The Ladies of the Last Civil Right: Taking Their Voices to the Streets!

Kuuleme T. Stephens

Kuuleme T. Stephens

This my friends is something you don’t see enough in the Main Steam Media!!! Black Conservatives (Especially Female Black Conservatives) coming out in support of the 2nd Amendment and much much more! It is such a powerful thing, yet the Main Stream Media still chooses not to acknowledge us. People keep asking the question of how we can get the minority communities more involved, yet when we are involved, we hardly ever get recognized for our efforts. Even the GOP seems to be overlooking the strides Minority Conservatives are taking to be recognized and heard through out the United States, and there are a lot of us out there!!!


My name is Kuuleme Stephens, and  I am a Co-Founder and Co-Author of a group of Black Female Conservatives called The Last Civil Right! We are a group of Conservative Black Women who say the things most people are afraid to say! We are one of the many  Conservative Minority Groups doing our part in the Conservative Movement. We also can be found on  Facebook and Twitter

(From Left to Right: Co-Founder and Author- Babette Holder, Co-Founder an Author- Kuuleme Stephens, Co-Author- Pastor Shannon Wright, Co-Author Donna Johnson, Co-Author- Vanessa Anderson, and Co-Author and Co-Founder- Atarah Golden.)

Our Biography reads:

“We are a group of Black, Conservative Female bloggers who speak our minds and are not afraid of a challenge! We blog on all kinds of topics, and we tell it like it is! Our group was created on October 10, 2011.
The authors are all independent, outspoken advocated of the right to have a Conservative opinion, even if you are NOT white. We are ladies of differing descents, but ALL are Americans first.

We had the honor of being invited to New Jersey to speak for the New Jersey Second Amendment Society(NJ2AS) earlier this month! Babette Holder, Co-Founder and Co-Author, posted about the event on our website stating:

“What an exciting week the Ladies of ‘The Last Civil’ have had!  Tuesday, March 19, 2013 we were in Kenilworth, New Jersey at the Second Amendment Society to speak about Gun Rights at the invite of Frank Jack Flamingo, president of the NJ2AS.  The event was known as A NIGHT OF FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM & THE SECOND AMENDMENT, and we have to tell you it felt like FAMILY!  This was a night of wonderful speeches with a warm, welcoming, and very gun legislation savvy crowd of great American Patriots. We hope you enjoy the video’s posted blow, in order are the Last Civil Right ladies and then the video of all the speakers that participated which included Frank Jack Fiamingo/President of NJ2AS, Carolee Adams/President of Eagle Forum, Kenn Blanchard/Rev. and Advocate aka “Black Man With A Gun”, and Alexander Roubian/Director of Urban Outreach with NJ2AS.”

NJ Speakers

(Speakers of the New Jersey 2nd Amendment Rally from Left to Right: Frank Fiamingo– President of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, Kuuleme Stephens– Navy Veteran, Last Civil Co-founder, and Political ActivistBabette TheConservative Holder– Last Civil Co-Founder and Political Activist, Carolee Adams– President of the New Jersey Eagle Forum, Pastor Shannon Wright– Ministries Outreach and Last Civil Right Co-Author, Alexander Roubian– Member of the  NJ2AS and  Director of Community Affairs and Community Outreach, Rev. Kenn Blanchard aka “Black Man With a Gun.)

Below is the video of the NJ2AS Rally:

As a Black Female Conservative and Political Activist, I often get questions such as:

” As a black conservative, what are some of the things we can do to get our message out there? What is the black conservative message? What are our main area of concern and what are the obstacles?”

     Here is my short answer:

1. Black Conservatives need to “Come out of the Closet” and start speaking up without fear!

2. A Black Conservatives message is the same as any other Conservatives message only, it is geared more towards our own community and other minority communities to change hearts and minds.

3. Our areas of main concern are education and the needs of the minority communities in order to help them get off the plantation of the Left.

4. The main obstacles we face are the Media, the Democrat Party and it’s indoctrination of its people, and the ability to communicate our message effectively and in such a way that all minorities can understand. The Democrat Party likes to keep their constituents ignorant, therefore word choice and phrases used are very important.

