Illinois G.O.P. Chairman Brady once again misses the boat

?????????????????????? Dear Illinois GOP Chairman Brady, You deeply disturb me. You epitomize the Einstein definition of insanity! In       Illinois as with many other states in this great nation you fail to realize the error of yours ways and the correlation to the election results in your state.

A few years back I had the great misfortune of having my first trip to your state being to tend to my mother in the hospital in Chicago where she took ill on a church day trip to the theater. This hospital which I won’t say the name of was in a neighborhood that looked like it was straight out of the most stereotyped Black sitcom you could imagine. You could see drug dealers on every corner, garbage everywhere and a general look of decay. This was not the gold coast image of Chicago you see on TV.

Now clearly I cannot blame you for the overall abysmal presentation that neighborhood made as a first impression of Chicago. Clearly I cannot blame you for the political graft and overall crime rampant in Chicago. I can’t blame you for the absurdly high murder rate or the ridiculously stringent gun control laws. Clearly those things are not your fault alone. However your ineptitude as your states GOP leader makes you a part of the perpetuation of the problem instead of the integral part the solution you could be.

I am a Black, female, conservative Pastor that sees nothing wrong with the Bible in one hand and a shotgun in another. It’s people like me you need to have come in and do your job. That job or a part of it as I see it is promote like minded candidates that the voters of your state can identify with and your message can resonate through. On that you missed the boat! You had the perfect opportunity to support or at the very least recognize candidates within the party who were willing to go where you won’t and say what you can’t in a key election. Shame on you.

Now yet again you are on the dock and poised to miss the boat again. You have right there in your state a member of the Nationally known Black, female, conservative group, The Last Civil Right who have yet to be recognized by you and called to be of service. Apparently the RNC recently acknowledged the error of its ways in overlooking Blacks in its overall ground game. How long will it take you?…


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