Where do we go from here…The Aftermath.

From the beginning and after much speculation with days, weeks, and months of primary campaigning to narrow the GOP’s pool of candidates for a strong choice of those that most closely represent the core values of Conservatives. The great race officially began.  What we as conservatives, as well as those that identify more as “Christian first”, than conservatives underestimated was the “new deal direction” of this nation.  The constant but subtle teachings in schools, universities, and even some churches with the sneaky infiltration of liberal leanings and desires.  Which is why immediately into the  primary campaign season conservatives watched the brutal character attacks upon their primary candidates, as one by one Bachmann, Cain, and Santorum faced some of the most despicable character assassinations seen in the political arena in years.  Everything from sexual innuendo photos circulating of Michelle Bachmann (not to mention the grossly racially twisted misuse of her statements), the mysteriously appearing then disappearing  “ladies of Cain”, to the false and widely liberal spread lie of Santorum’s wife having an abortion. Everything and anything to tear down those that dared speak of, “christian values”, morals, ethics, regardless of messages that spoke of economics and employment.  The movement of liberal progressiveness is to remove any religion that stands alone, one that will not submit to merging its theological views with another or even that of man’s rule is abhorred.

Conservatives are excellent at working hard, rallying back,  as well as being strong warriors.  We quickly banded primary candidate supporters together, and threw our energies with renewed vigor behind the few remaining  GOP primary candidates to rally support for the primary elections.  Once that choice was determined by the voters, we thrust ourselves into preparing for the republican convention. We (republican/conservatives/tea party) held well attended if not full house rallies.  Millions of dollars were raised, on both sides of the political aisle to be spent on campaign ads, campaign signs, billboards and other paraphernalia, with last-minute stomps through “toss-up” states.  The greatest race and most followed known to Americans, finished last night for President of the United States.  Pres. Barack H. Obama won his race for reelection.  Last night for many conservatives became too much to bear and for democrats a sweet victory of course with the opportunity to gloat and goad, all that gloating from those that call themselves the party of tolerance!

Being as active as I am on a good number of social media sites, I got to witness many acts of poor, make that distasteful in way, winners attacking and mocking conservatives, Christians, and anyone that declared “independent” in the past on these vessels of  mass communication.  I also saw some that represented themselves as one way, such as; Christian, behave in a manner that was most unchristian like!  The thing about building affiliations with those that you can only assume to take at “screen value” is you have to give a benefit of a doubt to the content of their character, and regardless of their value similarity to your values, it’s still a gamble on their true person.  I will be fair though and say, this country has been so divided by race, what is truthful, and a sinful disregard towards Christians,  that I have to believe that some people were just extremely overwrought with the pent-up emotions from years of desiring better for this nation and for it to go back to the church not backwards in civil rights, pity though that their emotions got the best of them and spiraled out of control.

Reflecting back on last nights attacks to my person, over a simple Facebook posting of a picture that had Ron Paul’s picture on it, and even though I was only using for the worded message (yes I know Paul-bot, and an enemy of division to the true conservative cause as seen by many and myself), I in my tired state and trying to stay strong didn’t even think about the fact that Ron Paul’s image, a mistake that led to several people who address themselves very adamantly as “Christian first” conservatives, made some rude comments and then chose to block themselves from my page. Fine by me, because like I stated, allusions of character are prominent on social media sites.  What came to mind though with their actions is this thought, “why would a christian be so distraught over a picture”?  Then another thought occurred and this one I credit to God, as I do all those ideas, and thoughts in my head that makes more sense than I could have alone, “You all put too much faith in a man for your salvation”.

How true is that thought of putting so much faith in a mere mortal human-being during this earthly activity of electing a president?  I woke up this morning reflecting on that thought  (didn’t sleep well at all).  I know I fell into that behavior too, all the while praying for God’s intervention into politics.  I can say it appeared based on my own assumption that many others did the same exact thing too.  We got caught up in the political fervor, not to say we lost sight of who the true leader, the king of Christians is, but we started looking to Gov. Mitt Romney to save us from the trials and tribulations in our lives and this nation as if he has Godly powers.

