A Veteran You Should Know Accompanied By a Special Veteran’s Day Roll Call

Babette April2Veterans day is here again, and this year I am noticing a different attitude regarding the day and one that is probably more positive than any other time during my lifetime.  I’m seeing more appreciation towards veterans, a sense of pride for those that enlist in the military with full knowledge that at a moments notice they can be called to protect and defend the nation and nation’s interests foreign or domestic.  I consider everyday to be veterans day like so many others, yet it seems that until as of recent with numerous civil liberties being accosted from legislation that hinders and destroys the fundamental beliefs of so many conservative patriots, veterans are no longer seen as the horrible misconception moniker “baby killers” of the 70’s or “killing machines/terrorists” of later years.  They are recognized as regular everyday persons no different from you or I,  but those with a job that has a high price for the employee themselves to pay, their very own lives.  These courageous, noble and frankly all that I have met personally humble beings leave me in awe.  So many give/gave so much to come back to give more, even those I know that have personally lost limb(s), yet are grateful to continue to contribute to the growth and well-being of this nation when they have lost so many brothers and sisters in battle.  These are tough times for our nation and many of our veterans are facing hardships we could have never imagined a veteran would have to face, foreclosures, joblessness, and cut-backs in medical care.  Please note that at the end of this blog I have included some links for helping veterans.  Enjoy and God bless!

I would like to introduce our readers to a friend of mine named Max Mullin.  Max has retired from the army after 26 years of service with honor and distinction.  Max is one of the most unassuming, patriotic, quietly confident, heart of gold and “do or die” persons I have the great privilege to call a friend.

My friend and great U.S. Army Ranger Veteran Howard “Max” Mullin, someone you should know:

Max HQ 75th Ranger Regiment

Max Mullin Ranger Hall of Fame

Master Sergeant (MSG, Ret) Howard “Mad Max” Mullen Jr., is a 2013 Ranger Hall of Fame Inductee, Distinguished member of the Ranger training brigade 2013 Inductee and a United States Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) MG Aubrey “Red” Newman Leadership Award Recipient. He is one of the most dynamic Ranger instructors to serve during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. A 26 year Army retired veteran MSG Mullen is known to most as Mad Max Mullen for his bold, motivating, and aggressive leadership style.  MSG Mullen served in the 1st Battalion Ranger, 75th Ranger Infantry, 2nd Battalion Ranger 75th Infantry, 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment, and the 75th Ranger Regimental Headquarters.  On October 25, 1983, MSG Mullen conducted a 500ft Combat Parachute Assault on the Island of Grenada “Operation Urgent Fury” with Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion Ranger 75th Infantry.  He served as a Senior Ranger Instructor and Head Combative Instructor with the Ranger Department 3rd Ranger Company “Morgan Team” and Charlie Company, 4th Ranger Training Battalion. He was recognized as a three time Ranger Instructor of the cycle while serving as a Ranger Instructor.  In 1987, MSG Mullen was instrumental in the co-authoring of the US Army Combative Manuel FM 3-25.150.  He has also conducted over 200 hand-to-hand combative demonstrations for visiting foreign dignitaries, diplomats, and Ranger students.  Max is the first Black American to have three 1/6th scale action figure made in his likeness that were not movie themed, sports or celebrity based.   MSG Mullen is also well known and respected in the Military Simulation (mil-sim) community and has made appearances at some of the largest mil-sim events in the US. His experience runs the gamut from real-world military and law enforcement to the tactical mil-sim community. In addition, Mullen has appeared in movies, books, magazines, commercials, and national print ads, as well as public speaking engagements. The owner and CEO of Tactical Milsim Magazine which comes a magazine that covers a wide range of stories from Special Operations, Law Enforcement, weapons, and the outdoor adventure enthusiast.

A true conservative, Tea party participant, and Oath Keeper member, Max Mullen is extremely engaging and is a speaker who shoots from the hip, keeping the audience both involved and highly entertained. He is a man that firmly bases all opinions on facts and is extremely convincing. His personal military decorations include Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal with six (6) Oak Leaf Clusters*, Army Commendation Medal with two (2) Oak Leaf Clusters*, Army Achievement Medal with six (6) Oak Leaf Clusters*, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal with Bronze Arrow Head, National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal-seventh (7th) award, Non-commissioned Officer Development Ribbon-fourth (4th) award, Overseas Service Ribbon-fourth (4th) award, Army Service Ribbon, Ranger Tab, Master Parachutist Badge with Combat Star, Air Assault Badge, Combat Infantry Badge (CIB), Expert Infantry Badge (EIB), Expert Rifle Marksmanship badge, French Parachutist Wings, German Parachutist Wings, German Sports Badge, Bronze, Imjin Scout Badge, Republic of Korea, Jungle Expert Patch, 2013 Ranger Hall of Fame Inductee, 2013 Distinguished Member of the Ranger Training Brigade Inductee, The U.S. Army FORSCOM MG Aubrey “Red” Newman Award Leadership Award Recipient (*Oak Leaf Clusters denote subsequent awards after a previous award). MSG Mullen is the true definition of dynamic and effectively sparks a flame in all who encounter him. *1

Keep your eyes and ears open because I don’t think Max is done with he wants to still do and I thank God for men and women like him everyday.  Thank you and God bless to all the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces.


