Race: Does it Only Matter When it’s a Black Being Killed by a Non-Black???

Kuuleme Stephens

Kuuleme Stephens

I am finding it hard to come to terms with the hypocrisy that has come to light in recent events. 28y/o George Zimmerman (who is of mixed heritage) stands accused of 2nd Degree Murder and faces life in prison for the shooting of 17y/o Black Youth,Trayvon Martin. The trial has recently started in this case, yet people all over social media feel the need to make it a race issue and convict in the Court of Opinion. Al Sharpton hit the stage early in this case making one of his famous race-baiting speeches, and Obama had to jump on board as well with his speech of “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” speech. Even the racist New Black Panther Party came out with their talk of racist hatred and put a 10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman’s head, and Director Spike Lee tweeted what he thought was Zimmerman’s address (which turned out to be the wrong address leaving an elderly couple concerned for their safety) to add to the racial fire. Even Facebook has allowed FB Pages and Groups to be posted on their websites refusing to remove them which violates their own Community Standards….

Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty” in this country? And does race only matter when it is a Black person being killed by a non-Black, or in Zimmerman’s case, someone with less Black blood in their heritage???

This topic really hits close to home for me, as my husband’s cousin, Ross Shreves, was recently murdered in Arlington, Texas on Monday June 10th of this year.


Ross was a seventh-grade writing and eighth-grade English teacher at Kennedale Junior High, he sponsor the Student Counsel, and he was an incredible Power Lifter and a member of the Strength and Stone Power-lifters. It was his second year teaching at the school. He can be seen in the picture (in the second row for the bottom in the middle) on their Facebook Page. He was loved by all of his family, friends, fellow staff, students and it took everyone by surprise with the news of his death.

It didn’t take long for the Arlington Police to make an arrest in our cousin’s case. The Dallas Morning News was one of the Texas News Outlets to report on the arrest that had been made on their website as did My Fox DFW. The Arlington Police were quick to issue an Arrest Warrant and took 27y/o Black Male, Patrick Jardell Brooks, into custody. He is now being held on a measly 100,000 dollar bond in the Tarrant County Jail.


What we, the family do know, is pretty much the same thing that has put out in the media outlets. Ross and Brooks grew up together as children. They were former classmates and went to school together from Grade School through High School. They went their separate ways as many kids do and Ross chose a teaching career. They even spent the night over at each others homes as children. Ross and Brooks had no contact with each other until Brooks found him on Facebook 5 or 6 months before the incident took place, when they arranged to meet via text messaging (Which is how Brooks was caught so quickly, as he was the last person to text message in Ross’s phone). He did not steal any thing from Ross, he just shot him in the neck and head and ran. Brooks removed Ross from his friends-list immediately after the murder. Brooks has chosen to remain silent and has yet to this day give a reason for why he killed Ross.

So, back to the hypocrisy….
Why didn’t Ross’s murder make National News??? Why wasn’t his slaying being played all over the Mainstream Media non-stop for all to see??? Where is the Main Stream media on all the Black on White crime (I don’t like using the New Nation link, but they do have the most cases listed) that takes place here in the US everyday??? Where were all the “White Leaders” calling for justice and Obama giving a “If I had a son speech”??? (I mean Obama is half white, so couldn’t Ross be like one of his sons too???) Where is the Klan and other various White Supremacist Groups placing a bounty on Brooks head if he manages to get out on bail??? Where are all the Facebook Groups and Pages calling for the death of Brooks (or any other Black person that has committed murder) and rioting in the streets as Facebook allows for Trayvon Martin???

I’ll tell you where…. No where to be found!!!

I’ll push it even further…. Why isn’t there a big outcry from the so-called Black Leaders like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and NAACP President Ben Jealous over the Black on Black crime??? Blacks kill Blacks every day!!! Where is their outrage over Blacks having abortions??? BlackGenocide.org reports on the topic of Blacks and Abortion, and so does Day Gardner’s organization the National Black Pro-Life Union. I know they have heard of Alveda King and her organization Priests for Life. If they haven’t,  then they must be deaf, dumb, and blind and do not need to be considered the leaders of any race of people!

To answer my own question:
When Blacks kill another Black or a non-Black, society seems to place little importance on it. When a Black is killed by a non-Black or someone who is seen to be “less Black” (such as Zimmerman in this case), then the Race-Baiters whip out the Race Cards, find the nearest camera, yell as loud as they can and as often as they can, and force the Mainstream Media to focus on Race. It is done in order to influence an outcome in their favour, make money off of their own people by pretending to care about their civil rights, and fan the flames for a Race War plain and simple.

Now does that seem right to you????

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  1. Why don’t you want anybody discussing racism? Is it your belief that only blacks see it? There are countless white Americans who know it, see it, and disagree with it. Why do you wish that everyone stop talking about it? There are many reasons oppression is suffered by people of color, yet the primary reason is ignorance concerning the facts! If in the attempt to address the underlying cause of oppression “racism” is brought up within the subject, will you accuse them of “playing the race card” simply because it has entered into the conversation? And how does one speak of oppression without bringing “race” into the equation, when it is on the basis of race that they are oppressed in the first place? It is my understanding that “a race card” is played when you have nothing else in which to play with. It is a “triumph card” that supercedes all others. Africans in America need no such card for they have a history of oppression based on “racism” from the time they got here right up into the present! All of which, is continually ignored even by those who once championed the cause of equality. If you have found your place within America to the degree that you are so far removed from the oppression of your people that you can no longer bare to “hear their cries” concerning it – what gives you the right to “dis-annul it” since you know nothing of it yourself? Those who hurt “scream out” in pain and those who are “quite comfortable” wish for silence. But rather than be a tool, or a vessel, by which to ease the pain they rather silence it altogether and pretend it doesn’t exist. My condolences to you on your loss, the one that is obvious and the one that is “not yet” obvious.

    • If we are to discuss racism, it should be over real racism cases. Not everything in this world is considered to be racist. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made a mockery of of our community by crying wolf. Most people are attributing the excuse of racism to things that have nothing to do with the actual term today.

  2. ~ This is how Negropean’s weigh-in, defending racism; by raising issues on black on black crimes. Negropean’s insist that folks be silent on racial issues; it might smear their relationships with whites.

