Telling It Like It Is: National Level Republicans Wake Up!!!

What an interesting week we have been having! The 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Had A Dream Speech” has had both Republican and Democrat folks talking! I know I’ve had a lot to say about it as well on my Facebook Page and I’m a little disappointed in our Republican Party and its way of dealing with such a Historical and Monumental event.

I’m sorry, but this doesn’t look like the Republican Party putting this on as a sanctioned Republican event…. This looks like a lot of Black Conservatives who took it upon themselves, who just happen to be registered Republican because they believe in the core values of the party, putting on their own separate MLK 50th Anniversary March on Washington Commemorative Luncheon event…. SMH…. Still “Separate But Equal” in the Republican Party I guess……. Some people will get mad because I put it that way but, sorry folks, I call it as I see it!


RNC Luncheon Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s March on Washington

Now some of you may ask who was invited to this event or why didn’t I hear about this event. Those are two good questions and I can answer them for you. Everyone should have been invited to an event such as this. The Republican Party obviously dropped the ball here. The Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus obviously knew about the event, yet failed miserably in having the word spread. In fact the Washington Post wrote about it on August 14th. You would think he would have gotten the word out to the entire party! Lord knows, I get a ton of emails from him and his staff in my email. I would have thought he would have said something in all of the email blasts he and his staff does everyday. He and others that knew about the event ahead of time dropped the ball……

In fact he said in his statement to the Washington Post:

When we said we were going to do a luncheon commemorating the March on Washington, we thought maybe since we were in recess that we would get 100 people. We are jammed packed with an overflow room down stairs filled what does that say. What it tells you is that people want our party to fight for the African-American vote.

He actually said he was surprised that so many people showed up for the event…… Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that you didn’t tell very many people about the event Mr. Priebus? I guess you took it upon yourself to think that others would not want to attend an event such as this? I couldn’t even find a link to the event on the GOP website for the event, but they did have a lot of “after the fact” statements and press releases  and fluff for the Main Stream Media though…

When it comes to events such as this, the statement and presence should be unified in racial make-up. That’s what the Republican Party says they are, unified right? They don’t care about color right? They aren’t the racist party right? It should have been an all “color” crowd to celebrate this event.  This SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A BLACK EVENT AT ALL! We are supposed to be unified as a Party, not separate! This IS NOT just Black History this is AMERICAN HISTORY! The Republican Party as a whole dropped the ball on this!

It gets tough for even us Black Conservatives to sell “Conservatism” to our Community when the color-lines are drawn so clearly by the National Level Party Politicians….. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to run out and sell my soul to the Democrat Party, this is just a little constructive criticism for the party I’m trying to address, am apart of, and fix. We can fix this…… But the National Level is going to have listen up!

If Reince Priebus is  going to say that he is going to reach out to Minorities to join the Republican Party as a leader of the Republican Party, and spend 10 million dollars of the tax payers hard-earned money as they state in this article on The Hill; then we need to start acting like a unified party on events marking History such as this, not this “Separate But Equal” mess that was on full display. People are already questioning the Republican Parties ability to reach the Black Community and writing articles and blogs about it. Mr. Priebus himself seems to be moving from one Minority group to another following the Democrat Parties lead. One minute he’s reaching out to all Minorities, the next he’s just hitting the Hispanic and Latino demographic due to the immigration issue.

People can complain all they want too about the 50th Anniversary March on Washington event that was dominated by the Left if they want too. They can voice the complaint that no one from the Republican Party was invited (which is not true, they all declined their invitations), but that isn’t going to do anything in helping the Republican Party or Conservative Movement. We have one (count them one) Black Senator out of 50, Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., who was not invited to speak.  However, he was sent an invite to attend (as were all 50 members of Congress) according to a spokesperson of the event in an article on Roll Call.  The spokesperson also stated in the article that it was the Republican Leadership that was invited to speak at the event as they were trying to make it bipartisan.

Let’s look at this another way. Let’s look at how the Left will spin this. Republicans will only come to events dealing with the Black Community and Black/American History if they are allowed to speak at the events….. Or if Black Republicans are allowed to speak….. Hmmmmmm……….. That’s not looking to bright! It certainly doesn’t show those in the Black Community that we are saying we are trying to reach, that we can put politics aside for a minute and take the time to remember a historic moment in time. Also take into account that the same Republicans that turned down the Democrat March on Washington event, DID NOT show up the RNC Commemorative event as well……

I’m sorry, but the folks at the National Level would know what “Race Relations” was if it stuck its finger up its butt and slapped them in the face! They better start paying attention to those of us that are not on the National Level out in the community working to see how we do it! They can learn a thing or two from us pee-ons as we are already reaching more people than they are on a day-to-day basis. We as “Black Conservative Republicans” can only do so much. The National Level is going to have to get their heads out of their behinds, get with the program, and start working with us here in order to change this! Otherwise they just make us “Black Conservative Republicans” out to be the tokens the Left claims us to be!

If the National Level of the Republican Party keeps going the way they’re going, we are not going to get very far. Sure we can try to tell minorities that things aren’t really like that, that it only looks like that at the National Level, but that excuse only works for so long! I know, I use that excuse all the time! The National Level is making it really hard to get Minorities to join the Conservative Movement and the Republican Party, because of the face it puts on the Party at the National Level for ALL of us…….

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22 thoughts on “Telling It Like It Is: National Level Republicans Wake Up!!!

