Have We Had Enough Yet???

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Recently NNPA Columnist Raynard Jackson made an Op Ed called “Bullying Does Not Lead to Suicide”. He discusses the various other things that play a big role in why a child would commit suicide, and why the media tries to place blame on bullying as the cause. I would encourage everyone to read it! In it he states:

“Hardly a week goes by when there is not a tragic story of a teenager committing suicide. Tragic as these deaths are, there is absolutely no causation between bullying and suicide. The media’s simplistic and sensational coverage of these teenage deaths are very problematic in this regard.”

The media in our country has become a pawn in the game to promote mediocrity in our society. They only cover the parts that they want spoon fed to the public, and prey on the ignorant to follow their lead. This could be said in their coverage of bullying and suicides, as there are many reasons as to why a child would go to such lengths. Bad parental guidance or the lack of parents, babies raising babies, low self-esteem, societal norms, the media, and much more; all play a big part in this. Especially when it comes to young minds which are very fragile and easy to manipulate, due to their inability to understand many things because of their age and inexperience in the world. This game of promoting mediocrity in our society is leading to a bigger picture for our country as we know it.

Bullying has been in our society and in our schools for decades. It was once looked at as being “healthy”, as it was seen as a tool to toughen kids up and teach them to handle the pressures of life in the real world as they got older. In today’s society we have softened up our children, therefore making it easier for their feelings to get hurt. They are taught in school that they are to tattle on others for every little thing. When they get their feelings hurt they are allowed to take a time out with a counselor to gather themselves and talk about their feelings.

Even sports and extra-curricular activities for children has changed! In some places, every game for young kids must end in a tie, so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Everyone gets a trophy now simply for participating. HuffPo Author Michael Sigman also hit on this topic in his article titled “When Everyone Gets a Trophy, No One Wins”. He describes a story about on of his friends dealings with the school their child attended and their Honor Roll Student awards ceremony that blew me away! He also goes on to give details and statistics on how this ideology is harming our children and our country in the long run.
In his article he references Jean M. Twenge, author of “The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement”. She is quoted as stating:

“But the ‘everybody gets a trophy’ mentality basically says that you’re going to get rewarded just for showing up. That won’t build true self-esteem; instead, it builds this empty sense of ‘I’m just fantastic, not because I did anything but just because I’m here.”.

My thoughts on this is:
Doesn’t this type of “everybody’s a winner and everybody’s the same” attitude remind anyone of a certain 3 famous ideologies? Doesn’t this type of thinking sound a little bit like Marxism/Socialism/Communism? People seem to think that this Democrat/Liberal push to force our country to Communism is a new thing. It is not. It has been happening little by little in our country for decades now for those of you who haven’t been paying attention.

Look at the various things that have been pushed in our society over time and where it has gotten us. We have more unwed mothers, teen pregnancies, and abortions under the guise of Womens Rights and Feminism. The traditional family has been virtually destroyed , as parents are either unable to parent because the government has taken the parental role away or they just simply don’t parent at all. Our school drop out rate is tremendous, more people are pushing for the legalization of drugs under the guise of medicinal usage, the Entitlement Mentality is growing like wild-fire, accurate history and facts are not being taught in our schools and agendas are being pushed along with Common Core Standards, and the media (be it Music, TV, Movies, or Social Media) has been dumbing down our country for years with its ability to reach many people on a worldwide scale, and change societal norms by promoting bad behavior!

The 3 ideologies Marxism/Socialism/Communism, are just steps to our countries demise. We would be in the early stages of Socialism right now if you really think about it. Are we really going to sit idle and let this go any further? When will the American Patriots going to come together, take a stand, and push back? The American People better wake up and they better wake up soon! If people don’t, then we only have ourselves to blame when we are living in a dictatorship under Communist rule!

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5 thoughts on “Have We Had Enough Yet???

  1. I taught at private Jr College in Nashville for 3 years right after I retired from the police department, the number of students I had that thought they should get a passing grade just for showing up in class was mind blowing. Didn’t pass one chapter test, failed mid-term and then failed finals and thought they should pass cause they were there everyday. that’s what a bunch of young people think now days. That’s what “Everybody is a Winner” teaches.

  2. Like everything else the MSM does: there’s an “agenda.” Their faux indignation related to bullying is just another veiled attempt at the feminization of America.

  3. IMO more children are committing suicide because they are expected to make adult-sized choices instead of having their parents lead them. The only “bullying” here is by the State, who wants to push parents into a placeholding role while training children to make choices about sex, abortion, drug use, etc. It is too much for them.

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