      • ~ Really . . .LOL! ~ You obviously wants blacks to cry racism when blacks commit crimes against whites! Not happening! Racism is the legacy of whites, not blacks! I call it Karma when the tables are turned. Surely you have a vested interest in defending the honor of your white husbands cousin by attempting to collect “brownie-points” for defending or standing-up for white views. Surely, your white friends will give you plenty of strokes for her weak efforts.

      • Then you have a reading problem! I myself, don’t want to hear anyone yelling racism at all! You may want to read again. I was talking about the hypocrisy of things. Who are you trying to gain brownie points from?? Racists of America???

    • “You obviously wants blacks to cry racism when blacks commit crimes against whites!”

      If the white person was attacked/killed BECAUSE he/she was white and no other reason then the person who did it was/is a racist. (period) Racism is not limited to a single color of people. It is rampent in many colors. Plain and simple. You are either blind or foolish if you can’t understand words have meanings.

      • Thank you again! I was also addressing the hypocrisy of the issue as well! Some people seem to think that Blacks can’t be racist. They give the excuse of slavery and the Black Communities history to try and make their point valid. Every race has been slaves at one point in time. The Black Community is the only one who refuses to move forward and progress!

  3. Wow. What a bunch of fucktards you collect. Racism, in a nutshell, is the belief that you are superior because of your race, or that members of another race (which are artificial contructs, but that’s beside the point) are inherently inferior. People with fewer opportunities in the “normal” world are forced to find ways to survive outside of that realm. This is true regardless of what “race” you might be.

    People who talk about “race baiting,” or, worse, “reverse racism” don’t even understand what racism is. The term “race baiting” is racist, because you’re dismissing the complaints of other people based on your perception. You don’t have the right to do that. If someone of a different race than you says “This is what I experienced” you’d have to be a flaming piece of dog shit to argue with them. How in the FUCK are you supposed to know?

    And if you can’t tell the difference between an armed man following an unarmed teenager and then shooting him to death (I’m sorry, if your response to an unarmed attack is to shoot someone, you’re a chickenshit loser coward who deserves to be beaten).

    And your hero Zimmermann is now in trouble for pulling a gun on his girlfriend. I mean, why not? He was cheered the last time.

    You people are fucked in the head.

    And, for the conservative moron (redundant, I know) who thinks liberals can be “taught better?” We’re the ones using logic and reason, here. I have yet to have a discussion with a so-called “conservative’ that didn’t involve engineered manipulative language invented by “think tanks” and broadcast on FOX News. Leave their talking points behind and they have nothing at all to say. None of them are capable of thinking for themselves or learning things on their own. It has to be force-fed to them. Thinking for yourself isn’t exactly a “conservative” trait. Which party, after all, has been compared to “herding cats.” It sure as hell isn’t the Republicans. Republicans herd well. It may have something to do with a lifetime of accepting the label of “sheep” just waiting for a “shepherd.”

    I know conservatives think they can slap any old definition on a word they like, but language doesn’t work that way. And I’ll continue to point out their deficits every time I get the chance. And they are more than welcome to go fuck themselves if they don’t like it.

    And the reason black on black crime doesn’t get the coverage is that it’s NOT CONTROVERSIAL. Viewers aren’t going to tune in just to hear coverage of something they think happens every day (whether or not it does).

    If there’s anything more stupid than loyalty to a creed that holds you as inferior by nature, I’m not sure what it is. Just take a look at the Tea Party signs, or listen to them rail against Michelle, and tell yourself they’re not racist.

    No one lies to themselves quite as well as a “conservative.”

    • They don’t have the right to do that??? REALLY??? Yet you have the right to say what everyone else can and can not do? Right? WOW! Also, no one said anything about supporting Zimmerman in this particular piece so don’t go off on tangents if you are going to reply here. You seem a little bent in the head yourself thinking that no one can learn. Everyone is capable of learning you twit! You seem to like using the “F” word a lot…. Are you lacking in getting something, or is it that your vocabulary as an all knowing person isn’t up to par????

  4. Kuuleme I am not sure if you are whitewashed or posturing for white votes.. What is your point about Zimmerman of mix heritage. Damn near every Black person is of mixed heritage.. It’s called Master Gillmoe snicking down to Mamie’s slave quarters…SO WHAT’S YOUR POINT… .The fact of the matter is that Black on Black crime violence stems from hopelessness born out of 500 years of unabated legal discrimination. The idea that African Americans are prone to violence has a long pedigree, from antebellum fears of slave revolts, to the 1890s, when white supremacist scholars took crime statistics and twisted them into “proof” of inherent black criminality. Hopelessness is at the root of the violence plaguing poor, black neighborhoods. Poverty, family dysfunction and cultural decay contribute to the feeling of hopelessness pervasive throughout black inner-city communities.

    The concept of a group of people resorting to violence when left with no recourse against injustice should not be foreign to anyone with an elementary understanding of American history. Taxation without representation caused American heroes to turn violent against their former countrymen.

    Had George Washington, Sam Adams and Ethan Allen been subjected to the mind-altering, self-esteem-destroying degradation of enslavement, there’s a damn good chance they would’ve turned on each other rather than their colonizers.

    The uniqueness of the black American experience and the side effects of that experience are not difficult to relate to, convey or understand. It’s just that most people like you who are far too ignorant and simple-minded to go beyond what appears to be a political agenda that support the continued demoralization of poor black people.

    • “Hopelessness is at the root of the violence plaguing poor, black neighborhoods. Poverty, family dysfunction and cultural decay contribute to the feeling of hopelessness pervasive throughout black inner-city communities.”

      100% agree. Look at neighborhoods with predominately white or Latino families with the same exact problems and you will see much higher crime rates as well. I believe she is pointing out that hard work and dedication reap rewards regardless of race. My family wasn’t and isn’t rich but we (my brothers and sisters and I) all found a way to attend college. We all graduated debt free. Some took it part time, some delayed taking it a few years and saved money, we all did what we needed for a better life.

      I believe that is the center piece of her argument. That race doesn’t matter. Talent, Drive, Determination are more important than a color of label. Below these beautiful shades of skin we all bleed red, we are all human and in the end (in a perfect world) all would see a human and none would see a color.

