely nonpartisan and you are correct on the assessment that if it wasn’t for some key central characters in his administration, things could be a whole lot worse. Thank you for your friendship as well.

  5. This is the first “president” in the history of the United States to consider himself a celebrity and so far above the law of our land that he disrespects, and fails to uphold his oaths to protect, the Constitution. However, I have to say that all he does is READ from the teleprompter. I do not believe that he ever listens to what it is he is reading. If he did he would wonder at the contradictions he (and his writers) continue to make. Yes, there is an evil plan afoot–the defacto President, “Valerie Jarrett”, working for George Soros, continues to drive the direction of our economy and our foreign policy. Obama, on his own, would be a lost individual, as it is I think he has had so much sunshine pumped up his…well, he has been shielded from reality for so long that he no longer knows what is real. He seriously believes that he is the greatest president ever, and has no grasp of reality. He needs some serious counseling during his upcoming stay at Club Fed. This man has no idea how to reach across the aisle. Everything about being a community organizer speaks community AGITATOR. His efforts to divide this country have been nearly successful with Blacks hating Whites, Hispanics hating Whites, Poor hating the Rich—it’s just an attempt to destroy the cohesive fabric of our nation and he has been successful to a certain extent. Babette–as usual, your musings are right on target! You are amazing and I feel fortunate to count you as my friend!

  6. I just hope that the country votes out the republican congress… they are the real problem as to why nothing is getting done… they are only concerned with making Obama look bad… which is a shame because they are holding the country hostage all because they are mad because Obama got elected… Yes Obama did have a Democrat congress and Senate in the beginning and he didnt get much done during that time… He did waste a lot of time changing healthcare… but the minuite he was elected the repubs all collectively decided to not work with the President… they didnt and still to this day dont want to work with Obama on anything constructive because it will make him look good… The word Compromise is not in their vocabulary… I’m willing to bet anybody that if Obama knew going in that the repubs wouldnt work with him on anything … that he would have pushed more of his agenda thru during the first two years of his presidency

    • Cameron, first of all you need to realize that right now the democrats hold the majority for the senate. Yes the margin is slim with a 51 to 47 count. BUT, from 2008 to 2010 the senate majority was DEMOCRAT being 57 to 41. Republicans aren’t concerned with making Obama look bad, he and his fellow administration are doing a good job of that all by themselves. The democrats DON’T want to pull a trigger and have to workout compromises obviously, they would prefer to have the power to filibuster than consider any sort of bipartisanship. That’s the problem with voters such as yourself, you won’t even take a look at another perspective without the typical excuses for supporting a big fat failure of government. I have even called out and admitted to conservative errors of judgement in legislation for we know that no man is perfect, I do want to thank you though for stating that “if Obama knew going in” comment, because remember, Obama was and is still very smugly confident that he KNOWS all about being a president and hey let’s not forget he was a senator himself. You sir, have in your own way substantiated my claim that it’s not about his ability to lead but the fact that he’s a democrat and they are to be considered the great champions of the democrat agenda, forget about democracy for all. Entitlement at its finest. Thank you Cameron.

    • Cameron, it is the PRESIDENT’S job to reach for a consensus with the other side. He simply did not consult them in the firs 2 years he had a majority; no attempt to compromise. After the 2010 mid-terms, did he call a meeting with the new Speaker and the new leadership of the House? Hardly. Clinton, in the same situation reachesd across and compromised himself some deals. The GOP-led House are the ONLY ones who passed any kind of legislation; the Dem Senate refused to take any of it up. Obama’s own budgets got not even a single DEMOCRAT vote in the last 2 years. He simply DOESN’T do the hard work of consultation- now even with his own party’s members.

    • Cameron, I don’t mean to pile on, but I wish you could understand that the two parties have different visions for how best to govern America, and what’s the best direction to take the country. The two parties basically have nearly opposite visions. You believe in the Democrat vision; I believe in the Republican vision. But let’s set that aside for a moment and be real.

      Neither party, nor its camp of supporting voters, are necessarily REQUIRED to roll over and let the other side run roughshod over them. Whoever is “out of power” is often called “The Loyal Ppposition” by sociologists. That’s a respectful way of saying they’re still loyal Americans, but they oppose the policies of the currently-in-power party. In many non-democratic countries, even today, such dissenters are thrown in jail or killed. Thankfully, for both you and me, America is different.

      Cameron, could you please, for a moment, try to be objective enough to admit that your very same frustration was true (“they didnt and still to this day dont want to work with [The President] on anything constructive because it will make him look good… The word Compromise is not in their vocabulary”), by people like me in 2006 when both the House and Senate became Democrat-controlled and Pelosi and Reid aligned themselves hard against GW Bush?

      Republicans, and their supporting voters like me, have no obligation to “agree” with the you and the President’s policies. This is politics, Cameron. Do YOU want to be told to just “shut up and agree with us” when Republicans are in power? No, I’m sure you don’t, and I don’t expect you to shut up when your party is in the minority. Therefore, frankly, I think it’s selfish of you to expect Republicans to “shut up and agree with President Obama” when the Democrats are in power. That’s not the way a healthy democracy works, dude.

      – Jeff

  7. One aspect that is most concerning of late is he simply doesn’t seem to be interested in doing the actual WORK of being president. Such as meeting world leaders at the UN to discuss the burning of our embassies; instead, he goes on ‘The View’. His lack of preparation for the debate, his rare attendance at the daily White House intelligence briefings, his even rarer appearance in press conferences., his noon-existent meetings with his Jobs Council. But he attends lots of fund-raising parties and the like. The trappings of the job interest him, but he shirks the duties.

    • I agree, Mike. Lots of sizzle, but not much steak.

      We’ll find out in the next two debates whether his first debate performance was due to lack of preparation, or just that there isn’t any way to defend the indefensible.

      I think he’ll have more to say in the next debates, and afterwards liberals (the choir he’s preaching to) will be much happier with his performance. But the swing voters, I think, now have their ears really perked up…and their BS detectors are turned on. Should be interesting.

      Meanwhile, we have a VP debate this week, in which Paul Ryan will have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

      – Jeff

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