@ Large Conference, for the new Majority

Folks it has been an awesome couple of days! Had the opportunity to attend the @ Large Conference for a New Majority. Over the next few weeks we will be posting interviews with tom and Deneen Borelli, Rev. C.L. Bryant and his wife the lovely lady Jane, Dr. Tim Johnson founder of the Frederick Douglas Foundation, K. Carl Smith Frederick Douglas Republicans, News Ninja Wayne Dupree, Radiance Foundation’s Ryan Bomberg, and more!

I can’t express to you all how important this conference was.  It wasn’t about getting away, eating out, the pictures and hand shaking or any of the other things you would expect. It wasn’t about the public speaking or the media. More than anything it was about seeing different personalities and entities come together as people with different perspectives come together on the same page.

We have all been working together individually if you will on key issues. This was a chance to get to know the people behind the personalities. It was a chance to see ideologically where we all stand and how we can work together for a common goal.

I also got to see the movie, no, 25326_380489659481_882450_naward-winning documentary Runaway Slaves by Rev. C.L. Bryant seated at the table with Rev. and Mrs. Bryant. Also seated at the table were Tom and Deneen Borelli and Star Parker. It was also Star Parkers’ first time seeing the movie. It was an experience I will remember. For those of you that have not seen Runaway Slave I strongly recommend it. It will give you a clear perspective on both sides of the Black political issue and why people are where they are on both sides of the issue.

All the pieces of the conference fit together to form the perfect circle. Runaway Slave gave you the perspective. Pastor Shannon Wright’s book White Folks Guide to Understanding the Black Community and get out the vote gives insight to solutions, Urban C.U.R.E and Frederick Douglas Foundation give you the policy perspectives, Freedom Works gives you policy and tools, K.Carl Smiths’ Frederick Douglas Republicans and Anita MonCrief give you the boots on the ground training, The Last Civil Right and News Ninja 2012 bring the word to the people. All working together for a common goal that is the new majority as I see it.

The message is so important that the ladies of The Last Civil Right or working with the organizers of the @ Large Conference to replicate the conference on a smaller scale across the country late this Summer and through the Fall. We will be in Illinois, New Jersey, Tennessee, Maryland, Missouri, and Arizona. Help us stand together. Please make a donation using the link below. Your support makes it possible to turn our country around!    https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/6WN84



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