  1. I love reading your ladies blog never comment on anything before but as a 34yr old white male I am totally disappointed in the Republican party I can really see no difference between them and Democrats on many issues. I have voted Libertarian for the last decade and finally convinced my beautiful black wife to do the same last election.Keep up the good work ladies i will keep reading God bless.

  2. If the GOP had ANY brains at all THIS is the issue they would be pushing- and HARD! School Choice. The primary beneficiaries of this WOULD BE minorities- and they know it. But the national GOP fear the Teacher’s unions on this- and should NOT. It ALSO combines the Tea Party concept of free choice with minority interests. Bluntly a no-lose battle to wage..

  3. Very well stated. There need not be much more said on my part; however, This was not a racial event as stated but a historical event that the GOP failed to recognize as important. The leadership needs to change to someone more sensitive to the needs of the nation than those that sit currently in the offices of the GOP. Until we recognize that the face of the party will remain an issue.

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  5. I believe the GOP (or whatever it evolves into) has a great message that will save this country. Also I see some very electable black candidates (Mia Love, Allen West, Dr Ben Carson even our very own Kuuleme Stephens) that can not only deliver the message but put words into action. Conservative doesn’t mean old fashioned or dumb, it means doing what REALLY WORKS not trying everything hoping something does. It means giving everyone opportunity not handouts. It means playing by the rules set forth by our founding (and very smart) forefathers. It means rewarding success and achievement, not propping up failure. It means freedom above all else, not laws/rules decided by those out of touch or influenced by those who view freedom as a cancer towards their own goals. It means that the rights of the individual are more important than those of the Government. It also means that all of us are EQUALS regardless of our differences. Americans started out as the underdogs and with hard work we changed the world. Time to do it again.

  6. The national Republican Party is staffed by a pack of elitist idiots that don’t have a clue. Frankly, black conservatives should join the Tea Parties in terms of keeping their independence form the DC types of ALL stripes and work at the candidate, local and state level to get the party itself to change. I spend more time and energy fighting the ‘Powers That Be’ types of the GOP than the Dems (the Dems are ALWAYS a straight-up fight; that is simpler).

  7. Well, I will have to say that If the so-called celebration of MLK will proclaim a lie about what he stood for, I would have nothing to do with it. Unless I was going to speak to make it clear. Separate but equal was a whole different matter. I would do that no more than I would I attend a KKK rally. We cannot allow the truth to be hijacked, just to say we went to a celebration…. I would rather have a celebration and invite them. I think it is just that important. It is not so important that we help perpetuate a lie… Just saying!

    • I actually agree with you on that! The Conservative one that was held did invite the NAACP and others as a bipartisan effort! My problem is that the Conservative one was not just for Blacks and it should have been projected that way! Again, this was American History not just Black History! 🙂

  8. I agree 100%, if they can’t even include the BRAVE Black Conservatives, how can they expect to have any Blacks back them? I too am highly disappointed by the RNC, they disregard Blacks, the Tea Party and Conservatives. It should be the Rino National Committee

  9. Very well stated…..I really wish we had stronger leadership in the Republican Party. It does seem that they are trying to pacify the Dems, but in the process are making fools of all of us, and that is so sad. Where the Democrats have set us back 50 or more years in race relations and lines the Republicans COULD move things forward instead of verifying what the Dems have to say about this party! The race baiting that is taking place is something Republicans are falling for rather than rising above it and proving, through action, that it isn’t that way. We seem to only be adding to the division rather than closing the divide!! Keep up the good blogs, I enjoy them. We need people who aren’t afraid to rattle some nerves and tell it like it is so our political leaders will hopefully wake up before we lose the next election!!

  10. I agree that it should have been “Black and White Conservative Republicans” and not separate. It was a missed chance to bring conservatives together to share their goals for a unified conservative party.

  11. Well said, I for one don’t understand the Republican party at times. I truly support the ideal of conservatism but it doesn’t mean who have to ignore an event such as this great event in the last 50 years.

  12. I am sorry! I didn’t know about it, but I couldn’t have attended anyway, because I couldn’t afford to go! But, the Republican party has lost touch with Conservatives. I now call myself a Conservative, and will not donate a dime to the RNC! They are arrogant, and I don’t believe they stand with conservatives these days! The final straw for me was when they blocked Ron Paul from the convention!

  13. Very very well said! I too am fighting to explain the benefits of conservatism to family and friends. National AND state level Republican Party leaders need to wake up and get with the program! We are working, but they had better get in the game. Time is short!

  14. Dr. King blessed this land with vision. Since his speech, negro leaders have failed to condemn the Democratic party. I use the term negro to honor Dr. King. I was 16 years old when he spoke and I remember.

    The fact is Sharpton is a guest on FOX News, Jesse Jackson bathes in corruption. Race baiters flourish and the race industry thrives. Condemn the Democrats and we might get some traction, Republicans!! My skin is female.

  15. Well said. The GOP has lost focus…..the last election was lost not because America rejects the Republican message, it was lost because that message wasn’t brought effectively to the young and minority voters. The GOP has track record of supporting and improving race relations…..yet the average young voter believes otherwise. Time to change that by being where it counts.

  16. I am a woman who celebrates Dr. King! I am an elected Republican Precinct committeeman with a tea party heart who lives in Arizona and has fought the implementation of Obamacare every day for the last 90 days so that Governor Brewer and her Brewer thugs and the hospitals do not benefit from the Medicaid expansion they railroaded through our Legislature. I love you, dear Kuuleme. Thank you. My skin color? I am a woman.

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