The Time has Come! R3 Day-Romney/Ryan Rock the Republican Vote!

Today’s the day America!  Today is the final day to make your vote count!

It has been a long four years for all Americans. We have all struggled together through the economic depression, the wars, terrorist attacks, weather disasters, high fuel costs, unemployment, increase in taxes, mandated laws, fast and furious conspiracy and crimes.  Today is a long awaited and highly anticipated day so much more so for Republicans! We want our country back, we want our constitution honored as is, not reinterpreted and rewritten to suit one political parties agenda!

Republicans/Conservatives are fed up with the liberal slanted media, the barely truthful statements and almost zero transparency of the Federal government’s actions.  Conservatives are fed up with the wasteful spending, many conservatives felt shame for the nation with the downgrade of our nation’s credit rating.  We watched in disgust as the Executive branch held closed door meetings with absolutely no bipartisanship outreach to enact a MANDATED health care legislation that goes against the fundamental morals of Christians nationwide!  We were rudely told by Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi, “”We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It”.

We have mourned the lost of 30 Americans, which 22 were members of Seal Team 6.  We have witnessed crimes of violence against legislators like Gifford, the murder of  Agent Brian Terry, the senseless and rage inducing deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glenn Doherty, and Sean Smith.

We have experienced a  significant number of ludicrous racist name calling, everything from sell-out, Sambo, white racist, Uncle Tom, House Nigger, black self hater racist, infidel christian.  Not even the celebrities that vocalized their conservative support were spared the onslaught of  the oral defamation and hateful racist verbiage!

I don’t have to continue to point out the trials and tribulations of the past four years, because so many of us are well versed in them. I’m encouraging everyone to stay strong, keep faithful, pray, meditate, and last but not least, VOTE!  God Bless America!


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