For Whom The Bell Tolls November 6, 2012

We are only 8 hours (updated), away from the 2012 Presidential elections here in America.

The 2012 Presidential election campaign year, will probably hit the history annals as the year of  the blatant surfacing of  secreted bigotry (that which was only mentioned around trusted associates),  racist name calling against minorities that are conservatives, excessive fear mongering, numerous early voting machine candidate defaults (fraud?), and last but not least of these; the devastating tragedies here on the homeland and abroad.

January 20, 2009,  a very historical date for America, America swore into office the very first black man as President of the United States.  Regardless of political affiliation or racial identity, many Americans that day were not so much as in awe (this is the U.S. you’re talking about the melting pot of the world), but felt a sense of satisfaction and thrill to be alive to see the day  a black man was sworn under oath as President.  Regardless of political affiliation I think it was a thrill for many because it showed the world and the doubters of our great nation that in due time all legal citizens of this nation could achieve anything with hard work, determination and fortitude.

I’m not trying to paint a picture here of great national harmony, because many Republican/Conservative voters were ambivalent to say the least about Barack Obama’s presidential win, and for good reason.  Many conservatives like myself felt he was not only lacking experience, but also no one really knew exactly who he was? Who was this Senator from Illinois?  How did he get so far so fast? Who and what connections did he have to gain so much, besides those that voted for him to “make history” thus electing a man based on the color of his skin and not the content of  his character hardly anyone could attribute Barack Obama to any type of groundbreaking or significant piece of legislation in the senate, considering too he was absent a great amount of time.  Although it is fair to say his name is on legislation for armament reduction, relief aid, and his biggest deception perpetrated throughout his tenure as POTUS, federal transparency laws.  Obama is also well known for his immigration reform, which some say can be attributed to his family background and possible citizenship status.

Americans in 2009 under the presidential leadership of Barack H. Obama we endured:

  1. Stimulus packages with extensions on the “Bush Tax cuts”.
  2. Bank bailouts and significant homeowner’s foreclosures.
  3. Automotive federal bail-out funds which still led to the eventual “managed bankruptcy” of General motors and Chrysler.
  4. Healthcare mandate approved with a filibuster proof democrat majority in the senate (no concern with reaching across the aisle let alone transparency).
  5. Unemployment on the rise.
  6. Gays were not feeling the love yet with their chosen man for the White House.

By the end of the year some Americans were ringing in the new year 2010 with hope still in their hearts and very little change, while others were now having their suspicions of inadequacy and the federal government being so far to the left as to be detrimentally intrusive, as well as constitutionally offensive!

The year 2010 in a brief capsule:

  1. The Tea Party and the midterm elections. The Tea Party roared into power and replaced many a big named Washington legislators and installed their candidates in those seats.
  2. The Gulf Oil spill and Obama’s refusal to aid from other countries that have had experience, making obvious his lack of experience there.
  3. Ground Zero Mosque, once again Obama with his support and obvious Muslim adulation, while overtly disregarding so many of the citizens that he as POTUS is suppose to enact with their best interest in mind. He termed it as, “it was a demonstration of the right to practice religion.”
  4. Wikileaks. Remember Obama and his administration stated that Wikileaks endangered American, British and other coalition troops in Afghanistan with the posting of over 90,000 U.S. military documents online. Little did we know that Obama and his administration would do something just as bad that 22 elite military members would be dead at once.

The year of dire economics, numerous U.S. political events, as well as the turbulent global affairs was 2011:

