Affirmative Action: Is it a Necessity Today?


Many people believe that Affirmative Action is needed in today’s society, I myself think it is no longer relevant or needed. At one point in time is was a great idea and a much-needed concept, but now it has become more dangerous than helpful.

What is Affirmative Action:

Affirmative Action was a measure that the United States took to ensure equality for Black Americans back in the 60’s. It was signed into law by President John F. Kennedy as Executive Order 10925,and later revisited by President Lyndon B. Johnson, as Executive Order 11246. Affirmative Action has been expanded upon many times in order to cover other categories of people as well.

President Johnson stated:

Men and women of all races are born with the same range of abilities. But ability is not just the product of birth. Ability is stretched or stunted by the family that you live with, and the neighborhood you live in–by the school you go to and the poverty or the richness of your surroundings. It is the product of a hundred unseen forces playing upon the little infant, the child, and finally the man.

In today’s society, I believe there is equal opportunity for everyone who strive towards goals, get an education, and puts in the work. I think people are confusing racism with lack of knowledge, skill, and motivation. Just because you grow up in the “Ghetto” does not mean you are stuck there. We see proof everyday of Minorities who are successful even though they came from poverty.

Al Sharpton and the other Race-Baitors would have everyone believe that Affirmative Action will always be needed. Why??? Because if Race Issues were to disappear overnight, they would be out of a job! Al Sharpton and others are keeping Minorities in the “Ghetto”. They don’t even live in the “Ghetto” themselves with the people they claim to fight for and care about. I wonder if any Minority person that supports him and others like him have posed the question of: Why they all live in affluent White Communities and send their children to Private Schools, and why they only come down into the “Ghetto” when there’s money to be made and a photo-op??? I know I have brought it up to many of their supporters and never get an answer…..

Al Sharpton and others aren’t doing anything to help build the Minority Communities up. In fact, they are tearing them down. They teach Minorities that they are not equal and the bar must be lowered for them. They teach that if you speak proper English, instead of Ebonics and are a “successful” Minority person,  you are trying to be White; and that if you are successful as a Minority, you have forgotten your roots and where you came from. They stress and promote to Minorities that you are owed something for nothing, and you must rely on them and the Government to take care of you.

I myself tend to agree with American economist, social theorist, political philosopher, and author Thomas Sowell on this topic. There is a BIG difference between Thomas Sowell’s opinion on Affirmative Action and Al Sharpton’s, even though both lived through the same Era of Discrimination and the Civil Rights Movement.

A great example of how Affirmative Action can be dangerous when being applied today comes from my own state Arizona. Phoenix, AZ began to hire Life Guards that don’t have strong swimming skills and ones that can not swim at all, simply because they are minorities. The Life Guards they have already are all White and they felt “uncomfortable” with that. Judicial Watch covered this story on their own site and the Fox Nation website picked it up as well. National Review Online‘s blogger Andrew Johnson  who writes The Corner also wrote about this story .

So… Are we now supposed to overlook safety as well as being unqualified in order to have Minorities placed in positions because of “White Guilt”? I think not! I myself am a Minority! I was born and raised in an area of town called Sugar Hill which is predominately BLACK! It’s also well-known for its Gang and Drug activity! I didn’t let my Minority status stop me from pushing to succeed nor did I/or do I need Affirmative Action to get me by in life.

People (of all colors) need to start taking more pride in themselves and what they can accomplish for themselves. If you don’t want people to think you are “Ghetto” or “Poor White Trash”, then don’t carry yourself in a “Ghetto” or “Poor White Trash” manner. Stay in school, don’t do or sell drugs, stay away from the gangs, strive for goals that will help you make something productive of yourself and productive in society! Hasn’t everyone heard the phrase of “If it walks like a duck…..”?

As for Affirmative Action… As I stated earlier, I myself think it is no longer relevant or needed!

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7 thoughts on “Affirmative Action: Is it a Necessity Today?

  1. God only made one color…red…the color of our blood…if I or you or anyone cuts them self…It doesn’t bleed anything but red…when we can see that color in everyone when we look at them… we will truly be free…

  2. The Majority of African Americans can trace their roots to slavery. They did not suddenly become free with Abraham Lincoln. In fact they mostly gained their rights behind white women. The evolution of the American Black Ex-Slave has been incredible, in this country. However the amount of years is still to small to overcome the disparity that was enacted upon them as a race in this country. You dont go from Slavery to middle class in two or three generations.

    For a large part of the Black American , door were closed for a very long time . Forcing many into commune like situations,and living there without much hope (Ghettos) Terrible education, poverty, Racism, violence and politcos that capitolized on any who tried to buck the system.

    Our Jails are overwhemingly African American in population. This is always a cause of deep poverty. I grew up in a city which was at the time of my youth mostly African American , this is the 70’s. There was an interesting turnaround going on , and at the time I had a hard time understanding it , being young. I know now that it was Affirmative Action.

  3. I like what Dennis Prager always says, it’s about _Character_ not color, or race, or religion, or any other “External” factor. When it comes to business, it’s about qualifications for doing a job. Now, I agree that it’s difficult for folks to get started in any career. I struggled at the beginning of my adult life with drugs and alcohol, and with making a career decision. What I found was that when I got the drugs and alcohol out of the way, er, I should say, the Lord helped me get clean and sober, what happened was that my head cleared and I was able to pick a concrete direction for my life.

    So, what you are saying about priorities is right on. What has happened is that we are raising an “Entitled” generation now that think it is possible to get something for nothing. They have “Faith” in the lottery, but not in hard work. Our Government has brought us this false hope, and they help to spread that lie throughout our culture. I don’t like to be picky on these things, but way back in 2005 folks were warning us that giving homes away to folks who couldn’t afford them was a bad idea. It’s another outgrowth of that same “Entitled” mentality.

    We have many problems in this country right now, and I believe you are also correct in your bottom line point: Affirmative Action is no longer needed. I really wish we could stop – completely – talking in terms of color (race) at all. I don’t believe it’s useful to use color/race in any arguments any longer for anything. I know that’s “Wishful thinking” and that we will always have to confront the issue of racism and discrimination, but it should be handled on individual or “Exceptional” basis, since we got rid of Jim Crow laws with Civil Rights and the Law of the Land now asserts – totally – that we are all created equal in terms of “Opportunity.”

  4. I think it should be a choice. If an employer or institution chooses to employ Affirmative Action as a policy, it should be allowed. If however, a competing business or institution chooses not to institute Affirmative Action, that would be their choice. Liberty and free markets should determine the efficacy of policy, not Legislation.

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