It’s not always what liberals say, but what they won’t say: Loyalty Silence.


We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.~Martin Luther King Jr.

I honestly believe that many leftist/liberals don’t like Obama-care either.  BUT, to save face they cowardly stay collectively silent to never ever be seen as a “sell-out/Uncle Tom. They would prefer to swallow a pile of manure (figuratively by staying silent), than do what they know is the honest, honorable and selfless thing to do and speak up and speak out regardless of their party’s stance on the issue!  Standing up boldly to state yes, I can see where there are serious errors and flaws, as well as I too don’t like the economic impact this would have on far too many  of us that can’t afford to sustain such a law should not be difficult for anyone, but yes it is in this era of loyalty at  ALL costs!

What I want to know is,  where were all these people who are so willing to pay for someone’s responsibility? Especially when I was eating store-bought frozen breaded chicken breast that came 20 to a box, a baked potato (from a sack of small plain white potatoes) ,and day old rolls that came in a Baker’s bag every night for dinner,  for many months because my muffler gave out on my car;  I was also a full-time student that lived on my own and worked full-time over night.  Taking extra hours on my short days for school so that I could pay the mechanic back, whom on an honor system fixed my car and let me have it back while making payments!  I ate cheaply and stayed home watching antenna TV until I paid off MY DEBT!  Trust me I was grateful that I had that food to eat each and every day the same thing over and over, but I knew that I was better off than those that had…nothing!  Sure I cried inside on days at the office that other’s walked in with bags of take-out food and I was eating my apple and one of those stale rolls while pridefully lying that I was dieting, because frankly, it wasn’t so much pride as much as I just felt it was my personal business and no one else’s…..I had it under control as long as I could stand on my own two feet and take care of my debt.

Where were these people all the years I paid my own rent, auto insurance, renters insurance, school tuition, books,  car maintenance, groceries, laundry, healthcare coverage that was deducted from my paycheck all this at the age of 21?  Where were these people when I was sick and came up short pay because of  illness and had to scrape the rent together on my own? Where were they when my job(s) moved away offering no but I still had to pay the rent on my own?  I would do those times all over again and still never complain, nor rally for my government that is supposed to work for me not parent me to satisfy those needs.  I have some health issues myself that cost me monthly medical and prescription bills too, I too have been without Insurance and/or have had to face that preexisting condition exemption clause for my medical condition, but I never once thought to demand my government as a federal body to go after other’s wallets, jobs, and livelihoods to take care of my insurance needs! NO! Just the opposite, I have complained to my legislators  to have them put health insurance providers under scrutiny for their offering practices as well as premium pricing.  Perhaps the industry should be better scrutinized and regulated with options for those that are “higher risks” than to make a nation as a whole your risk financial underwriters!

See back in those days YOU accepted responsibility for your obligations, debts, responsibilities and you didn’t complain about it, but put your nose to the grindstone!  You didn’t demand your government tax others to selfishly “pamper” you! You did seek to use another human-being for personal gain like so many “playa’s” do today, when you hear a female stating, “if you don’t buy me no Gucci or some Remy (hair, liquor, either will do) you can’t afford me”! That my friends started trending in the late 80’s and bred a generation of legal society prostitutes!  Today even the men are exploiting themselves for “free” personal gain by seeking a rich “sugar mama”. So you see with these prodigy spawns of the “give me” society it is no great mystery to me about why society is the way it is, and that  today we would be facing a national mandated tax such as Obama-care! No, what surprises me is how much quicker this came about as well as the rapid disintegration of morals with a complete disregard towards the value of life.

Earlier today I had liberal/leftist literally making comments on my social media that we (conservatives), complain too much about Obama-care and what about auto insurance since it’s mandated.  Okay, what about auto insurance I asked them? Oh you mean because almost all the states (except Va.) need some form of liability insurance?  What should be very obvious is the difference between automobile state minimum basic liability insurance need and a national healthcare plan that mandates one either participates at a price they can’t afford or have the pay a PENALTY to the Internal Revenue Services!  Big difference there, but, that so many were using this talk point coincidentally on the same day, made me wonder is that the next big push for “big brother” to sign, seal and deliver to them?  I would highly encourage anyone, that holds any political alignment to learn about Frederic Bastiat, to then read his book, The Law or any of his essays. Bastiat explains in his book The Law, why his position is that the law cannot defend life, liberty, and property if it promotes socialist policies. When used to obtain “legalized plunder” for any group, he says, the “law is perverted and turned against the only things (life, liberty, and property) it is supposed to defend.”  Thank you again Senator Cruz for reminding so many of us of a historical economist from as far back as the 1800’s that understood what governmental laws should not be used for even in this time period.  What is also little known is that Bastiat was a great admirer of  America and it is stated that he “pointed to the America of 1850 as being as close as any society in the world to his ideal of a government that protected individual rights to life, liberty, and property. There were two major exceptions, however: the twin evils of slavery and protectionist tariffs.  Lastly and more importantly Frederic Bastiat believed and stated:

 that all human beings possessed the God-given, natural rights of “individuality, liberty, property.” “This is man,” he wrote. These “three gifts from God precede all human legislation.

I applaud Ted Cruz and those that stood with him  at his “pointless, not a real filibuster” according to the democrats, last night,  with their snippy and snide comments.  I am speaking of those that were elected to represent their constituents that had displayed such behavior during and after Senator Cruz’s speech last night are in my opinion,  very emblematic about why their constituents can spew such hatred and venom towards anyone that dissents from their views, yet still swear upon of a stack of  Saul Alinsky literature that they are the party of tolerance.

I pray each and every night that regardless of what political party you align yourself with, the people of this great nation wake up!  Wake up to say we don’t need big government to take care of our issues, but to work with us on fixing the issues with healthcare, poverty, crime, discrimination and laws that hinder and harm more so than to protect and help.  Laws that eradicate a life that is Biblical defined as life, but man and government has declared with blatant disregard to quantify as undeserving.   Man has put asunder God’s definition of marriage, the right to life, and the right to protect and defend,  while sinfully coveting and using government to satisfy these needs!  I pray that one day all will say what may not be the popular thing but the right thing, and regardless of its political battle lines, it needed to have been said!


2 thoughts on “It’s not always what liberals say, but what they won’t say: Loyalty Silence.

  1. Liberals can never understand that what the government subsidizes, whether it’s healthcare, college tuition or home mortgages becomes more expensive for everyone and prohibitively expensive for those who don’t receive the subsidy.

  2. This is great, and very well put, seems so many are looking for a hand out rather than working at making things better for either themselves, their family or country. Too many have forgotten the term “put your nose to the grindstone”, this needs to come back, with people doing just that!!

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