The Black Conservative Summit: Is it Racist to Have One?

IMG_8109 LR MOD- hi rezI have heard a lot of people on Social Media, make the claims that The Black Conservative Summit is a racist thing. They see it as having a separate event for Blacks (which the event is open for EVERYONE of EVER RACE to attend if the so choose) is racist in itself. Amazingly it’s not the Left that is making such claims this time around, it’s coming from the Right. I would like to be the first one to step up and tell people just how wrong that assumption is!

I hate to break it to you folks, but Conservative Blacks are going to have to step up, come out of the closet, and show themselves to win this war within the Black Community. It’s going to take Blacks working within their communities and in the trenches to change our community from within.

This Summit is being put on by one of the people we work with within our network Eric M. Wallace and the Freedom’s Journal Institute. They have 16 confirmed speakers, Star Parker, Wayne Perryman, Ken Blackwell, and Harry R. Jackson, Jr. to name a few.

The BCS will feature leading Black Conservative and Christian Leaders from across the Country to address issues. It’s time for the church, pro-family organizations, and concerned citizens to come together, to draw strength and learn from each other, and to coordinate responses. Consequently, we believe that at no other time in American history has the fight to uphold our nation’s founding principles required our undivided attention. Again, the theme of our summit is “Defending The Natural Family: R.I.S.E. to Rebuild the foundation of Black America”.


Racism or racist ideology has nothing to do with this summit. This summit is a place where we as Black Conservatives can exchange ideas on how to better work within our communities, become a better “Conservative Bridge” from our Community to the Conservative Movement, then go on to educate ALL others in the area of reaching out as well. I hate to sound insensitive, BUT, it’s going to take Black people to educate other Black people at this point in time. The Republican Party waited too late (claiming that they didn’t have a race issue) to reach out to the Minority Communities to try to change things. Face it folks, they dropped the ball! Do you really think that the Black Democrat base is going to listen to White people, especially White Republicans (who the Democrats have taught and ingrained that White people are the enemy, Republicans, the Tea Party, and Conservatives are all rich, White, and racists, and that the rich White Republicans are the one’s keeping them down) at this point in time??? HELL NO! They barely tolerate us Black Conservatives as it is, but… that’s the key phrase “THEY DO TOLERATE US”!

The leg up that we have as Black Conservatives is:
We still have a foot in the door. We are still BLACK (regardless of the racial slurs that the Left throws at us), most of us were “born Democrat”, so we have an idea of what it takes to change from being a Democrat to a Republican being a minority (and it’s not an easy step as some may think), most of us have family members that are Democrat that we still have contact with and connections to so we are around our own community everyday; and (the big one) we are still able to tap into our own community and work within our own community to make a change for the better, because we know how to speak to our own community without having doors closed in our faces and coming off arrogant and at times flat-out racist (which seems to be a big problem for the pigmently challenged these days, lol!)!

The Republican Party throws us Black Conservatives into the limelight when “they” choose too, when they feel it’s appropriate, or when they feel guilty as they have not done a great job of reaching out to the Black Community (or the Hispanic Community for that matter). Regardless of whether we are in the limelight or not, we are still here working to make a change and create a better Nation within our own community! You can not say it’s alright for the Republican Party to “show-boat” their minorities when they choose too, but then turn around and play the Race Card screaming “Racist”, when Black Conservatives try to work together, and exchange ideas under the label of Black Conservatives with the hand we as Black Conservatives have been dealt! You can’t have it both ways!

Now, I ask you: Are you going to be team players and let us Black Conservatives do what we need to do to make the change you say you want, or are you going to play into the Lefts way of thinking and start playing your race cards calling everything out as racist?

Copyright 2013 The Last Civil Right – All Rights Reserved


27 thoughts on “The Black Conservative Summit: Is it Racist to Have One?

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  6. Conservatism itself is really about ‘color blindness’ if you will, when it comes to race. We believe in fairness, equality and inclusiveness for all. So on the surface a black conservative summit might seem overly focused on race or racially exclusive but as this article points out, it isn’t. It is difficult (if not impossible) for some of us non-minorities to understand what it’s like to be a minority in America. It is extremely important for people to see others like themselves in order to feel welcome. This is true of all races but especially minorities. In my opinion, this is very important to black Americans in particular. We all know the stats of how blacks vote as a group. How else will the liberal noose of the Democrat party be loosened unless black conservatives are highlighted publicly and speak out? I believe a black conservative summit is a great way to do that. What better methods are there to address poverty, family disintegration, crime and other dysfunction than the conservative ideals of values, faith, hard work, freedom and self reliance? I applaud this summit.