I had an uplifting and brief discussion this morning with some wonderful people on a social media site, and an acquaintance of a friend in this prayerful and uplifting conversation stated:

“…you know what… I have to ask myself questions too. Am I putting too much stock in this worlds government? Am I putting too much stock in America? Jesus wasn’t political, and he even said to render to Caesar what belongs to him, and to God what belongs to Him. It is time we as Christians no longer put our stock in this faulty system. It has divided us as a body. It has caused me to look at my brothers and sisters with disdain for voting for Obama. That shouldn’t be so. Be angry, but sin not (not even in your heart). I don’t appreciate the lame jokes and remarks I see. All the while knowing that spiritual darkness has been given a license to grow in America.

But even as I type this, The Lord is telling me “that is the problem. You CAN’T stop the kingdom of darkness through earthly government and politics. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but SPIRITUAL.”

Eloquence of words and truth that I couldn’t express, were expressed above by someone I would be proud to call my friend!

That my friends is the true answer!  Our fundamental foundation in spiritual belief is shattered in pieces and while not being pieced together they are being trodden upon with impunity.  God’s judgement will rain down and those blows will be with a ferocity of fury unlike any known to mankind.  Christians are fed up and yet we are too forgiving in some sense, sugar-coating, and softly tread with those that are advocating to uprooting of christian’s true path instead of speaking with brimstone fire upon the conviction of their truth!

It is time friends for us to go towards the future with  a new affirmation of how we continue about our lives in this nation and what actions each of us will choose.  The time has come for you to make a choice that has nothing to do with a man’s governmental position,  idolatry, or displaced blind faith in humanly powers all while shouting hallelujah at Sunday church services.  Another wonderful christian friend shared with me and many others publicly the scripture of God quoted below.  This scripture clearly addresses the true polarization of this nation’s progressive political movement that is leading us into darkness and judgement,

Isaiah 29:13: The Lord says, “These people worship me with their mouths and honor me with their lips. But their hearts are far from me, and their worship of me is  Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men..

Your choices and the path you choose has been laid out before you, it is now the time to make that choice.  God Bless.


10 thoughts on “Where do we go from here…The Aftermath.

  1. Well written with lots of wisdom and insight. I must admit thought, I did not have trouble sleeping Tuesday night. I was not uptight nor frazzled during the election. I did what I could to spread the true news on this current administration. I, too, preferred other conservative candidates. I actually really like Herman Cain. But I knew Romney was a step in the right direction. But I never thought he would beat Obama. Do I get frustrated with those who refuse to admit the truth about him and his cronies? Definitely. But I also have a peace about me which ONLY comes from God. I have been asking him for that peace for quite some time now and He always gives it. I also know that God is in control at all times. We truly have nothing to fear if our hope is in Him. But I also do believe like Tim said, that this may be a part of God’s wrath to our country for falling away from him. Just as He did with the Israelites. Bobbi, you have been a source of much of the knowledge I do have on our political situation and for that I thank you. You and Tim both have helped to keep me well informed. I do hope that continues. I do believe we need to keep up the fight. However, I do, also, believe we need to do it with Christian attitudes and hearts. Hearts that are truly after God’s own heart. Thanks again. You’re a treasure. 🙂

  2. While I agree for the most part, and intent, I do not believe we serve God by complying with that which can only lead to more human suffering. I never had faith in Romney as the sole remedy, but as a move in the right direction. Too tired right now to fully respond, only that I believe this is God’s wrath that we must endure until enough people return to Him. Imagine immigrants of Russia, or Cambodia and that they fled this kind of tyranny only to find it had spread here too. The tyranny we will experience is only just begun.

  3. You were not the only one who was unable to get a peaceful night’s sleep. I was constantly stting up in my bed, praying. Praying not only for this Nation, but also for the Nation of Isreal. While I fought hard for Gov Romney, it wasn’t him that I was truly fighting for, as I knew that while he could correct a lot of the things, it was only in the realm of the Government that I was hoping for, as I know too well what we were really going to be Battling. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12. This is what I had hoped would be what we would be fighting once this election cycle had ended and Gov Romney was President. But as you have pointed out, I had it backwards, as that is what we should have been fighting from the beginning. From this day forward, I hope that you will join me in fighting Satan first, and then the political mess of this country.

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