Remembering the March on Washington 50 Years Later


I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. `I Have A Dream MLK JR.

That speech, the I Have A Dream speech, would become one of the greatest speeches in American history thus far and well into the future, that is if we don’t let those that don’t value the dreams, traditions and principles that are the foundation of this great nation tear them down.  America today still struggles with racial harmony, and is in the grips of a decline of traditional family structure unlike any other time in history.   Some say that the Black American family thrived better under slavery, I don’t understand that correlation myself knowing how a slave family at any time could be torn and sold apart.

Today we don’t have plantation slavery so to speak we have those that have turned every their predicaments into plantations that keep them chained to destitution, depression and dependency!  We have those that don’t have a dream they have a despair dependency with a desperate spirit.  They don’t have a dream they have become dependent upon someone else’s dream for how they deem their lives should be to suit their dream to be a leader among the people but not for the people! I have dream, I dream that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s actions as well as his words, his preaching can revitalize the true leaders of the Black American population to mobilize, inspire, and work to rebuild their communities, the families, and as a whole lead a new 21st century Civil Rights Movement toward traditional conservative values!

Yes Conservative values, Blacks/African-American’s are traditionally conservatives in nature.  We believed in the two parent household, marriage, raising our children ourselves, responsibility, and personal self garnered success and I know that so many still do!  Instead of marching on Washington, we should be marching with a purposeful heart in our neighborhoods and shouting, “enough is enough!  We shall over-throw this plague of gang terror and their terrorist, we shall over-throw the attitude and belief that WE are not powerful enough as a community to handle our young, our need for economic empowerment and enrichment, WE SHALL OVER-COME this fugue-state of mind and inertia over letting  those of the immoral and unholy prey upon our communities, the organizations that target our wombs, our churches with their false prophesying, and our schools!  We shall over-come that mentality that even  50 years later of “us versus them, them versus us” in regards to our Caucasian, Hispanic, and other ethnic brothers and sisters!  To have a dream is a beautiful blueprint to build upon but just like Martin Luther King Jr., he didn’t just preach, he took peaceful action!

I have a dream that one day “every valley shall be exalted (Yes), every hill and mountain shall be made low; the rough places will be made plain and the crooked places will be made straight and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.”

I have a dream and prayer for the ladies of the Last Civil Rights (Atarah Golden, Kuuleme Stephens, Pastor Shannon Wright and myself) continue to grow in their outreach, to continue to build the bridges with communities and other advocates/activists; and therefore flourish in our spirits led by God, salvation thorough Jesus Christ!


4 thoughts on “Remembering the March on Washington 50 Years Later

  1. Thanks for bringing the message…….our nation has forgotten somewhat that first and foremost Martin Luther King Jr was a country preacher a man of Christian principle and a believer in bringing people together not division. The “I have a Dream” speech was just as much about Christian values as it was for civil rights. I’m wondering today if all those who are honoring this man and this speech realize that. It seems that a whole lot of secular pundits are praising today what was then a sermon, parts of which were regular bits heard in scores of churches where MLK preached. I make it a regular part of almost every day to revisit some of Dr King’s sayings……it helps me to be a better man and a better Christian.

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