One Man + One Woman: Defend Marriage Lobby Day At Illinois State Capital/October 23 2013

Dave SmithToday I went to my state capital in Springfield IL, where I was joined by  a significant number of those that shared my biblical belief in what defines marriage  and why it is important as Christians to defend holy matrimony.   By some the attendance estimate was 2,000+ persons, but because many were busy lobbying at the legislators offices across the street, and visiting other offices, I would put it at more like 3,000+.  Illinois Family Institute sponsored the Defend Marriage day with a great turnout during the middle of a week day of Black Pastors from some of the predominantly Black churches were in attendance bring bus and van loads of members as well as Christian activists and a good showing of media.

Monsignor Kemme of  Springfield’s Catholic Diocese stated, marriage is God’s design not man’s.   Sen. Kirk Dillard/Governor Candidate, Sen. Bill Brady/Governor Candidate, and Rep. Sen. Jim Oberweis (whom is contemplating a run for the Senate  office against democrat Sen. Dick Durbin),  spoke as well today to defend traditional marriage that is solely of one man and one woman.

The day started bright and early with a prayer service at the Lincoln Memorial and then moving inside to pick up documents and letters to deliver to your state legislator as well as to lobby and deliver a letter to the House Speaker (D), Michael Madigan, and Minority Leader (R) Jim Durkin.   The day wrapped up with a marriage Jericho Prayer Walk around the State Capital.

One of today’s great pleasures was seeing some of my locally active clergy, activist, media and Christians all I am proud to call friend.  I have had the great pleasure of working with, and attending previous functions with them.  First  I want to  thank  IFI’s Executive Director, Dave Smith, whom did a phenomenal job of coordinating the program.  A brief recognition to these fine folks I am proud to call friend, and am thrilled every time I get the chance to meet up with them at such an occasion:  Dr. Eric Wallace, Pastor Caesar LeFlore, Stephanie Webber-Trussell, Liz Eihlers, Peter Breen,and Dorothy Chinchilla.

The speeches were invigorating, encouraging, as well as including the word of God.  I personally left feeling not just hopeful but prayerful with my trust in God and His will.   “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.”~Mark 10:6,  “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”~Mark 10:9

I have put together a snippet of the speeches from the afternoon, they are in no particular order, but they do highlight the diversity of speakers present.

Dave Smith, Executive Dir. of Illinois Family Institute

Dave Smith, Executive Dir. of Illinois Family Institute

Crowd at the Defend Marriage Day 3rd flr shot

Participants at the Defend Marriage Day 3rd flr shot


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