What ever will Planned Parenthood do if Oral Contraceptives is made Rx Free?

Babette Face PicI just happened to have caught an article in USA Today news, about prescription free birth control pills debate.  The article goes on to state that some leading obstetrician’s and gynecologists has recommended that oral contraceptives be sold over the counter, well my first thought was too all the 2012 Obama campaigner’s hoopla over “free birth-control” or Mitt’s gonna take away my contraceptives.

First of all it was established that yes planned parenthood will provided free birth control IF, only if they prove you qualify.  Planned Parenthood states this quiet plainly on their website, and if you should have to pay something for your oral contraceptives it’s as comparative to the price you can get from Target, Kroger, and Walmart.  Oh yes those large companies will give you generic brands of oral contraceptives at around the same price as Planned Parenthood, $9 you just have to ask.

I can only imagine that the lobbyist and advocates of Planned Parenthood are not happy with the idea of prescription free over the counter contraceptives, because after all, contraceptives is tied in percentage of service needs with testing and treating STD’s, which makes those two, the largest services offered through Planned Parenthood.  No it’s not mammograms as Pres. Obama tried to imply this campaign.  County clinics can offer and make the same referrals for STD treatments and testing as well as mammograms.  Medicaid and States are funding these centers and particularly the ones that provide abortions. Planned Parenthood affiliates receives $75 million through congress and millions more federally subsidized funds for sex education and then more through Medicaid. Now according to the law of Title X, planned parenthood cannot use federal funds for abortions.  Medicaid funding is restricted by the Hyde Amendment to only abortion cases involving rape, incest or endangerment to the life of the mother.

Well with those laws being followed, I guess liberals had no need to wring their hands and lament on and on about how Mitt was going to take away their abortions!  Gov. Romney was talking about cutting funding to Planned Parenthood because there are better and other resources out there for this, hell I’m all for having a law that lowers the cost of these pharmaceuticals if it keeps down the number of unwanted pregnancies and eliminates abortions. That’s what the liberals should have lamented and wailed about! Costs!  We all know that the true cost of prescriptions are inflated, make that over inflated in most cases.  So I wonder if the need for a doctor’s prescription is removed and the costs factors are lowered on the drug, does Planned Parenthood still require so much funding?

It will be interesting to see what 2013 brings about contraceptives being made available over the counter, and where congress will go with funding either related to this possibility or in general since the republican majority house in 2011 has been on the democrat-ruled senate to cut the fat with Planned Parenthood federal funding.

Milton Friedman video on the ramifications of socialized medicine and government involvement.







3 thoughts on “What ever will Planned Parenthood do if Oral Contraceptives is made Rx Free?

  1. The problem is, it IS a medication that HAS serious side effects for some and can be misused. If it determined MEDICINALLY that it can be OTC that’s one thing, but almost all efforts to move it to that class are POLITICAL in nature. Abortion itself demonstrates what happens when you politicize specific medical decisions (Abortion is the ONLY medical procedure you have a RIGHT to- by current law. And it’s an ELECTIVE procedure. You have no RIGHT to open-heart surgery, even to save your life.)
    BTW: for those of you not as old as dirt as I am, I can assure you, abortions WERE being done in most states for ELECTIVE reasons BEFORE Roe vs. Wade was passed. But it was a HOSPITAL procedure- as it rightfully is, if you ARE going to do one. NOT an assembly line line ‘women’s right’ commodity.

  2. The only problem with birth control pills that I see is an increased impact on drinking water. In terms of the political ramifications–Keep Those Liberals from Having Babies, by all means. But–birth control hormones are endocrine disrupters, and they are currently found in ground water and drinking water in amounts large enough to affect young children and the animal population, despite the fact that this isn’t being talked about much. Girls especially are developing earlier and earlier, and this can have a range of adverse health effects including increased risk of cancer as an adult. With over 1.2 million abortions each year, and 1.3 million Gonorrhea infections each year–maybe condoms are a better form of birth control. Unless you’re Sandra Fluke and/or a sex addict and therefore can’t afford a reasonable cost for them, naturally. Condoms (for the regularly sexed human who can afford them) do prevent sexually transmitted infection, and since many of the top 10 bacterial infections in the USA come from STI’s this is something to think about. Birth control pills don’t provide protection from STI’s, but condoms do. Just my 2 cents. Love your blog and FB posts, keep ’em coming!!

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