Pres. Obama’s Spin on the Truth, Has been the “HeartBeat of America” Far Too Long!

Well the Presidential Debate part deux has come and gone, and while others have already forgotten most of it, except how much more vigorous and lively President Obama was in this one, some of us are still pondering the debate based on what our current Potus has declared with such a conviction of truth.

Town hall debates are a bit difficult even for the most seasoned speaker with debating skills, because one has to be well versed upon any and all issues that can be tossed out as a question based upon the premises of that debate.  Last night’s presidential debate at Hofstra University, while appearing to be loose and free flowing was actually very well controlled and monitored.  On television it appeared very open and intimate as far as surface appearances, but there were control factors such as the pre-selection of audience member’s questions,  and immediate kill on that audience members microphone after stating said question. Time limit was more visible and  supposedly to be adhered to strictly but that’s always a harder issue to control with the debaters in this particular format.  The respondent was to each have two minutes to respond to the posed question from the audience member, which then the moderator would ask a follow-up question of their choosing and the respondent would have one minute to respond to that question.

For the most part I think both presidential candidates worked well with the format, but the one minute response to the moderator’s question after they were asked a key pertinent question by an audience member seemed a bit too restricting for even the viewers, and made the debate topic flow a bit scattered with focus on an issue.

Now that we have the basics laid out on the conditions and terms of the debate, I’m now going to mainly concentrate on President Obama’s  top three biggest untruthful statements from last night. I picked Pres. Obama’s statements because he is after all the incumbent, he should be able to at least come to each debate with clear, concise, and truthful talk points on what he and his administration has done these last 3 years and 271 days.  I also chose what appeared to be some of the hottest topics in media and social media as to the truth behind his claims and narrowed it down to three at this time which unfortunately does not include the unemployment and job creation statements at this time, as that will require a separate blog to break down the economic reasoning and impact of taxes as well as trade agreements.

1st. Bankrupt Detroit Claim: lets address the issue of the General Motors bankruptcy claim made by Pres. Obama, that Romney wanted the business to go into bankruptcy with no recourse for them to stay open for business.  Pres. Obama stated, “what Governor Romney said just isn’t true. He wanted to take them into bankruptcy without providing them any way to stay open. And we would have lost a million jobs.”

FACT: Romney was advocating for a “managed bankruptcy”, one that allows a business to come through the bankruptcy filing quicker and maintain the assets as well as protect stockholder’s investments. In reality it should be noted that GM and Chrysler DID in fact go through a MANAGED  bankruptcy after receiving bailout funds under the TARP program and other loans.  Last but not least let us also remember Gov. Romney never made that suggestion, it was the title of an opinion article for the NY Times dated November 18, 2008, but he never even in the article stated that sentiment.

2nd. Taxes: President Obama stated, “I said I would cut taxes for middle- class families, and that’s what I’ve done, by $3,600.”

FACT: Problem here is not that he hasn’t done just that but it’s not as simplified nor as great as it sounds, because this tax cut is NOT in one big cut every year, but spread out over four years with $800.00 ($400 for singles) for each 2009 and 2010 with the “Making Work Pay’ tax credit and $1,000.00 for 2011 and 2012 which includes a social security payroll tax cut. Which by the way that “Making Work Pay” tax credit has expired and Obama has not made any promises to extend it, so next year your taxes are going up.

3rd. Benghazi and “Act of Terror”:  This is was probably the most argued point of contention between the media, republicans, democrats and social media site debate watchers, when exactly did President Obama declare the Benghazi, Libya Embassy attack an act of terrorism?

FACT: Obama stated: “outrageous and shocking” attack in Libya that killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, and said he has ordered beefed-up security at other embassies…then, “Obama said the United States rejects “all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others — but there is absolutely no justification for this type of senseless violence. None.”  Which further on in the speech he stated: “this attack will not break the bonds between the United States and Libya” and that “Libyan security personnel fought back against the attackers alongside Americans.”  Therefore,  NO WHERE in this speech is the term…”ACTS OF TERROR“, he states, “Brutal acts”.   I have included the video with the transcript to the Rose Garden speech. That my friends is probably why for several days after while guest appearing  on talk shows, and as well to the  United Nations they speak of the movie that sparked the ire of muslims causing the riots and the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans.