Personal Roll Call of Friends and Family Veterans:

1SG Eligio Marin US ARMY 19 Delta,  Steve LeMaster US. Army (Infantry) 1984-2005,  Joshua LeMaster US. Army (Infantry) 2012 – Present,   A1C Katrina Young USAF (Security Forces),  Octavious O’Neal USAF,  Steve Beevers USN,  Kevin Cronin US ARMY,  D. C. Wright USMC Retired,  Gary Espinosa USN USS Yorktown 65- 67, Garry-Lee Espinosa USN USS Francis Hammond Desert Storm,  Felicia Espinosa US Army Helicopter crew chief second gulf war-present,  Robert Neil Johnson  US NAVY retired, Marvin Mitchell  USMC 1979 – 2001, David Stembaugh  United State Air Force 1973-1977, Cameron Smith. Operations Specialist USS David R Ray USN, James Andrews USAFR,  Christopher Wiederhold, US Army,  Danny James – US Army, Dawn M. Hintz, US Army,  Corey D. Hintz, US Army,  Brandon Hintz, US Army,  Nita Wennberg..USAF TRIAGE NURSE..VIETNAM, MM1 Ted Copeland USN Ret, CW3 TN Guard 1973-present,  Cherice Moore US. NAVY,  Sgt. Harold Gangestad. United States Army. Lrrp in Vietnam. 67 68 69,  David Warr CID army 1972-1995, Russell Faulkner army 1935-1970, James Warr died in Vietnam,  Rachel Ridge Feuerbach, USAF 1982-1987,  Harlin S. Neal, U.S. United States Army 1989-1999,  Russell W. VanOrder US Army Field Artillery & US Navy Gunners Mate Guns,  Mikee Campbell USN Persian Gulf, John Lively, U.S.A. Marine Corps, Timothy Ross USMC,  Johanna Brooks, USAF, Kent Daughtrey USAF ’67-’74 VietNam, B. J. Quinlan USAF,  Major Frank Willoughby USMC/Green Beret/Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos ,  Andrew Charles Claverie United States Navy WWII, Alphonse J Teems, Jr US Army Korea and VietNam, Herbert J Thomas, Jr USAF VietNam, Warren Pope: Air Force, WO Frank Bishop Viet Nam 68 -69 Helicopter pilot US Army First Air Cav., Ralph O Holder, WWII Navy, Nate Holder Marines, Marcus Holder Army Korea, Joseph Bishop USAF 27 yrs,  Shirley Bishop Hunt USAF 20 yrs., Edward White US Army. 70 73 Vietnam, Anthony Grimm,MSgt,USAF,Retired, Tom Scroggins US Navy Gunners Mate WWII Guam/Okinawa, Edward White Helicopter gunner 71 72,  David Schwarz, USAF, 1984-1999, Donald Chaddock, USAF, 1971 to 1991, Greg Loomer USMC,  Robert Wa’dell Cook, U.S. Navy, Allan Pederson, USMC Infantry, Vietnam, Cord Palmer USMC, Michael Wells U.S. Army,  Kenneth Hunt United States Navy Reserve Seabees, Deborah Pauly, Sgt. USAF, 1979-1985, Public Affairs, Internal Information & Media Relations,  Tracy Keck, USAF, Texas Army National Guard/California Army National Guard M60/M48/M60A3 Tanker (19E), Todd Vandermyde SSG US Army, 19D3PF7 18 yrs, Dr Shawn Greener US NAVY,  Fred Dorward U.S. Coast Guard, Jack Schrock USN SUBMARINE SERVICE, Chester W Schrock— WW2 USN, UNDERWATER AMPHIBIOUS ATTACK FORCE (first gen seal). RM2(ss), Grandfather of Jack Schrok: Chester H Schrock– WW1– US ARMY. Demolition, Larry Lee Regimential SgtMaj. Retired, Keith Walker, USAF Retired, Anthea Seraphin Porter USN & Ricky Porter Jr. USN, Dale Anderson US Army, Ronnie Keen Army retired, Vinny Gaglione US Army Infantry, Howard Penrose USN,  Michael Swanson, USAF, Retired,  CPT Dustin Hockensmith (RET) US The U.S. Army, Mike Boller US Army, Jeff Neumann USMC,  ET1(SS) Paul Adams, Submarine reactor operator, SSN 719 USS Providence, SSBN 741 USS Maine,  Roger hastings. Army,  Harold Keith Turner Electronic Warfare Technician 1st Class USN Retired,  Ronald Goldberg, Army 1968-1970..Viet Nam Jan 1969-Jan 1970, Kenneth E Rougeou Jr < USAF 1998-2006, Joseph Placente  Korean War Air force, Jerome Stack US Navy, Timothy Ross USMC 1978-1981, Rose Shrock’s Father Don WWII Navy, Trey Baldwin, US Air Force,  Michael Sherman United States Marine Corps. Semper Fi. Kuuleme Stephens, U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman/ Special Mention to Senior Airman Brian Kolfage  Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and SEAL OF HONOR: Operation Red Wings and the Life of LT Michael P. Murphy, USN is the biography of Murphy, a Navy SEAL who was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Charitable Veteran’s Charities that are listed as Top 25 and noted for giving at 70% if not more of funds raised to those in need: 





*1: Bio from Max Mullin: http://www.tacticalmilsim.com/tacsim-staff/



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