  7. Has anyone stopped to think that perhaps the word conservative does not just define a political stance? Have you not stopped to consider that conservative in the sense of traditional values, practices and lifestyle practices? The traditional black family was all about a two parent household, encouraging and enhancing your child’s education, being a part of the community through the churches and block associations, support business ventures and serving America either in the military service or through other civic groups. Did any of you read what the topics of the summit are about? “Republican, Democrat and Independent– in an effort to discuss how together we begin to turn the tide in our communities amidst the growing attack, and subsequent breakdown, of the Black family.”

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  9. Black conservatives are their own worse enemies. The rhetoric is divisive, and offensive to many in the black community. While Ms. Stephens say, the Republican Party cannot have it both ways, black conservatives cannot play “victim” (talking about how “hated” they are), while at the same time questioning the spirituality and intelligence of the black community, as it plays out on the social networks and on Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck specials.

    And ps. tell mainstream conservatives that white people telling black people to get off the “plantation” is just as offensive, if not more than, the “N” word. And please tell your fellow black conservatives they will draw no one to the right wing with that nonsense either.

  10. Why must we label it a color ? Why can’t we be called conservative? It can be called anything a more inclusive title maybe, we as Americans of all color race or ethnic backgrounds must come together in a common goal and take back OUR country!

  11. My thoughts are very much like Edward F. I see no advantage in participating in such an event because its called Black Conservative. I hold the principals of the party high and think anyone regardless of background that wants to embrace them should. Forget the name calling and work toward bettering our nation.

  12. It doesn’t bother me one bit, you can call it what you want, I am not offended. To me this is a good way of letting liberals and the American people know, that not all conservatives are white angry old men, contrary to what the liberals say. I stand with you, and wish you well!

  13. Kuuleme, great article. The unfortunate thing is that the Republican Party is for the most part, a group of wussies. It is the Conservatives who truly need (and welcome) the “Black Conservatives” to speak up. Being white, there are things that I’m “not allowed to say” because if I do, I’m declared a racist. When I hear incredibly bright young men like Alfonzo Rachel and Colion Noir speak, it gives me hope for this nation’s future.

    Thank you for all you do to spread Conservatism. May God ALWAYS be by your side!

  14. I don’t believe it’s considered “racist” — (based on the definition tht “racist” means tht one race is superior to another) — to have such a meeting. I do believe tht it’s “racial” ( tht is, something based on race) to have such a meeting.

    The title of the meeting should be changed because it gives the appearance of exclusivity (black conservatives, but all are welcome).

    Perhaps it could be called; “A Summit, as viewed, by Conservatives who happen to be Black” and open to all ethnicities.

    The theme of the summit is “Defending The Natural Family: R.I.S.E. to Rebuild the foundation of Black America”.

    That theme, along with the “Black Conservative Summit,” gives the appearance that Black ppl are the only ones who can rebuild the foundation of Black America. My point — titles are alienating. I’m not saying to be “politically correct” with titles, instead, take into consideration how a “title” communicates an agenda.

    On another note, there are many in the Black community who believe that only Black people can understand and solve the ills of Black society.

    You must first, change that mentality, and you must secondly, be realistic, be truthful, and understand and identify the cause of the breakdown of the Black family…..and you must hear those reasons from the non-Black community, as well as from the Black community.

    • I think people are beginning to get a little too PC in their analogy of the title…. People are starting to sound like the Left, calling out everything as racist and playing the race card….

  15. Wonderfully well written!!! Honestly, I’d love to see black conservatives take over things. It seems white conservatives have gotten too comfortable worrying about what the public has to say!!!

    • Racist: a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that a certain human race is superior to any or all others.

      Based on the definition above, it is not “racist” to have that summit. The title of the summit implies that it (the summit) is based on race.

      And personally speaking, I wish there was a “white” or “caucasian” summit. There wouldn’t be anything “racist” about a “white” or “caucasian” summit, especially if the summit solicited input from all ethnicities.

      People in this country are too quick to apply the “race” litmus test to just about everything.

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