  5. Want the whole ugly story google white girl bleed a lot. It’s sad one life is place higher than another by whore mongering news and race baiters alike. All life is precious and color doesn’t matter we are all one race (human). The idea of “black race” and “red race” (My people) was to justify seeing them as less than human and giving permission to enslave and murder at will. Go and find when black became a race and you’ll see it was to justify slavery because according to those who claimed black was a race said “Black man is only 2/3s human and is more ape than man”. This of course is very untrue as we share the same genetic makeup because we are all humans. Some humans are pale and others have beutiful color to their skin. Some are dark haired and some light. At the end of it we are all Human. All one race with beautiful differences.

  6. I’m so sorry for your families loss. Ross and I had become good friends in the months prior to his death, and his passing really hit home. I hope you all are on the road to healing in the midst of this senseless loss.

  7. This whole ridiculous diatribe can be answered with your own words: “It didn’t take long for the Arlington Police to make an arrest in our cousin’s case.”

    I am very sorry for your loss but maybe you don’t understand why there is a national outcry over this case. Zimmerman wasn’t arrested OR charged until the issue was forced by a national outcry. I do believe that the black community has a responsibility to deal with crime but to insinuate that the black community doesn’t care about crime because there’s no national outcry is ignorant. When black people commit crimes they are promptly arrested and charged with a crime. In this case, the state of Florida didn’t want to bring charges against Zimmerman because they believed he was right from the very start. You are comparing apples to oranges and I’m appalled that you don’t understand that simplicity of your erroneous argument.

  8. I just want to THANK YOU for speaking the truth which I and many of my friends and family have been saying for years and years, both white and black. If only the rest of society would get on board maybe things would change. But until that “race” card is no longer an issue it will never change. I just don’t understand where a nation that is made up of more races all mixed together than a box of crayons why there is even a “race” issue who is truely of one race alone? I am german-irish-french-indian tell me Im white? dont bet on that..

  9. Murder is wrong and should be punished. Everyone has a muder story or one they know. But the law should never allow prejudiceness or racism to prevent them from protecting and serving the community. The only reason this Zimmerman vs Trayvon case made national news is because the police, the government appointed authority failed to do their job. So any activist or common folk has the right to hlights to me how America has a lot of growing to do. Kuumelee Stephens you amongst all should want to see justice since your husband was murdered and should be glad men of standard are standing for justice.

    • Jesse, the authorities did their job because the Investigator decided it was self defense. But nooooo Jesse Jackson and Sharpton started their race hustle and the State had to appoint a Special Prosecutor. Justice was done just not the way many in the black community wanted. Win or Lose…Justice was done.

  10. I am sorry for your loss but the answer to your question is the powers that be are trying to cause a reason to confiscate all firearms by declaring marshal law but they need a reason to declare marshal law best way would be a race riot

  11. Kuuleme – I would like to applaud you for the awesome message you have provided here….other than quoting the specific sources….the words are the same thoughts I have all the time…

  12. One of the main reasons God destroyed the earth the first time was because of violence. All life should be valued period, had not Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson not gotten involved George Zimmerman would have just walked. It was just last century less than one hundred years ago. Hundreds of thousands of people would gather to watch people of a darker hue being lynched there are still graphic images of the horrible events on the Internet. There is a latent form of genocide occurring daily in this country because all life is not valued the same not in the past not today. Nothing can go on in this country without someone using the opportunity to show the president in a negative light. President Obama had nothing to do with any of the cases you mentioned in your article. Circumstance existed in this country giving rise to both events prior to his taking office. We must value and respect all life because God does and he will avenge the shedding of innocent blood.

  13. I’m so heart broken for ur family. This is the kinda bs I speak of every day of my life people tell me let it go but I say its bout time sum one starts raiseing a little hell its bs how storys like urs go unnoticed but the crimes of a white man killin a black are so noticed

  14. Well said. As a 20 year Army vet, I am deeply concerned at the path our media seems to support and foster. If the media would stop giving air time to such issues and just actually report the news things might change. Honestly there is no reason to say a black killed a white or a white killed a black. One person killing another is wrong in any rule of Law.

  15. Racism has become a epidemic sense Obama got in office.. His communistic/muslim blood-boiling has separated people all over the world.. You would think that people would have enough sense to see Obama`s garbage-can agenda.. At least not in America.. Communist are calling him a communist and Americans kiss-his-butt.

  16. Kuuleme your article is right on, thank you for bringing this up, I have been saying the same thing all along, so sorry for your loss

      • How is any of this relevant to Zimmerman? Was the black guy who killed your husband’s cousin a self appointed neighborhood watch? Did this black guy put a hollow point bullet in the chamber and say he was the friendly neighborhood watch guy, who’s not looking for trouble and minding his business and somehow thought that a guy in a hood in Florida during a rain storm, was suspicious, so he followed him, confronted him, without knowing him from Adam, and shooting him point blank in the heart and then say, “He didn’t know he shot him after only pulling ht trigger once?” Come on Mrs?

    • Sound like you have some personal issues with Mrs. King. I wonder why? Abortion? Well statistics speaks for itself. Black women murder their babies….FACT!

      • Blaming abortion rates for black females, on clinics being strategiclly placed in minority communities is ABSURD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        They will travel near and far to kill their black unborn fetus, location is a cop out!!!
        There are clinics in many areas of a community, and no matter where the location, BLACK FEMALES TIP THE SCALE in abortion rates…
        YOU need to WAKE UP…
        DENIAL is a great river,but you can’t live in it !!!!!

      • Billy, it’s true…Planned Parenthood is located in every city in the Inner city. Please name the city or suburbs on any Planned Parenthood locations

  17. It is really sad people are so small minded that they actually believe that color is a race, Color is as must of a race at is Christianity or Muslim. here is something for everyone to think about and if you can understand and comprehend what this is about then share it!!!

