Biting the bullet and getting to the root of the violence in America’s Cities.

blog picWhy don’t they address the real issue? Which is typically anger motivated,  and/or ego driven Violence! What’s the underlying cause?  Can it be blamed on lack of employment, loss of community centers and programs, police and sheriff departments budget cuts, gang task forces severely understaffed, an influx of black market weapons flooding urban streets into criminal hands? Let’s get to the real issue, you can take the guns away from the people, but you can’t take away the motivating factor for the assault against another person with out the proper foundation laid out. Taking the guns from the law-abiding, registered users, who are just as much a target when out and about in public still does not get to the underlying cause.

I also don’t believe that more community service centers really address the problem either, I mentioned those because so many want to use that reasoning for ‘getting the gangs off the streets’.  I’ll tell you there was a time when urban neighborhoods tried that tactic and for a little while it seemed to help but mainly it was more of a refuge for the youngsters that were looking for refuge from the streets.  Then the gangs decided to take over the centers, they flooded the basketball courts, and game rooms. They brought their violent ways with them. Some community centers actually became places for gang recruitment and selling drugs. Chattanooga TN is seeing this problem in some of their area’s recreational centers.

The city’s recreation centers may be acting as recruitment centers for local gang members, according to some concerned residents who participated Wednesday in a discussion hosted by the city’s Neighborhood Services and Community Development Department.

Chicago and other cities nationwide have seen this problem, this is an older report but it’s still an issue today. This 1998 article highlights the many neighborhoods within and around the City of Chicago and their good intentions to offer recreation for youths and keep them out of harms way, actually putting them into the line of fire:

The hooded, masked man waited until 9:30 p.m. before stepping in front of the Elgin Recreation Center, a building that normally serves as a safe haven for children as well as gang members.

Without a word, he raised a handgun and fired three shots at the building, leaving the six people inside stunned and shaken.

No one was hurt in the Feb. 5 attack. But the bullet hole that remains in the glass door is a grim reminder that what once was considered a neutral, gang-free sanctuary may be no longer.

As many of  you know the City of Chicago was the nations favorite whipping city about crime and murder numbers, even though other cities are right behind Chicago in murder toll numbers.  Why Chicago then? Perhaps because the liberal media loves to use the easiest target to use to pander to the one they want to impress the most.  Chicago was easy because let’s face it, strict gun controls, gangs out number the police forces assigned to gang violence, and 80 years of liberal political rule has helped set-up that city for its current status as one of the most dangerous cities to be in, especially in specific urban neighborhoods.  Just this past summer, police Superintendent Garry McCarthy stated:

 while murders and shootings are up, overall crime citywide is down about 9 percent. He says crime-fighting strategies against gangs — some just put into place this year — are working, but they take time.

“The city didn’t get in this shape overnight,” he says. “I think that we’re doing ourselves a disservice by advertising a Vietnam-type body count. I’ve got to tell you when I speak to people … they generally say, ‘You know what? We don’t even hear that anymore. It’s white noise.’… The fascination unfortunately seems to be in the media and it’s become a national obsession.”

From The Detroit News:

Even Obama as mentioned in the above article used his home cities violence as a campaign platform and then again during his speech about the Newtown tragedy.  Yet his only solution is to enact stricter gun control? Chicago has always had the strictest gun control laws in the Nation, so that doesn’t seem to be the right solution when you look at the root of murders and violence! May not all be gang related, but there is a start, because we know with gangs, drugs are right there in the mix!

A good friend of mine socially that is a fearless, tireless advocate conservative and goes by the name  “Cap Black”, Nadra Enzi has stated:

“Socialists convince many able Americans that government should monopolize use of force, even where law recognizes our natural right of self-defense. Incrementally, they’ve limited corporal punishment; demonized gun advocacy and every generation plot to disarm law-abiding citizens, at the cost of truly public safety. Ironically, liberal elected officials, including this president, have legions of armed police and service personnel for their personal protection. Average Americans have police and military service personnel protecting them too  just not personally. They protect us collectively and thus aren’t responsible for our individual survival.”

