My Thoughts on the 2012 Presidential Election

Kuuleme T. Stephens

People are asking me what my thoughts are on the 2012  Presidential Election. Well here they are!

Am I disappointed that Romney didn’t win, YES!

Am I angry, YES!

Did I think that the people have more common sense than this, YES!!

Will my world stop because Obama won, NO!

Will it change the way I feel about the Democrat Party, NO!

Will it change the way I feel about Obama, HELL NO!!!

I do not understand why the Obama folks are so happy with the results of this election. The re-election of Obama only means: More Unemployment, more people on Welfare, more taxes for EVERYONE (not just the rich), higher food and gas prices,  and much rougher times ahead!! If you think you have a hard time getting in to see a doctor now……just wait…..You haven’t seen anything yet!!! This is not an actual victory for Obama this is going to be the biggest burden Obama has ever had! He has squeaked out a second term so now his legacy is on the line.

The one good thing about this is Democrats will no longer be able to blame President Bush. Resident Obama is inheriting his own mess this time around. His followers are going to be looking to him to fulfill all of his promises and if he doesn’t……..well, they may start looking for a new Political Party. We already had many cross over this election, we will have a lot more the next time around if we play our cards right.

Just wait until the majority of their Democrat Constituents’ can’t pay for their basic necessities like their rent, mortgage, electric, water, and gas. Forget about a free Obama phone, they won’t need one if they don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. I don’t know whether to laugh at them or feel sorry for them anymore. What I do know is, is that it is a sad day for our Country as a whole when over half of the American population is ignorant, more worried about what they can get for free, and voting on skin color and not on facts and numbers.

My fellow Conservative friends do not get discouraged! As all Christians know, faith is often tested, and our faith is truly being tested now. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom in order to come back bigger and stronger! I don’t look at this as a defeat; I look at this as a time to work harder!! We still have a lot of work to do!

The Democrat Party is working hard to keep a toe hold on the Minority, the Poor, the Un-Educated, and the Gay Vote. We, as Conservatives, must work harder to get better at reaching these people. The Democrat Party are true champions when it comes to pulling the wool over people’s eyes. They spoon feed lies and falsehoods to their followers who often are “born” into their Party. They are able to get their followers to believe that they were the champions of Civil Rights Movement and that the Conservatives and Republican Party are racists. They even displayed these falsehoods on their website (which they have since whitewashed) which can be viewed here:

The Democrat Party is in our schools, recruiting at earlier ages now. They are not just targeting College Students they are targeting our youth with their Liberal propaganda and lies. Many students are picked on and given bad grades due to Conservative views and it simply isn’t right. The school system being able to hand out Birth Control and the Day-After pill without parental consent is absolutely appalling. Teaching masturbation, sexual acts, homosexuality and all other things that are not basic health education is the PARENTS job not the teachers in our schools. We as Conservatives must stand up and put a stop to this. We must ensure our children are growing up smart with a good education and at the same time keep the Liberal propaganda out.  We can start to fix this by holding Teachers, Principles, School Boards, and Teachers Unions accountable.

One of the biggest problems we have to face and correct is the breakdown of Family Values and Morals in this Country. If we are to get our Country back, we must tackle this morality problem we have going on. Kids thinking it’s ok to be having sex as early as 13, kids, having kids, kids thinking it’s the in-thing to be gay or bi-sexual, the promotion of drug usage, the idea of drug dealing and gang-banging being thought of as employment, abortion being used as a form of birth control, the idea that you shouldn’t have to work hard, the idea that you are owed something, the idea that you are special because of your skin color; all of these things and more are ruining this Country!!! It’s called the Promotion of Mediocrity and its killing this Country folks!!! The biggest black eye is we let it happen!!! We must go back to basics. We must go back to being good moral people!!!

Democrats have seem to forgotten that the Conservatives are doing better than the majority of their Democrat Constituents. We may not all be rich, but we are for the most part, better off because we work hard, make smart decisions, and seem to have better heads on our shoulders when it comes to spending. When the sh*t hits the fan, and it will, it will be the Democrats crying and begging in the streets and the Conservatives left standing in the ashes. The majority of Conservatives have been prepared for the worst for a while now. We Conservatives may have to tighten our belts and pinch our pennies, but we will survive.

As it stands right now, the majority of the Democrat Constituents’ are living off of a lot of hope and a lot of change. The way they whine and complain, they don’t have a belt to tighten up or any pennies to pinch. They are all broke and hurting so we’re told. They say they’re tired of being poor and they want more stuff for free. After all that is their major complaint, right??? What do you think will happen when the economic crunch gets worse??? I think a lot of Democrats are going to be hurting more so than they are now…….

Democrats have also seemed to have forgotten that we do hold the purse strings. Our tax payer’s dollars fund their Party and free ride. They had better hope and pray that we all don’t decide to put a worldwide strike together and make things tighter for them and their followers. Democrat followers are already going to Republican Districts to get help with their bills and other help when their Democrat Districts have run out of funding. If donations were to cease, if tax dollars start to decline, or if funding were to stop……Ooooooohhh…….That could get ugly!!!

That’s what will happen when unemployment continues to rocket. That’s what will happen when businesses have to close. That’s what will happen when Obama’s Obamacare tax gets implemented. That’s what will happen when Obama starts taxing people to death. That’s what will happen when Obama keeps spending like there’s no tomorrow. That’s what will happen when Obama shut down our Coal Industry. That’s what will happen when Obama keeps bailing out Green Energy Programs that go bankrupt. That’s what will happen when you bite the hands that feed you. But…….that’s what they asked for when they sold their souls to Obama, right?????