  1. Flagrantly disregarding many a military leaders, Obama repealed the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” law.
  2. Occupy Wall Street became the new street plague in many cities across the U.S.  A movement that was so disjointed even the so called leaders of the faction had no idea of who was doing what, and what their true purpose was besides the incredible amount of crimes from rape, property destruction, and even murders among their fellow occupiers.
  3. Greece’s teeter on the brink of bankruptcy throws the European markets into an uproar.
  4. The United State’s credit is downgraded dealing a blow to the reputation of  the “world’s economic superpower”.  Standard’s poorer’s main reason?  I quote, “political brinkmanship”.
  5. The shooting of  Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and eighteen others with a total of six dead.
  6. Arab springs uprising/protests through out the Middle East, which resulted in the overthrow of three leaders, Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya with the emergence of the democratic elections.
  7. The GOP kicks off it’s presidential race.
  8. Osama Bin Laden is killed by Seal Team 6 on May 2. Events following this raid from the leak of team members identities to the after thought of those that aided the U.S. in gaining access to the Bin Laden was so poorly handled by Obama’s administration that cries of Treason and impeachment resonated throughout the land.
  9. Republicans take majority control of the House of Representatives, while in true form of focusing singularly on their liberal agenda, the democrats cannot work well nor quickly enough in true bipartisan form thus the debt ceiling crisis led to the aforementioned credit downgrade.
  10. It is finally the end of the Iraq war for the United States.
  11. Seal Team 6 makes history again within just 3 months of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, only this time tragically it is announced in August that 22 members of the elite team are dead in a helicopter crash that killed a total of 30 Americans.  Within weeks some family members were stating that the unit was endangered by Obama’s administration statements. Let us not forget too the memoir published by Matt Bissonnette.

True hope for real change springs alive within Republican/Conservatives across the United States in 2012.

  1. Obama-care has it’s day in the Supreme Court, it is decided to be a constitutional health care tax mandate, with a 5-4 margin.  The court stated, “In deciding to accept the government’s tax argument, the court wrote that “the question is not whether that is the most natural interpretation of the mandate, but only whether it is a ‘fairly possible’ one.”
  2. Iran is once again being an international media hoarder.
  3. Israel is still seeking the red line on Iran, and Gazans has finally honored a ceasefire with Israel in the Gaza Strip zone.
  4. Media bias is so blatantly obvious that outbursts and protest by conservatives and those that believe the media should report the news as it is, become a nationwide outburst with protest movements springing forth to demand true reporting.
  5. Presidential debates that have to be “fact checked” by the issue and many points made by the current POTUS are found to be regurgitated from his 2008 campaign as well as inaccurate memories.  Presidential debate moderators that are very obviously biased except to the most severely by choice obtuse.  A current President and Vice President, that has a serious problem with clearly and directly answering  a single question put forth, as well as both behaving in such a condescending  and arrogant manner as to turn off many an undecided voter…We thank thee for that much at least.
  6.  9/11 part 2, Libya Consulate attack Benghazi. The blundering security handling, and despicable protest fallacy perpetrated by Pres. Obama and his administration has once again rallied the cries of impeachment based on “dereliction of duties” at the very least!  Just another “bump in the road” for this administration.
  7. I could go on and on with the issues this year, but what’s mentioned above should suffice as a recap of 2012’s hot bed of issues,  with the conclusion of the whirlwind and destruction of hurricane Sandy.  While Presidents cannot be held accountable for the weather and it’s destruction, how they handle the situation has definitely been an issue of accountability in the past with liberals and their immediate finger pointing at Pres. G.W. Bush with Katrina.  What the democrats never seem to grasp is that the larger a federal governmental department is,  the amount of power it has, thus the more convoluted it’s handling of the tasks which are assigned to it’s department.  FEMA (a division of the Department of Homeland Security) is once again not performing to task in a life or death timely matter.  The President made his token briefing room appearance, his tour with Gov. Christie and back to the campaign trail, some are saying, “NOT ENOUGH”, get some help here and let your speakers and campaign mangers take those reins and pickup the reins of those that are in dire straits! Your potential voters.
  8. Plane carrying ballots for Military crashed, as well as concern for our U.S. men and women of the armed services not having enough time to cast their absentee ballots.

John Donne an English writer wrote a prose while recovering from a serious illness, that was broken down into sections of meditation, each one based on his perception of “preternatural birth”, the return to life. In one section of the meditative prose he states, “”Now, this bell tolling for another, says to me, thou must die.” to continue on to state, “no man is an island”.  Ernest Hemingway borrowed these famous words for his novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls” which is based upon his experience in the Spanish Civil war.  I borrowed this title with no disrespect to Donne or Hemingway but because I felt it was appropriate for the subject.  A significant theme in the Hemingway novel is that of political ideology and the nature of bigotry. Which sums up my opening statement regarding the last four years of racial divisiveness  racist name calling, race baiting, and indescribable bigotry that has grown and not dispelled during Obama’s presidential term.  Bigotry: a person who is intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.

God Bless the U.S.A. We cast our votes and many a Christian Conservatives pray for a new and true leader of this great nation the United States of America.


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