    The “racism” lie

    Honestly I am getting sick of hearing the term “racist”. To me there is no such thing. I am sure you are thinking how is this possible, well here it is, how can one be truly “racist” if your of the same species? unless you hate all that species. Do you look at retrievers and call one a chocolate lab race, the golden race, black lab race?? When you looks at a cat, do you see one cat as a Abyssinian cat as a different race then a Bombay cat and the Javanese cat as a different race then the other cats?? If we can equate canine as a name of a “race” and feline as well is equated to the term race, would not all the dogs mentioned be of the same race as well as all the cats would also be same race?? So why is it that when it comes to humans we have different “race” for color or ethnic background? By this logic using ethnic or color as a defining feature of “race”, then could you not also say that them that are blondes, brunettes and red head are different “races” as well?? And what about eye color?? Could you not be the blue eyed “race” and the brown eyed “race”?? To me there is only 1 race of humans and it don’t matter where you come from, what your nationality, color of skin, eyes, hair or even ethnic back ground is, your still part of the HUMAN RACE, ALL humans have basic features, same basic same DNA, 2 arms, 2 lags, etc, Until we get away from thinking there are multi humanoid “races” by skin color or ethnic back ground, we will never get over this so-called racism, which is truly nothing more than Bigotry and being a bigot!!

  18. this is american at its worst,so much black on black crime here in montgomery that the media avoids it.the community asks for help,but its starts at home.these young black men seem to think the rap songs are words to live by,no father to tell them different. i don’t consider Zimmerman white,just stupid.these so called community watch guards are not trained police ,the man got scared and ignored the 911 operater ,a sad action but not a hate crime.what about the 2 black men that shot the baby in front of the mom a few months back,where were the black leaders then,no comments from black panthers,al sharpton,or obama .if someone invades my space, may god help them.i will be color blind and send them to hell

  19. In the large scheme of things, there are thousands and thousands and Thousands of senseless killings EVERY year!!! Only a very very small handful of those receive the exclusive media coverage as Zimmerman & Travon Martin…… While I’m sorry for your loss, you are in the majority (the rule) not the exception. You had a painful, ridiculous loss of a beautiful family member and no words could ever make it easier for the family to deal with.
    But, if the media ran with EVERY murder case in the 50 states, there would not be enough hours in a day…
    When we lose a loved one senselessly (and I have, as well), we ALL long for the media and public figure outpouring to be on our side.
    It just doesn’t happen. Not because of ethnicity where the victim or the suspect was black, white, Hispanic, mixed or of a different race, but because there just isn’t room for the hundreds of thousands of murders each year to be brought to the publics attention….
    Absolutely NO disrespect to you Mrs. Kuuleme, but the black public is ALWAYS first to cry RACISM. If any other race had the exclusive ethnic only publications, tv shows etc as blacks do, there would be riots galore. Where is the ALL WHITE mrs America pageant, or WET (white entertainment TV) or the IVORY magazine like you have with EBONY.
    “Your” heritage (society) keeps racism alive.
    Case in point, your topic we are discussing.

  20. I will join the chorus and laud you on this very well-written piece. I am in a cross-cultural marriage (interracial as well) and I get so fed up with racism from any quarter. I do not think for one second that you have either confused/omitted any facts or taken any liberties in this piece. The racist elements you mention are there as plain as the nose on your face, yet if you bring them up there is always someone who will attempt to rationalize how wrong you are to even suggest they may be apparent. I am sick to death of the politically correct culture’s attempts to redefine what is acceptable to say. If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it must be a duck…no offense to ducks intended, however, but let’s be real. Life is NOT a game, and I must take exception to the analogy another poster made by comparing right wing/left wing political philosophies to team sports. The main difference between the two is that sports events DO reach a conclusion at some point and one team or the other comes away as the winner. Life continues to march on and there is no need to establish a victor because if we can all just learn to respect/love one another and get along without offending each other, we ALL win.

  21. Absolutely! So sorry for your loss. Thank you for your brilliant comments/questions which are all valid! I too cannot umderstand why. Maybe we can get an organization put together and get people of all races to stand and fight this imsanity.

  22. Kuuleme~ I’m so glad I found your blog! We are more divided than ever in regards to race and political party. Spurring that division has been very intentional by the radical left. I’m convinced encouraging division amongst groups is the main tactic of a community organizer. You create the chaos & then take advantage of the desperation for resolution. (Read ‘Rules for Radicals’ by Saul Alinsky. You will recognize those public figures who *use* the same tactics.)

    Anyway, I enjoyed your article & look forward to reading more of your work. Hannity has been showing a rerun of Black Conservatives. I hope you can join that group-your voice is needed and would add much value.

    Much success to you and Thank You for providing such reason.

  23. I am of mixed race, and I don’t understand this whole race issue at all! A murder is a murder no matter the color of the person doing it, or the color of the person killed. All murders should get the same amount of concern and outrage from fellow citizens. When will we all become color blind? I absolutely hate it when the race card is pulled!

  24. Kuuleme, thank you so much for having the courage to speak out on this. Unfortunately this trial has caused some tension between my children and me. You see I am White and my husband is Black and my children are believing all the trash they hear and read about the trial…because they don’t trust what THEY call the “sensationalized” press such as FOX, etc. I have pointed out to them that the majority of the news feeds they read/watch are the ones who are sensationalizing the whole situation. Just as they don’t show pictures of Martin as he was when he was killed…all the tats and the muscular build. They show pix of him that are years old in order to drum up sympathy. If the press spent half as much time getting the stories correct as they do stirring up racial hatred then maybe we could believe some of the things they write. Unfortunately race riots, etc. sell big for newspapers, online news, etc. Truth isn’t usually as dramatic so it has no meaning to most of the so-called news reporters today. And it seems that a lot of the news outlets who have writers who tell the truth tend to keep them assigned to fluff pieces instead of being the true reporters who actually TELL the truth! Best wishes to you and your family and my condolences for the death of your cousin. God bless you…and thanks for your service in keeping our country safe.

  25. Thank You , very well said , now if people would just listen to your words of WISDOM and make up their own minds and not let the mainstream media make it up for them.

  26. There is very little JUSTICE left in this country anymore especially if it is a white on black crime. If the ‘white’ is found NOT GUILTY the black threaten rioting, burning & killing & the JOKES we have for judges nowaday have NO backbone whatsoever so they do all they can to sway the jury towards a GUILTY verdict. It is sad & scary what is happening to this country. People are just not getting it. If we do not turn it around NOW this once GREAT & powerful nation will cease to exit. There will be NO freedom for anyone. The people that think they have it tough today will only be able to WISH that they had it so good. We are going under faster than anyone can imagine because we are turning a blind eye. It’s getting to be ‘too late’ really quickly & past time for us, AMERICANS, black, white, red & yellow to band TOGETHER & take our country back! If not, our children & grandchildren will NEVER know the beautiful & once great country that WAS The United States of America.

