The Living Proof: A Quick Note

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Today is a “From the Heart” day.
I am so SICK of hearing people in my Black Community blaming everybody else for their personal failures, saying what they can’t do, and giving every excuse under the sun as to why they can’t succeed in this world, utilizing Jim Crow, Separate But Equal, and Slavery as a crutch. What has happened to our Community? Why do we continue to slip backwards and refuse as a community to move forward? What happened to the days when our Black Community took pride in themselves, dressed sharp, and worked hard to be self-reliant? We they poor, YES! Did they have everything they needed? No, not all of the time. BUT, they strived to do better and make something of themselves back then!


My Guess Relatives











I came from the ghetto! I didn’t have a mother and father in the home, as both were drug addicts. My mother died at 19 years of age from a Heroine overdose, and I did not know my father other than visiting him in prison as a child. I was raised by my Great Grandparents! I grew up poor! I worked hard for everything I have received in this life, and I mean EVERYTHING! There were no handouts for me growing up! My Great Grandmother made most of our clothes growing up. My Great Grandmother was a House Maid by profession and my Great Grandfather was a Janitor at the First National Bank until he retired. They both cleaned doctors offices in the evenings to make ends meet, and we collected cans and bottles everyday for extra’s! They REFUSED TO BE ON  THE WELFARE SYSTEM and DEPEND ON OTHERS TO TAKE CARE OF OUR FAMILY!

Geraldine Guess with Marlon Jr.

My Great Grandmother Geraldine Guess holding my Great Uncle Marlon Guess, Jr.


(L-R) My little sister Ayaba, My Great Grandfather Marlon K. Guess, and myself.

My Family

(L-R top Row) My Great Grandmother Geraldine Guess, My Great Grandfather Marlon K. Guess, My Grandmother Olivia Guess Smith.
(L-R bottom row) My Aunt Karen A. Smith, My Uncle Kenneth P. Smith, my Mother LaTrina A. Anderson.




















We were taught at an early age in my family, that we had to work twice as hard as EVERYONE ELSE, if we were going to succeed! We were taught that there IS NO EXCUSE FOR FAILURE! If you failed, you go back to the drawing board, see what YOU did wrong or what YOU could do differently; then go back and try again until you succeeded! Martin Luther King, Jr. (AKA: Michael King) and ALL the Civil Rights Leaders before him (and there were many before him that most of you seem to forget) did not fight and lose their lives for us to slip BACKWARDS as a community today! They are ALL rolling over in their graves with this mess!

Many dedicated their lives to the fight to say that WE ARE EQUAL not equal with special privileges and excuses! Not to say drop the bar because we as a Black Community are too stupid to adapt, remember history, learn from it, and move forward, and accomplish things! They definitely didn’t do all they did for the Black Community to separate themselves (by choice this time around) and start-up racial division all over again! Yes, we have slavery in our HISTORY, but so does EVERYONE ELSE, DAMN! Our ancestors may have been Slaves, BUT, they endured! We come from a strong line of people!

Our Civil Rights leaders and all the people who helped them along the way (Yes, White Folks worked within the Civil Rights Movement too!),  sure didn’t do all that they did to have you turn your backs on other Blacks who have succeeded, call them names, cast them out (which only God can do, and we’re still Black); when they are trying to help you succeed in this world; because we have been there done that already or are a little bit further along in the game than you are! SHEESH!

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way I am saying that I am “better” than anyone else in the arrogant sense of the word. I get TIRED of hearing that from people when it comes to this topic. I do know that I am a little bit better off in this life, because I chose to work hard, stay in school, become self-reliant and responsible for my own actions, in order to get to where I am today. I’m not the one out there complaining that I can’t do this and I can’t do that; whining to the Government for stuff that I am not entitled too, allowing people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to keep me from going anywhere in this life under the guise that they are supposed to be helping me,  and riding on someone else’s back and in someone else’s pocket!

You can’t deny the truth! NOTHING is stopping you from succeeding today but yourselves and your own I can’t attitudes! You are only dooming yourselves, your children, and our Black Community as a whole; by instilling this idea that the world is set out against you, that you can’t succeed on your own character, abilities, and hard work, clinging to the idea that you are owed something!

You can try to ignore it all you want too and make all the excuses in the world in order to try to rationalize it out in your own mind, but you can’t deny it!
Where there’s a will there’s a way. Every door has a key, you just need to find that key to unlock it.
I, and MANY other Blacks like me, are LIVING PROOF!

Lyrics from: The Living Proof (From The Motion Picture The Help), performed by Mary J. Blige

It’s gonna be a long long journey
It’s gonna be an uphill climb It’s gonna be a tough fight
It’s gonna be some lonely nights
But I’m ready to carry on
I’m so glad the worst is over
I can start living now, ooh
I feel like I can do anythin’
And finally I’m not afraid to breathe
Anything you say to me
And everything you do
You can’t deny the truth
Cause I’m the living proof
So many don’t survive
They just don’t make it through
But look at me ooh
I’m the living proof
Oh yes I am

Thinkin’ back life’s been painful
Yes it was
Took a while to learn how to smile
So now I’m gonna talk to my people oh
About the storm oh about the storm
Oh so glad the worst is over
I can start flyin’ now oh
My best days are right in front of me
And I’m almost there
Cause now I am free

Anything you say to me
And everything you do
You can’t deny the truth
Cause I’m the living proof
So many don’t survive
They just don’t make it through
But look at me
I’m the living proof

I know where I’m goin’ heyCause I know where I’ve been oh I gotta few stars that showin’ hey I’m gonna stay strong keep goin’ That’s the way that I will Anything you say to me And everything you do You can’t deny the truth Cause I’m the living proof oh So many don’t survive They just don’t make it through But look at me yeah yeah..

I’m the living proof

Nothing about my life’s been easy
But nothings gonna keep me down
Cause I know a lot more today
Than I knew yesterday
So I am ready to carry on Oh Lordy mmmm”

Copyright 2013 The Last Civil Right – All Rights Reserved


8 thoughts on “The Living Proof: A Quick Note

  1. You, my dear, should be a role model for the young people of today. Not just for the Black people but for people of all races who see themselves as victims of society and use it as an excuse to be unproductive and to be criminals. It truly saddens me that there are those in the Black community that would rather call you a traitor to your race instead of giving praise for your accomplishments. You must really scare them and threaten their true agendas! You are a beautiful inspiration to all!

  2. Me growing as a child with a learning disability I too had to overcome some stereotypes and name calling etc. I am proud of my successes and I’m proud of the hurdles I had to jump. Failures and Accomplishments are mine.. and Mine alone.

  3. Kuuleme, you hit the nail right on the head. I believe all of us can be what we want to be with hard work. Hold our heads up and be proud, but not arrogant. We need to stop pointing out our differences and see each other as human beings. We need to stop looking at color. And you’re right, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (and the like) are making things worse for the black community, and all of us for that matter. Stirring the pot…

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  5. I absolutely agree! By the time my parents business had picked up enough to for our household to finally not scrape by each and every day, I was already in the middle of college, still working to pay for school and my own rent! Anyone can do it if you work hard enough and believe in yourself!

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