Many of us knew that there was a chance that Obama would be re-elected. Of course we were hoping Romney would win, but we still knew that there was a chance he would not. I find it funny how you didn’t hear Conservatives threatening to riot if Obama won, as the Democrats threatened to do should Romney have won. Obviously the Conservative side is much more civil than the Democrat side.

Obama’s re-election did us no favors, as far as Foreign Policy goes. Our enemies are seeing how weak our Country has become and rejoicing as well. Thanks to Obama sending the Arab States and the Muslim Brotherhood funding, they can now rejoice on our dime and continue to kill us at the same time. Let’s just hope Obama doesn’t hand our Country over to them on a silver platter while he’s bowing to their leaders, funding them, and letting American die as he did in Benghazi.

So….all you Democrats go ahead…. Gloat…. Get it out of your systems while you can….. I don’t think your gloating and rejoicing is going to last very long at all. Meanwhile, I will press on. I’ll continue to work on educating people on the TRUTH, I’ll keep disputing the lies of Obama and the Democrat Party, and I will keep bringing people to the light!!!

Oh, and before I forget……. Congratulations on your win Obama! But…… don’t get to comfortable!! You may have won re-election and made the Conservatives job a little harder to accomplish, but you just kept my job rolling!!! I and other Conservative American Patriots like me will be there to hold you accountable whenever you and your Democrat Party slip up!!! You’re going to have to try really hard not to slip too, because now that you’ve been re-elected, you and your staff can be held accountable and you may very well get IMPEACHED this time around!!!


22 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the 2012 Presidential Election

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  2. God bless you Kuuleme! You are an intelligent woman and we need more people like you spreading the truth! These kids all fell for obama’s BS instead of looking at the facts! It’s a disgrace, and America will now pay the price for it. God help us all.

  3. I can certainly agree with most of this post, but there is something you should be aware of. According to budget data, The government spends about 60,000 per poverty stricken family on government programs, so while the jobs will likely dry up and prices will likely continue to rise on the most important things, the taxpayers and borrowed money from China will continue paying the way for those who voted for Obama and saw their jobs going away as a result.

    The truth is, after it is all said and done, we are all slaves now. We live for an average of 78 years in the United States. We typically pay between 10 and 50 percent of our income in federal, state and local taxes. This means the life that WE use to earn money for our families is taken from us. Therefore, over the course of our lives, we spend 3 to 30 years EACH as slaves to the governments taxation. Welcome to the soft tyranny of the United States.

  4. “We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided.” – Donald Trump

  5. Kim is right, there were no riots in Mississippi… the depth of lies and propaganda from liberals does not surprise me anymore, but rather saddens me. The divisiveness that has accumulated during the past four years is not the norm. It has been strategically planned by the democratic party. Now we tighten our belts as conservatives know how to do, don’t sink to the level of pointing fingers, and continue to come up with a logistic and realistic plan for the economy. Thank you for your blog.,

  6. @Republican Mayor – those “riots” in Mississippi were just a bunch of students putting on a spur of the moment protest. It was not violent and there was no property damage besides an Obama sign being burned for less than a minute.

  7. THANK YOU!!!! You said everything most of us feel and believe in. It’s so hard to understand what is happening right now, but we need to keep the fight going. We, AMERICANS, do not give up!!!!

    My Husband is a Veteran of Viet Nam, and he just turned 70. You can imagine how distraught he is right now, but he will hold his high and we will remember the values we were raised with, unlike the youth of today, and pray to our God that he listens to our prayers!!!

    God Bless you and it’s so refreshing to know common sense is still something SOME folks have!!!

  8. Thank you, Kuuleme, for a piece well written! I can’t wait to tell some “friends” I told you so. I can only see his win as a sign that the end is approaching quickly. Jesus will come for us!

  9. You might want to check on the riots in Mississippi before you talk about conservatives not rioting. It’s also pretty insulting when you assume that all conservatives are christians. Quite frankly, you are an ass.

    • Most Conservatives are peaceful unlike your Democrat Party. There will always be a few bad apples in every group. You would be an IGNORANT ASS to think that there are not.

      • Amen! I am frankly tired of being called a racist and so are other republicans. The thing is most of us would support Allen West for President tomorrow and he is not half white like Obama. Democrats refuse to accept it is not about race. 😦

    • Riots! Read the Washington PO much? A few students were exercising their right to peacefully assemble to express their dislike of the election results. A few Obamaclowns decided to strut around, gloat, do some in-your-face trash talking and crotch grabbing. Words were exchanged. Thanks to social media, other students converged to add their two sense. Thus–a RIOT! Now go back under your rock, troll.

  10. Kuuleme, Your words sum up my feelings exactly. I was almost physically ill when I saw the results. I just need to keep reminding myself that no matter who is president, Christ is still the King. I hope you don’t mind if I reblog this.

  11. Thank you for this post. I am very depressed right now. Really thought America saw through this Socialist agenda. The looters are now the majority. You are right we have to keep our heads up and fight back.

  12. whats wrong with this world when the popular vote means nothing? the people should stop voting and just let the delagates pick we dont count because how can a person getting twice the votes lose?

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