  27. C’MON now!! If you are an educated person, then you will know that racism is a learned behavior and it starts in the HOME!!! So we live in an ignorant society as well!! human nature is like a battery!! Negative and Positive, it is the cycle of a anti- God world!!

  28. It’s it just me or is race or into almost everything still? Everyone wants to think we have come so far with racism, but it is constantly thrown in our faces. I can’t think of anything more racist than to point out that someone is the first black person to do something. It is mentioned in the news constantly, like it’s something to be celebrated. “Look at us! We aren’t racist, check it out, a black person achieved something!” To me it’s the same thing as, “check it out, a black guy finally did something white people have been doing for years! Oh, don’t forget, the color of his skin totally matters.” Just a thought.

  29. Seems ridiculous to me. Just shows the mentality of the ignorant people who are looking for 15 minutes of fame, or better yet infamy.

  30. I am sorry for your lost. And I am sorry that Texas is falling apart. I am not sure if the governor has lost control or if its just more odummmer supporters trying to screw up a great state. Either way it is, just holding this guy on $100,000 or 10% at $10,000 it is terrible. You must have a terrible and irresponsible judge. More and more the judges in this country are all failing Americans. Good luck.

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  32. If race wasn’t made into such an issue on this, Zimmerman would never have been brought to trial. The media and leftists tried him and convicted him without hearing any evidence. This is just so wrong. I don’t care if you’re black, white, yellow, or any other color of the rainbow. You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  33. Thank you for your article. Question: how can we change this horrid distortion in the public? If you speak to many black people, they are certain that zimmerman is guilty. if you speak to people of other races, it depends on who you talk to. it is absolutely absurd how zimmerman is already called guilty. insanity. martin attacked him first and was trying to kill him, and said so! zimmerman said martin was reaching for his gun. either way, it was martin who started it! he attacked zimmerman! what is the problem here? zimmerman defended himself and is 100% in the right.

  34. The difference is, Zimmerman pursued Trayvon bc he thought he was suspicious. Whether or not he was racial profiling isn’t the point, it’s that he pursued him without Trayvon’s consent. In the other case, the man met with his killer (with all due respect) out of choice, not bc he was being pursued. It became a race issue when a young man was followed and lost his life.

  35. Ill Agree W One ThinE The Lib Said….Its Pretty Simple.

    In Todays Society OneSide Benefits FromThe Propagandizing That Racial Inequality And Hatred Still exists And That They, Despite What History Tells Us To Be True, Are There To Correct It And Help The Oppressed.

    Only Doing So After Making Sure They Stay Oppressed And Perpetuating The Lie That It Is Due To Hatred Toward Them. Even Many Of The Laws Meant To “Even The Playing Field” Push The perceived Racial Devide Further.

  36. Color shouldn’t be what’s on trail I agree with you I’m a woman that sees people for who they are not for what color they are do any of us really know for sure what we really are 100% can anyone say for sure I can only say On my mothers side not on my fathers , so at my age of 58 years of age I answer to one God and I pray My Children and Grandchildren understand don’t hate anyone because there different because so are you , and no to your Question prove the case in court don’t use color . God Bless us all

  37. Thank you for writing what has been a thorn in my side with the media, Obama, and any talking head from Nancy Grace to Jesse Jackson. WHY do we vilify one and not the other. Where is INNOCENT until proven guilty???? As long as we let the media and our leaders run a muck, so will our rights under the law of this great country!!!

  38. Confused about your comparison between the two cases & the black on black crime envoking. Al Sharption, the marching, the public out cries & even our president’s comments pertaining to Trayvon’s death, had nothing whatsoever to do with the race of the killer or the victim. We started marching & going to the press because Zimmerman was not arrested. All Rev Sharpton, Sybina, Tracey & most in our communities asked for was for the justice system to serve it’s function. NEVER in America’s history has anyone of any race had to march to get a black man arrested. When there is a black on black killing the killer gets arrested & the justice system process begins. Never have I heard of a case where the police took the word of black man, who killed another black man & did’nt arrest him. The case you sited above; my condolces on your loss, proves my point “it did not take long for Arlington police to make an arrest”. This case originally garnered national attention because of what did not happen. On just the face of this case national attention has grown because a 17 year old with a drink & candy on his person was shot in his heart. I do not endevor to minimize your lose or compare it to another. I just think your argument is faulty. I live in the South Bronx, believe me although every, in fact very few black on black crimes make national news, it matters to us & our communities. I have marched many many times with Rev. Sharpton, in reference to incidents that never make the news. Rev Sharpton & his National Action Network is & have been for years, active in NYC after crimes & prior to fighting for our young people. In your love one’s case the wheels of justice was immediately set into motion, if it wasn’t for Rev Sharpton & others Sybina & Trayce may have never gotten that basic right. I pray for justice for Trayvon & for your husband’s consin.

    • You can’t figure out what I said??? It’s simple. If the Race Pimps would use the same energy they use in Race Cases and focus on cleaning up our community, then maybe we wouldn’t be so bad off. Sharpton and Jackson jumped on this they can make money off of it and get their faces in the news plain and simple. They are harming the Black Community more than helping it. They never should have picked a side in the Zimmerman case to begin with. They only inflamed racial hatred in doing so. By the way, the case should have never made it to trial as the evidence was not there. The only reason why this case was taken to trial was because the Race Pimps jumped on board and pulled the race card.

      • Can you not figure out what I said? I clearly said my confusion is with your comparison of the two cases as to Rev. Sharton’s involvement. I need not repeat myself, my reply to your post on “Trayvon Martin’s support page” was crystal clear. You are being loose with the facts, if not down right disingenuous. As per your semi – bio, you are a professional. Please conduct yourself as such, if you can not engage in a civil conversation; you should stay on “friendly” pages. I hope your response to my comment made you feel better about yourself. I can express myself without being condescending.