That’s right!  The police’s job is to “serve and protect” but not personal private protection, they can’t be everywhere, with everyone at once, and normally their protection is brought about as a cause for service.  So think about it, the service call is usually a crime in action or about to begin, by the time they arrive upon the scene, protection may be too late.  Liberals/Socialist love to argue that they still don’t see a need for guns on the streets, and I surely don’t wish anyone ill harm ever, but I bet you if something that threaten their personal safety or cause them bodily harm they are probably the same ones that will be out looking to buy a gun, beg a special permit, or anything to protect thy self!  I would like to also know, how are you going to stop the guns from reaching the criminal’s hands?  It’s a quick fix to go after the law-abiding registered, FOID card gun owners and take their weapons away or for the point of argument, bind their finger’s that pull the trigger!  Easier to punish the innocent because they know darn well there would be all kinds of cries of foul and racism if they did door to door searches of homes that “allegedly house “suspected” members of criminal involvement.  Then the liberals would scream profiling, illegal search and seizure, racism, invasion of personal freedom, etc, etc…  Not to mention who has the funds and budget for such actions?

So that is why Conservative, Libertarian, Tea Party, and yes even some Democrats are stating exactly what Nadra points out when he reminds us that,

Personal safety is just that, a personal responsibility. Within federal; state and local guidelines, responsible Americans arm themselves, not in preparation for their best ‘ OK Corral ‘ imitation. We arm ourselves to keep the precious peace until relieved by law enforcement in rare instances when words aren’t enough. Allowing socialists to reload conditioned helplessness as now meaning literal helpless means the communist conquest of America is complete. Those believing otherwise had better be vigilant because the Second Amendment is in real danger. And so is everything we hold dear!

Finally to highlight why there is so much hypocrisy regarding the right to defend your self and nation as bestowed upon citizens of the United States of America by the Second Amendment to the Constitution.  My friend E. T. Williams has a message for that, as only the “Dr. of Common Sense” can!  I agree with all he states in this video from his YouTube Channel and through personal discussion and permission from E.T. to link within my blog.  I felt this right here was perfect (E.T. offered to do a video specific for this blog, but I chose this one),  for show how they know the gun laws imposed upon others can hinder and jeopardize them too with its illegal and dangerous restrictions, so now you want to have armored protection for life?

Just to finish enforcing what E.T. Williams was saying about hypocrisy…How many of you remember this?

Barack Obama in 2008 made this promise to his supporters.
“I believe in the Second Amendment. I will not take your shotgun away. I will not take your rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away… So if you want to find an excuse not to vote for me, don’t use that one because it just ain’t true.”

There you have it from THREE Black FREEDOM loving Americans in collaboration, and regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, we need to make sure our legislators know we won’t tolerate the blatant disregard of our voices, oppression and suppression by federal government tyrannical suppression of our Constitutional rights!

Thank you to Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black! You can read his writings at

Thank you to E.T. Williams aka Dr. of Common Sense! You can view his blogs at


3 thoughts on “Biting the bullet and getting to the root of the violence in America’s Cities.

  1. I don’t know if you have ever read “The Cross and the Switchblade” by David Wilkerson, or “Run Baby Run” by Nicky Cruz. David Wilkerson was a minister who had a burning desire from God to minister to the gangs in NYC, and Nicky Cruz was one of the first people who came to know Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior because of his ministry. Both books are an autobiography, and both come up against the same problem from both directions. Gun bans are NOT an answer as you have so clearly and splendidly pointed out, rather the root of the problem goes down deeper. As a Christian, you have doubtlessly seen what has happened in the inner cities and elsewhere, a lack of Christian Fundamentals. Families are broken, children needing to feel wanted and belonging to something, despair of hopelessness of ever being able to rise above the current situation leading to anger, and the hope of promises that “Programs” will lead them out of their situation only to find that it can’t, all lead to the problem. Until we put Christ back into our Nation, the situation will only get worse, as the Politicians will continue to put in programs that lead nowhere and will only cause more anger.

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