Planned Parenthood’s Deliberate Decimation of the Black Community

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On Tuesday, May 14, 2013 there was a gathering of dedicated notable pro-life Black clergy and laymen in Washington D.C. to stand united as a powerful coalition with Star Parker and her organization Urban Cure at a press conference at the National Press Club to be followed with a legislative briefing at the Capital Hill Club and the ladies of the Last Civil Right were front and present with other Black Pro-life leaders.

This press conference was implemented to address the blatant targeting by Planned Parenthood of Black citizens, and minorities in general with their planned placement of their abortion clinics and also to call on congress to launch an investigation into the abortion practice, with a particular scope into those practitioners with inhumane  Gosnell like clinics.

Late-term abortion is an abomination, not only because it kills a baby, it also can kill a woman’s spirit, her future to have a family and even possibly her.  Kermit Gosnell’s building of horrors (for yes that’s really what it was, not a medical clinic) may just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to those that help with the eradication of the minority population as was Sanger and associates plans for Planned Parenthood.   If Planned Parenthood was truly concerned about women and their gender specific health issues, they would not allow barely qualified if properly medically trained deviants such as Kermit Gosnell to be affiliated with them.  They would not target specific urban communities to place their facilities geared specifically towards abortion.  They would take due diligence to regulate those facilities and practice truth in the number of procedures and all pertinent data to the CDC.

The Last Civil Rights, Babette Holder-Youngberg (MusingsFromTheGirlOnTheRight), Kuuleme Stephens, Pastor Shannon Wright issued this positional statement to the press:

Roe v. Wade is the law of the land and has been extended to include late term abortion, a heinous procedure, which is contrary to Christian beliefs and values.  The federal government has seen fit to force religious groups and businesses to facilitate this horrendous procedure.   Planned Parenthood being far from what it’s name implies, exists to weed out the most helpless among the Black and Hispanic communities, They do not counsel, they advocate the killing of our future.  Therefore we offer the following solutions:  The government should remove itself as the arbiter of this gruesome act and we submit further that congress should pass and the President sign a bill eradicating the Late Term Abortion.  The congress and the President must recognize the Hyde Amendment as the law and forever forbid the government from funding such an atrocity.

The following are some of the excerpts from The Daily Caller’s coverage of the press conference,

“We’re calling upon America to open your hearts again, open your eyes again, clean out your ears again,” the niece of Martin Luther King Jr. Alveda King said.

“You wouldn’t tolerate it if women going into clinics for breast enhancements and botox were coming out dead. You wouldn’t put up with that for one moment, so why in God’s name is it hard to get the government to ensure that we don’t have ogres like Kermit Gosnell slaughtering our women and desecrating the bodies of our children?”~Pastor Caesar LaFlore,  New Community Church in Dolton, Ill.

This powerful statement was made by Catherine Davis, President and Co-Founder of The Restoration Project, Atlanta, Ga. at the legislative briefing to deliver the message to the President of Planned Parenthood and others that “we get it, we get it that for 40 years they have built their facilities in our black neighborhoods, for 40 years they have deceived our women with the decision of  Roe v. Wade.”

Black women are not some monolithic group of imbeciles that we don’t understand what is going on!

“Kermit Gosnell is a racist of the worst kind because he preyed on women and young girls of his own race,” Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union, said. “For more than 30 years, Kermit Gosnell participated in and perpetuated the epidemic of black-on-black crime.”~ Ms. Day Gardner/President, National Black Pro-life Union, Washington, D.C.

Full Video of Press Conference by Urban Cure:

Gosnell Press Conference with Star Parker

Pre-Press Conference Prayer


12 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood’s Deliberate Decimation of the Black Community

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  2. For far too long the Church has been a part of the problem because many have refused to act at all. That is a big part of all of us speaking up to turn that around.

  3. As for me and mine we will serve the Lord. We opened up our own home to house young women who are pregnant and looking at alternatives to abortion. We are also looking to see more CPC’s opened in our state. We are also retraining clergy to be able to address these issues with their congregations.

  4. Interesting read. Hopefully these clergy are leading by example and providing support for pregnant women, and sexual health education for adolescents and young adults to plan or delay pregnancies.

  5. I am very interested in positives such as information on what the faith community is doing to support pregnant mothers/families, educate adolescents and young adults about sexual health, and how to plan or delay pregnancies. Thanks

  6. Let’s keep in mind the original charter of Planned Parenthood stated clearly by it’s founder was to eliminate and control the birth rate of blacks….this is historically the mission statement of Planned Parenthood and for my money hasn’t changed one bit!

    • Right! Not to mention they used the black church to set up shop and get black women to support abortion of their unborn children and nothing has changed since the creation of abortion and the installation of abortion clinics next to the church house. Now it is a problem, smh. The Black church has been silent on abortion for the last 300 that have seen some 50 million unborn babies.

      Listening to these pastors say, “black leaders need to be removed…”If anything the clergy must be removed. The Black pastors/churches are the enemy to Black women. The Black church supports abortion and support not disseminating condoms and other birth control methods, smh.

      • God-less, can you with a clear conscience state that is every Black Church? Did you not watch the full video where these Pastors call out the other Black churches and Pastors? Did you not see where they even called out the NAACP? Keep the negative wishes flowing and that is what is known as community defeat and frankly grouping against those trying to make the change.

      • For far too long the Church has been a part of the problem because many have refused to act at all. That is a big part of all of us speaking up to turn that around.This epidemic didn’t happen overnight nor will a solution. The solution will take a multi-pronged approach. We are reaching out to clergy to re-educate clergy to handle these issues according to the Bible, not mans law. We are working to get clergy to open their homes as well to work to open Crisis Pregnancy Centers. We are working on many levels to dispel the myth that all Black clergy is in bed with Planned Parenthood .

  7. You will find more abortion clinics in cities with higher rates of unplanned pregnancies, since that is where abortions will be in the most demand. Please stop making everything an issue about race. Since “Black women are not some monolithic group of imbeciles that we don’t understand what is going on!” as this article previously quoted, they should be allowed to make these decisions for themselves without religious proselytizing or throwing the “racist” word around. Please keep your religion to yourself. Thanks.

    • Topbanana, please stop making demands on someone’s personal blog, let me state for the record, you don’t control my 1st amendment right. Secondly, abortion clinic are placed specifically where they can prey upon the weak of spirit and poorest. It is very easy to tell a woman and for that matter a man that is faced with a significant life change that the easiest and fastest solution is to eliminate the problem, which then leads to other problems like remorse, depression, spiritual self-inflicted shame, and even possible future health issues. When the CDC (what little information they have been able to collect) and the Guttmacher Institute research indicates that the large proportion of the population in the Unites States is Black females getting abortions and specifically late term abortions, tell me it wouldn’t be financially beneficial for Planned Parenthood to target their “business” there? Because that’s basically all it is a business, abortion makes up the bulk of their income. I state to you not ask, state, who better to address this worrisome and horrific act than the peers of those that are being decimated by such a practice? Pay attention to the cultural demands past and present, the 2007 & 2012 elections are good examples that Black Americans tend to put more weight into issues from those they can IDENTIFY with, too often we heard, “That White man don’t speak for me.” coming from their communities and voter base. The Pastors have significant influence in their communities and they are stepping forth to lead their congregation. I suggest you go do some research, real research.

    • These clinics are stratigically placed in minority communities. So as far as you talking about it being a religious thing, you would be dead wrong! It is a race thing and a poor uneducated thing! Places like these don’t care about your religion! They do care about eradicating minorities and the poor though…. Topbanana you need to do some research before running your mouth here!!!

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