      • I was asking you a question, not being condescending. That’s part of peoples problem right there is that they get offended to easily. I wasn’t loose with any facts in this posting. I pointed out the hypocrisy that occurs in our society today. I didn’t post this to the Trayvon Martin Support page, as I am not on any of the support pages of the parties of this case. Please check your facts before making such statements. You may have seen my posting if someone shared it to the page, but I myself did not share it and didn’t see or know about the response you are talking about. I have been very civil with you, so please don’t start with the insults. Maybe my response to your comment makes you feel better about yourself Diane…….

  39. Only if they can fan the flames of hatred, make money, or make it seem like they’re impo(r)tant do they say anything, black on black crime they ignore, black on white crime, they still blame the white person, there’s racist whites, racist blacks, (creepy ass cracker ring a bell?) racist Hispanics. racistt Asians. just because one s a certain race does not exempt them from being racist

  40. I’m so sorry for your and your families loss . I truly believe this country is becoming totally biased and has absolutely no feelings of equality!! When the black Panthers acted in a threatening manner during the 2008 election the only comment from the Attorney General was that the Civil Rights Laws do not apply to black on white crime, only to white on black crime.!! To me this is the height of hypocracy…..a crime is a crime!!!

    The RACE-PIMPING Democratic Media – msnbc, NBC, CBS, CNN & the AP
    particularly – manufacture the FALSE “WHITE RACIST” NARRATIVE by selectively
    reporting and sensationalizing ONLY incidents drawn from the 2-3%
    white-on-black violent crime, and NOT the 90% black-on-white violent
    Here are the FBI’s statistics
    – All Liberal Media RACE-PIMPS should send your arguments to THEM!
    FBI statistics show that blacks commit 90% of interracial crime*
    African -Americans commit 90% of the approximately 1,700,000
    interracial crimes of violence that occur in the United States every
    year, and are more than 50 times more likely to commit violent crime
    against whites than vice versa.
    Major Findings
    There is more black-on-white than black-on-black violent crime.
    Fifty-six percent of violent crimes committed by blacks have white
    victims. Only two to three percent of violent crimes committed by
    whites have black victims.

  42. I believe we live in an unfortunate time where, rather than take responsibility, we would rather look to blame. If racism can be promoted through the media and reporting of tragic situations like Zimmerman, it supports an overall theory that racism is alive and well. And if racism is alive and well, it explains the poverty, the imprisonment, the unemployment, and hopelessness of minorities. It’s easier to dismiss your personal responsibility when there’s an entire movement afoot that someone else is holding you back.

    That’s not to say that racism doesn’t exist. I know it does. I’m white so I don’t pretend I know the difficulty of those who are not. But I do know that so many people have been able to punch through and become successful regardless of race that it’s possible for everyone to. Is it more difficult? Perhaps. Possible? Always. And there are many of us who are willing to help – not just talk about it.

  43. I couldn’t have it better. This is an agenda driven political case. Keep up your good work, keep fighting to good fight, and as a fellow (retired bubblehead) Navy Vet, Fair winds and following sea. Godspeed. And to the left, Jamie Farr said it best in MASH, “May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits”.

  44. Before I read the article, I was first struck by your beauty (picture). After reading the article, I also see the beauty within. Sorry for your loss Thank you for your words of wisdom and for sharing them through your pain.

  45. i watched one day-and seen that zimmerman had been injured in the case-that he had been injured in the robbery–so he had every right to use deadly force in stopping this grade a student(thug) from kiling him or robbing him-case closed-you get what you reap-rip-sucker-just wish more had a gun-to clean up the trash in this world-and where do they get these ideas-look to their idols-some rapper-gang banger-dirtbag-or a convict-look how many have police records in this country-and you can about tell

  46. The truth is that there is so much black on black crime..Also there is so much black on white crime….BECAUSE there is so LITTLE crime from the white community and the white on black crimes are almost obsolete the news jumps on it…..It is so rare that it makes the news…If they TRIED to report or make an issue of EVERY black crime out there they would do nothing but report it and have no other news…That is the reason…There arr tons of statistics to prove my point!

  47. I agree. U are a moron. Nbc’s Chris Matthews talks about race all the time. For u to pigeon hole FOX (who happens to be a republican station) as the only one or even the main race baiting station just makes u a bigot. Ur stupid name (allergic2republicans) has bigotry written all over it. Not all people that don’t see things ur way or that u don’t agree with are stupid.

  48. BZ for telling the truth about the lack of truth in the MSM. Chicago black youths are killing each other at record pace and Jessie and Al are silent. If kids in Willmette were killing each other, the media frenzy would be visable from Naperville. But Rahm soldiers on proposing gun and magazine bans for law abiding citizens instead of declaring war on street gangs. The democratic party has controlled Chicago and Illinois politics for over 40 years and have driven both down the sewer. Go ahead tell me I’m missing something.

  49. It’s sensationalism. They have to bolster up something for ratings and money. That’s all it is. It’s a three-ring circus, not justice.

  50. Kuuleme, I applaud your candid views on a subject that is most often overlooked in the black community. I totally agree that we are quick to play the race card and get all up in arms when black crime is committed by a non black. I am often dishearten when I hear us ranting and raving about various atrocities committed against us. I do not condone this behavior, in fact, I am constantly up in arms when we laud the single parent and quietly dismiss the absentee partner.

    However in our defense as you stated, often times we are ignored when crimes are committed against us. Where is the media for our Natalie Holloway or Jon Benet stories? They are often hidden on the back page of the newspaper, if then. I agree that we as blacks are quick to holler ‘injustice’ when blatant crimes are committed against us, but media overall has just as an important role in this sensationalism and they too should be looked upon for inciting this racial divide.

    so in conclusion, I am in agreement with you. My only hope is that one day (in our perfect world) we feel compelled to be held accountable for our OWN actions instead of using color as a way to defend our victims

  51. Reverend Al? reverend my ass….if your a man of God you would be outraged no matter what the color of the victim. And as for the media, that depends on who runs things and whether they feel it benefits their organization or not. This has become more evident ever since Obama became president and the liberal media cover it when and how this administration orchestrates it. Fox is the only news coverage that covers what the left don’t want the people to hear. So these liberals should quit complaining about fox and actually listen to both sides. I am a conservative with liberal friends who I do listen to even if they don’t change my mind. We all need to see the injustices going on in our country and we all should stand up to make it right for all citizens and not because of skin color.