     You would be surprised at how the GOP does nothing to help us in Black Conservatives in this fight. One example would be the Lincoln Dinners that are held every year in each state by the RNC. I am aware of only a handful of Black Conservatives at the local levels that have been invited to speak at the local dinners……….. I personally have yet to hear of a Black Conservative speaking at one on the National Level. Also, the GOP doesn’t think they have a minority issue and they continue to act as if it’s not a problem. I would beg to differ as in, if they didn’t have a problem, there would be more minorities in and actively working with-in the GOP…………

     As I stated in one of my own posting on The Last Civil Right .

“Minorities already feel like they don’t belong in the GOP and being a minority person, I can understand why……. That is why I chose to remain an Independent for so long. Minority Conservatives are already cast out of their own Communities and from the looks of things as they are now; the GOP is not equipped or ready for them either. The way I get treated at most GOP functions, most minority people would have already run. That is why you have separate party groups like Hispanic Republicans and Black Republicans. They don’t feel a part of the regular GOP, yet they consider themselves Republican because of their Conservative views and ideology. I however am more head strong and don’t get my feelings hurt as easily as most.”

     In order to fight the incompetence and ignorance of the Left, we are finding that we as Minority Conservatives are having to bring ourselves out into the limelight so that others may have the courage to do so as well. In doing so this helps beat the argument that there are 0% Black or Minority Conservatives in this Country. Now we could stop what we are doing if you’d like……….. But I think that would be a very bad thing to do. The Left is ruining this Country with its lies. If we do not fight them in this Country and with-in our Minority Communities, all will be lost quicker than it already is being lost…….

     Many of my Non-Minority Friends ask:

“Kuuleme you are doing an excellent job. I watched with pride how you, Babette Holder and Pastor Shannon represent yourselves and the total message you market. We do need to support you. How can we help?”

     My simple answer to this is:

“The first step is to acknowledge that the GOP does indeed have a minority problem. Then and only then can we begin to begin to fix this dying system. Ignoring the race issue is not working. Look at how it has worked out for the GOP so far……… We have got to hit this head on! There are plenty of Minority Conservative Patriots out there. Help in spreading the news of them and what they are doing in this Conservative Movement! Share their links, pictures and videos to the Social Media Outlets, with your Local Representatives,  and even the Main Steam Media Outlets if you have access to them! so that they may be seen around the world. Let them all know we are in this Conservative fight together as American Patriots!!!”

“You can’t change the world
But you can change the facts
When you change the facts
You change points of view
We change points of view
You make change a vote
And when you change a vote
You may change the world….”



7 thoughts on “The Ladies of the Last Civil Right: Taking Their Voices to the Streets!

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  2. I am self-correcting myself on my comment above and taking out Ben Carson reflection. The GOP needs to go local, you are correct.

  3. I have to come back and read the rest of the your great post Kuuleme – but three things I want to say – 1. Isn’t Ben Carson speaking at a National level? 2. Every time a black person is put forth by the GOP, they get knocked off by the left, and then make the GOP seem even more racist by saying that the GOP only puts forth a black person or a minority in order to cover up their real racism; 3. Another problem is that democrats call everyone racists – even other democrats. i.e. Hillary Clinton Supporters and Rahm Emanuel is now a racist. White people are afraid to change from the dem party to the republican party for fear of being called a racist. I’ve lost a few friends. Both black men who decided I was an ignorant racist. I can’t win. Also, I think the GOP is still very much an old boy’s network – i.e. John McCain. I understand how hard it is to come out as a conservative, regardless of color. I’m still in hiding. I feel like a big part of the problem is general apathy of elections unless it is for the president. Only 15 percent of Angelenos participated in the Mayoral election. sad. The work you are doing Kuuleme is very important for all people.

  4. Respectfully disagree on one point, Kuuleme. The last two years, our Colin County Lincoln Day dinners featured Allen West and Star Parker. And Scott Turner, our newly elected State Rep, is frequently a featured speaker at events (He has ‘The Voice’ from his part-time preaching; he is GREAT!).

    • As I said in the article, only a handful of of Black Conservatives do get invited…….. There are many others out there other than the 3 you mentioned in your reply….. Also, at the National Level it is completely different…..

      • I have to say it is rare counties and states that on a local county level that will have a black conservative come speak at their Lincoln Day dinners for the RNC. For a few years I asked for a good friend that’s a well known speaker but not on the Star Parker, Allen West platform, well now he is but each time they wanted a “Trend” name, the name that fits the current demographics such as this year it’s Ted Cruz, Paul Rand.

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