Late-Term Abortions, Gosnell Sympathy, and Push To “Pro”vide Late Term Pro-Life Options.

babette new blog picI don’t know how you can sympathize with a sick sadistic person but some are in the case of Kermit Gosnell, such as the writer for Slate Magazine’s Matthew Yglesias. Mr. Yglesias’s argument for having Gosnell’s deplorable clinic is that because there are not enough late-term abortion providers then you end up with someone that has a deplorable practice trying to handle the large demand.

I went and read this article and it makes one wonder if Yglesia’s could perhaps still be indulging in his marijuana smoking practices, since that is something he starts this ‘interesting’ article off as an example of how something that is prohibited can cause “deplorable customer service”. I of course am not saying that he does, but it would make me feel perhaps a tad more charitable towards his view, (not that there is much if any such feelings towards those that can sympathize with something such as late term abortion let alone the Gosnell’s of the world), but then I could chalk it up to “high”-jinks thinking and not just another “smoke screen” from a pro-choice at all costs sort. Smoke screen is more correct.

What I found more interesting than the actual writer’s words on the topic of Gosnell (mind you he did confirm that yes what is coming forth in the case is deplorable), but the comments from the other readers, is that it’s the pro-lifers fault. Pro-lifer’s are going to in effect cause even worse Gosnell-like clinics to spring up underground, in “back-alley’s” if they use Gosnell to overturn Roe v Wade.

I had to stop and realize though that they are probably just spewing their pro-choice groups indoctrination in regards to a procedure that is not just killing a “fetus” as they like to refer to a baby, human being that is growing and developing but literally a baby. Late term abortions in nine states have laws that require a second physician to be present during late-term abortion procedures in order to treat a fetus if born alive.

Some of the excuses I saw for late-term abortion from the pro-choice side were so predictable, meaning often heard, you just knew they were spouting what Planned Parenthood and their affiliate’s put out there. There was everything from “young girls not knowing they are pregnant because of poor sex-ed in school”, to the difficulties to have an abortion earlier in the pregnancy due to bureaucracy, with the shocker being made by one stating how horrific adoptions turn out to be.

I know it was an exercise in restraint as I read these comments to keep from answering each and every last one on their ridiculousness, at least ridiculous to me. I had to stop, regroup and think about the statements made and why would they think that way? Hasn’t there been nothing but push after push for more and more expanded birth control education in schools as well as funding?

I also noticed that there were some pro-lifers in there addressing these people, but one thing that was often forgotten, was to mention sources or ask, “why do you say that” and give a viable source.  I do know that from my past experience of working with battered women, there was an occasion when a pregnant woman told me she didn’t think she could afford the baby, especially considering the fact that she was now living in a shelter due to domestic violence in her home. Oh she knew all about Medicaid, WIC and Food Stamps, but even with providers from Family service, she wasn’t aware of programs that are available through christian organizations. She needed support, human support not a caseworker’s name, case number, and just a roof over her head, although she was very grateful for that, but a caring person’s support, someone to help her through the pregnancy considering everything else that was going on in her life causing turmoil and stress.

I had just seen a pamphlet myself at our church for an organization called Care Net, I told her about that, we looked it up on my smart phone, I wish I could say I knew from there how things turned out, but unfortunately my role with the shelter was to provide a night of dinner and entertainment with my Soroptimist group for the ladies and their children. Most of the shelters give them only a few weeks at that particular location, so they work to get them into housing somewhere at a quick turnover rate. Care Net even had a service center right in the town near her shelter and one nearby my town which is where she was going to go stay for a bit with relatives.
There is also Heartbeat International,  Birthright International and lastly Friends of the Unborn.

These organizations shouldn’t be only looked at as sources, but SOLUTIONS. Care Net’s record of 95% success rate with women completing their pregnancy shows that given the right information, help and that personal human touch as well as the message of God’s love for them and their unborn can end these Gosnell horror stories.

I ask you readers, if based upon a small segment of those that weren’t even aware of or appeared to not be aware of these organizations, I wonder how many others are uninformed, thus leading to how many lives can be saved just by knowledge?  How as a pro-life advocate do we help spread the word? How do we get more churches to provide this information to their congregation in such a manner as to not judge or embarrass? Do we still have churches that have not affiliated themselves with these christian based organizations and if not, why?


6 thoughts on “Late-Term Abortions, Gosnell Sympathy, and Push To “Pro”vide Late Term Pro-Life Options.

  1. I always find it interesting that pro-abortion groups complely ignore the long term physical & emotional impacts on a mother who aborted her baby. I knew they would ignore the spiritual ramifications, but there are also plenty of medical data to show that abortions hurt women. And not just unborn women.

    • That is very true Afusomax! Good point, very good point! I may have to do an update because there are organizations that help women who are struggling with the emotions, pain and depression from having an abortion. Thank you for commenting, you have brought up another issue that should have some attention too as well as providing the resources.

  2. That’s like having sympathy for the extermination camp commanders because the Nazis didn’t want to waste the bullets to do it right or fast enough.

    • Mike, I felt the same way when I read his article and the commentary, I know many of those commenting were looking at the long-term effects, the dangers, the morality, they are more concerned with being able to “do what you want” at any cost.

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