    • love your statement about the self professed reverend s Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson is so true a man of God does not quick to anger and stir up strife and these 2 are very guilty of causing both….. a man of GOD is calm and loving and compassionate and gentle and doesn’t scream and shout about skin colors . we are all children of God and made in his image and not satans as they seem to behave making accusations and pointing fingers without getting all the facts and not once have i ever heard either one of them appologize for being wrong !!!!!!!

    • It’s good to listen to your liberal friends. The more you know about both sides of a subject the more educated you are on it, obviously. Therefore your opinion has mass and merit. There is no watt they can change your mind. Plus, I’ve found the best way to convert a liberal is to let them talk it out. They will usually talk themselves out of being a liberal. 🙂

  52. Back in the 70’s I asked a older black man that I worked with if he thought that we would ever have a race war. His reply was simple; Yes. I could see the look of fear in his eyes when he answered me. If the very radical Blacks of today want a race war, they just might get it. Sadly, there will be no winners. Just a very large number of dead bodies.

  53. Thank you Kuuleme. I’ve been posing this question for sometime now and it’s good to see others with greater influence speak out. Not sure race baiters will ever go away as it’s turned into a profitable way of life. Here in the Oregon when a white kills a black it’s said the white has violated the blacks “civil rights” yet when a black kills another black no mention of “civil rights”. Seems “civil rights” are for us all and can be violated by all. I very much appreciate “The Last Civil Right”. Blessings

  54. Kuuleme, So very sorry for the loss of your cousin Ross. So senseless!! It seems Media picks and chooses which cases they want to propagandize. When the race baiters came forward and the president chimed in, it got the publics attention. The media is now on a feeding frenzy for ratings. I guess the idiom, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, proves to be true. By the way, Excellent article as always!!

  55. Very powerful Kuuleme!
    There are so many verities you hit upon, it’s hard to know where to start…the double-standard of the mainstream’s media racial agenda, reporting selectively on news reports to propagate the “white racist” narrative; Liberal Democrats manipulating black voters along racial lines and fomenting rage to further empower themselves politically; a Civil Rights industry doing likewise to remain relevant; or a feckless, intimidated GOP Establishment too afraid of being branded “racist” to enjoin the fight and debunk this oft-contrived canard.

    You and the contributors of the Last Civil Right deserve a wider platform and influence. Your reasoned thoughts and expressions CRUSH the blatant and calculated misinformation and self-serving propaganda spewed by the Mainstream’s under the guise of “news” in every single article I’ve read!

    I wish I had the time to address these issues along with you and contribute through a format of my own – facebook & Mediaite sporadically is the best I can do; but that notwithstanding, may I suggest you & the group focus next on some specific ACTIONS you can recommend we can all partake in to fight back against this orchestrated and deliberate racial double-standard and divide by the Left.

  56. The difference is the police did not plan to charge Zimmerman with any crime. The parents of Martin were horrified by that and started contacting anyone that could help them have their child’s killer charged with murder. The fact that there have been over 500 cases of whites injured or murdered in over 100 cities across the nation is a subject that I have noticed recently from articles written by Colin Flaherty. The Knockout game is an epidemic of groups of blacks injuring or murdering whites. It is also known as polar bear hunting.

    • It is not up to the Police on whether to prosecute a case or not. They are there to get and maintain all of the evidence of a crime for the State. It is up to the DA on whether they choose to prosecute a case or not. The police however are able to make recommendations.

      • Ok u have a point there but did you not see the even the cops could be honest about what happened and they were pressured into deceiving and so on to arrest Zimmerman. It’s all bull crap that the media and the parents and the girlfriend and so on to make up or falsify stuff so somebody can be blamed on their child’s
        murder. And besides that how many black on black kill and murder each other and nothing is ever said. Some not all blacks feel like they have to get someone to justify Martin’s death. Give me a break people…………

    • Three years or so ago a group of about 100 young blacks went rampaging through the predominantly white neighborhoods just outside of the Iowa State Fairgrounds assaulting and stabbing people at a neighborhood convenient store as shouts of “Beat Whitey Night” was heard several times by witnesses. The ringleaders were identified as sports stars from a Des Moines area high school when the police department spokesperson came out with this information that person was disciplined and reassigned to other duties, the young black ringleaders had political juice in the liberal Des Moines city government and the whole thing was basically swept under the rug, just search it. If this had been a group of young white kids doing the same thing talking about “Beat Blackie Night” this would’ve made national news and you would’ve seen Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson beating the racism drum and calling for hate crime prosecutions, the hypocrisy and double standard is so obvious and disgusting!

      Thank you Kuuleme.

    • Three years or so ago a group of about 100 young blacks went rampaging through the predominantly white neighborhoods just outside of the Iowa State Fairgrounds assaulting and stabbing people at a neighborhood convenient store as shouts of “Beat Whitey Night” was heard several times by witnesses. The ringleaders were identified as sports stars from a Des Moines area high school when the police department spokesperson came out with this information that person was disciplined and reassigned to other duties, the young black ringleaders had political juice in the liberal Des Moines city government and the whole thing was basically swept under the rug, just search it. If this had been a group of young white kids doing the same thing talking about “Beat Blackie Night” this would’ve made national news and you would’ve seen Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson beating the racism drum and calling for hate crime prosecutions, the hypocrisy and double standard is so obvious and disgusting!

  57. Pingback: Does it Only Matter When it’s a Black Being Killed by a Non-Black???

  58. Kuuleme, please accept my condolences for Ross’s senseless murder by a former school friend. The fact that his murder didn’t rise to the level of attention Zimmerman’s self defense killing of Treyvon Martin is par for the course in today’s media and I find the media’s feeding frenzy of the case only serves the interest of their ratings and their leftist agenda to label Zimmerman as a racist and destroy his life. Where is their outrage and interest in the thousands of black on black murders in our country? If they care so much for our black fellow citizens, why do they condone the mass abortion of black babies and do nothing to publicize their deaths? The MSM aren’t friends of the black community who’re looking out for their best interests, they’re interest is in sensational headlines that generate high ratings and in pushing forward the left’s agenda. Thanks for your unbiased look at this very contentious subject.