What I am trying to show besides it appearing that I’m picking on President Obama, by not fact checking  Mitt Romney’s talk points (that is in the works), is that you have to hold the President accountable for how he has led this nation in the time he has held the White House office.  The president is a mere mortal man, not some omnipotent with omnipresence, as his mainstream supporters make him out to be, so yes he can make errors and have shortcomings  but at the same time, shouldn’t he act and serve the office with integrity and honesty at all times to say the least?  As President of the United States with a full staff of advisors and administrators shouldn’t you be able to at least remember you’re own actions and words? Perhaps you should at least be able to count on your staff to have provided you with better notes and references for major events so that what may seem a contentious point with regards to your perspective of events timing and statements made in the past won’t come back to splatter all over you face?

Debate Transcript:

Rose Garden Video Sept. 12, 2012


12 thoughts on “Pres. Obama’s Spin on the Truth, Has been the “HeartBeat of America” Far Too Long!

  1. Great work and you did your homework well! Which is more than I can say for a president who has no record and runs on “what Gov Romney said is just not true.” Unfortunately for him, it is all too true. It’s a scary world when you get out and you find that not everyone agrees with you. Thanks, T!!

  2. As usual, my friend, you did your homework well. I only wish we could have a president who did his homework instead of resorting to statements like “what Gov. Romney said just isn’t true.” There are too many who stop listening to the truth when ‘their guy’ makes such a statement. Great work!!

  3. Please don’t post other blogger’s links to my page, especially bloggers I’m not networked with. I appreciate the comments and suggestions and I hated having to removing Lisa’s comments but most writers don’t like other writers link’s on their blogs we liken it to spamming.

  4. “acts of terror” – first line of the fourth paragraph from the bottom. If you want to debate the parsing of words, i.e., “terror” vs. “terrorism” as the author of the page below does, fine. But Romney’s effort was based in his clumsy attempt to assert that the president lied when he said that he had called the deaths an act of terror. Obama did not lie on this point.

    • Interesting Ellington but if you note nowhere in the original 9/12/2012 Rose Garden speech does Obama say the word “terror” so I’m not debating that, nor even questioning it, I’m stating he never made that comment, now I have posted that same video from the Gov. youtube channel and perhaps you should play it again because he continues to state, “Attacks” in the original address which debunks his whole validity on that issue and timing. Providing me with transcript of last nights debate where even Candy has now come forward and apologized does not substantiate your comment either, oh and the same transcript is in this blog. He was speaking of the 911 attacks not benghazi, so therefore he never validated Benghazi’s attacks as acts of terrorism. Because then he goes on to state “Today we mourn 4 more Americans…acts of attack…these “attackers”. He convoluted his talk points into his own head! It’s clear to a careful listner.

  5. From the debate on Tuesday, Oct 17th:

    Question: If Kerry Ladka and his “buds” were “sitting around discussing Libya” the DAY BEFORE the debate (Monday), and thus came up with the question he asked during the debate, how did Candy Crowley get the question before Monday in order to “select” it for inclusion? Does she time-travel?


  6. From the debate on Tuesday, Oct 17th:

    Question: If Kerry Ladka and his “buds” were “sitting around discussing Libya” the DAY BEFORE the debate (Monday), and thus came up with the question Kerry asked during the debate, how did Candy Crowley get the question before Monday in order to “select” it for inclusion? Does she time-travel?

  7. GM went through the bankruptcy with the government screwing the bond holders. It was another example of Obama spreading the wealth around, or away from the American people. Glad I never invested in that company, a company that is begging for the government to sell it’s majority holding of their company because it’s bad for their image. The government like always doesn’t like nor will they give up ownership of GM Government Motors.

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