  59. Interesting. Frankly, the suspect looks pretty white to me.

    Perhaps we have a hair-splitting skin-tonometer to check which continent one’s ancestors arise from, assuming that the species from different continents are evolved to the point that they can no longer naturally interbreed to produce viable offspring, which would confuse the skin-tonometer.

    Anyway, pretty courageous to get this out there. Bravo!

    I wouldn’t call it political empowerment through chaos. North Vietnam enjoyed the same pleasure of political victory through physical loss. I think it’s pretty much a fact of life.

  60. It’s very simple. It’s called ratings. Stop over thinking it. Wall Street/ Corporate News (Mostly Fox,,they are really good at it. Their business strategy is amazing really) has learned that if you pit groups against each other they will watch to learn every detail. Race related issues lead to high ratings due to the emotional attachment. Two segments of society take differing sides and just have to tune in. It’s like sports. you watch that game to see if your side wins.
    Don’t worry shortly after the trial is over some crazy mom will kill her kids and we will go back to watching that as a united people. Unless of course the moms black or hispanic..then all bets are off 🙂

      • What hypocrisy? I thought I explained it’s all about ratings. I skimmed through your Bio on you page. I just have to say Wow, I feel sorry for you. By the way most black people are not liberals. Belief system of most blacks is naturally conservative, just as it is for Hispanics. However I may agree with Jeffrey Dahmer on where the best Chinese take out is in Manhattan but I still won’t eat with him. Take some time to interpret that . there is hidden meaning 🙂

      • No words to say about your lose!! But remind you? This is now more than ever a sick and very sinful world that we live in!! may the Lord Jesus be with you and your loved ones.And the media is the Devils playground!!!

      • kuuleme you are exactly right! It is total hypocrisy. If all the news stations and black leaders care about dead black people why don’t they do something about Chicago, and why aren’t they in outrage over all the black babies killed by planned parenthood. I’ll tell you why, because they really don’t care. These are the people that fuel racial hatred and hate crimes. God bless you Kuuleme for having the courage to tell the truth.

      • A vary well thought out piece and well written. I have been trying to post similar thoughts. I typically end up being called names, stuff like you white men or you racist. and so forth. There are to few people willing to stick their neck out and speak the truth so thanks you for doing so.

        P.S. I am Native American.

    • Fox News?!?! That is hilarious because from what I have watched of the coverage, which happens to be lots since being laid off work, it’s CNN/HLN that keeps throwing the race card in to play. I do agree that ALL media has made this case racially motivated, but to say that it is Fox New is just asinine and ignorant. (Side note: The police didn’t even find the evidence to prosecute and was dropping this until the media got involved and demanded that something be done bc it was racially motivated.)

    • Zimmerman was released and free until Jackson and Sharpton got on the mic. When they found out Zimmerman wasn’t as white as his name led them to believe, they backed off. All you did was ignore the real subject and blame it on something else. With a handle like “allergic2republicans” I’m not at all surprised that you’d condemn only FOX news by name. But that’s what the liberal media and your parents have brainwashed you to do.

    • What rock have you been living under? How can you in your wildest dreams equate a loss of life due to a crime to sports and games? Trayvon Martin was on the wrong side of the law long before he met his fate that rainy night. Your fixating on Fox News as “being really good at it” referring to your perceived ratings race is nothing short of disgusting.

      • i have not watched much of the trial.. too busy.. however friday afternoon i had some down time and decided to take a peek… cnn and hln were carrying the trial live.. once the trial was over cnn and hln continued the non stop coverage in some form for the duration of the evening… at least till 8:00 when i stopped watching… i dont think fox covered it live and they spent very little time covering the issues once the trial is over for the day..i have become much more conservative since obama came into office ..i used to watch cnn and hln the majority of the time until it became so obvious how liberal they are and how blatantly obvious they avoid certain issues and promote other issues..that is not news reporting.. last night hubby said.. .i thought you hated cnn .. i said .. thats correct.. he asked why i was watching cnn.. i said… so that i can catch up on the trial… for things like this trial, casey anthony, hurricane sandy,,, you cant bet cnn and hln to find out what is going on because they cover it wall to wall.. after about 2 hours of watching you have heard it all and can move on.. the rest of the coverage.. wall to wall.. is for people who cant get enough and need to hear the same thing over and over and over..i anticipate that i will watch cnn and hln again for a couple more hours when the next big event comes along.. i agree that most of the hype over this case is about ratings… al sharpton wanting his 15 seconds of fame and the parents bless their hearts needing a way to escape the harsh reality that their son was killed.. and there is not questions now that obama is as much a racist as al sharpton and had to add his 2 cents.. thats when it went vial…

      • also From the time they are young, Black males in America’s ghettos live under the perception that they are a problem, lazy, irresponsible, and a threat to society that has to be managed and controlled. As adolescence, they are suspended from school at a higher rate than any other group, enrolled in special education classes and locked up in juvenile facilities at a higher rate than any other group. Because of this systematic discrimination they face in early childhood, by the time they grow into adulthood, they have developed a mistrust of their environment and sense of unworthiness. Of course, there are exceptions to this depressing pattern, but to an alarming degree inner-city Black males have been transformed from potential asset to active threat.

        Living in poverty, fractured families, high youth and adult unemployment, along with the stigma of inferiority, has a lasting effect on an individual’s behavioral and mental health. All of these forces work together to marginalize, dehumanize, or otherwise devalue the Black masses. Over time, when a group of people have been targeted and discriminated against, they will often internalize the negative images that society communicates about them. They are made to feel invisible and powerless when it comes to the injustices in this world


      • WOW!! You are really going to use the excuse of those poor poor Black people just don’t know any better on my blog??? The only IGNORANT person here would be the one using excuses of the ghetto life as an excuse. You may want to read through the website and read some more of my stuff. I was born and raised in the ghetto myself. It’s people like you who keep feeding the Black Community excuses to use for not learning and progressing! SHEESH! Maybe you should get a new perspective here!

    • You’re comment about the Wall Street/Corporate News strategy is hilarious. You just simply picked the wrong cable news outlet. I think CNN & MSNBC are the ones putting all the race baters on TV. Hmmm. Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, Nancy Grace, Morning Joe (Morning Flop).

  61. Kuuleme, you have struck on a subject that is too readily ignored in society today. You are spot-on in your article and I commend you for addressing the subject. Thank you for having the strength and integrity to write it.

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