Words: Taking the Power Back


I recently came up with a new word “Niggnerant” and have been using it a lot lately! I would get such a reaction to the actual word (from all races) that I found myself having to explain what I meant by it, who could use it, and who all it applied to! I decided to come up with a definition of the word and submit to the Urban Dictionary online AKA  The Black Webster, and to my surprise VOILA they actually accepted it! If you like it, take the time to give it a “Thumbs Up” while you’re on the site!

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I have always been amazed by the power of words, their usages, and how they get changed over time! I was taught as a child the old phrase of “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words they can not hurt me”. The Left is famous for changing the meaning of words to suit their agenda and History as well, so I thought to myself “Hmmm, why can’t we do the same thing”? Let’s take words back by going into their world and change the definition! Why not, they’ve been doing it for centuries!

I chose the word Niggnerant because it is derived from the word Nigger. The word Nigger seems to have the most power behind it when it comes to People, Race, and the Black Community. Everyone is so Politically Correct these days, and the words you use and the power behind them has grown to a crazy level of madness. People have been trained that it is a “dirty” word and that to use it means you must be a racist. It has also been said that the term can only be used by Black people, no Whites allowed. Often Blacks get offended by the term, and it scare the bejesus out of most White folks!

Some Blacks (and other races that have grown up around Blacks) have used it in a different form (Nigga) as a term of endearment. This is beyond me! I will never understand calling each other Ignorant or Inferior. Comedians such as Richard Pryor, Katt WilliamsDave Chappelle have often used the word as a source for their comedy routines which seem to be widely accepted by all races.

The word “Nigger” is defined by Dictionary.com as:




Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.


a black person.


a member of any dark-skinned people.


Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.


a victim of prejudice similar to that suffered by blacks; a person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.
1640–50;  < French nègre  < Spanish negro  black

No one seems to be able to pin point the actual origins of the word, but they do try to go as far back as they can. Wikipedia, Word Origins, The Washington Post, The African-American Registry, and Race and History all give some information, and the information will vary depending on what viewpoint you are looking from. FOX News Contributor Jehmu Greene asks the question “Where do we go from here? Do we forgive whites for using it or punish everyone who does, including African-Americans?”  in her July 11, 2013 article titled ‘It’s time to retire the N-word– for everyone‘.

Do I think we need to retire or ban the word? No, that would be silly! There is no way to stop people from using a word. We can however give the word a makeover, give it new meaning, and change the definition and how it is used. In today’s society, anyone can be a Nigger and act Niggnerant. We see evidence of such shidiggidy everyday in the news, in pictures, on the radio, Social Media and Television, and in everyday life.

The “N-word” is not going to go away folks! The way we think of and  utilize the word can be changed though!

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20 thoughts on “Words: Taking the Power Back

    • Go tell the Left to drop it! The only reason why the word stays alive is because the Left continues to use it! Since they continue to do so, ignoring it will not make it magically disappear! Might as well change the term to something more positive and equal. Why not the Left changes definitions all the time! You don’t like the word, don’t use it! Don’t come in my post demanding I don’t do something! I would not be a people pleaser type!

    • shaking my HEAD I AM GLAD SOME ONE MADE NOTE OF IT Because i New Name Valarie
      is Negro
      and i am weary of Libraries- and Cell store’s tossing me out of their Institutions
      and by Negro’s who look like me~~ Niggerants and Niggerdaly

  1. That so called new word is not new at all. It is/was a physiological term used to describe slaves who thought they should be free and is listed in the diagnosis books of that time in US history.

  2. Oh, NIGG-nerant. When I first glanced at it I thought it was NIGGERant, as in nigga-rant, which some people (not me) might consider a euphemism for rap music or any speech by Charlie Rangel or Rev Al Sharpton. Niggnerant is clever IMO. I hate suppression of free speech, even bad or unkind speech. Though in ‘polite’ speech we rarely use terms like spic, kike, wop, or chink anymore, we shouldn’t be forced to use specific terms, or not, based on divisions. You may find that people don’t want to be within 50 feet of you if you use those terms but that’s more of a natural social process. PC-ness IMO is forcing us into narrow boxes that some might equate to virtual coffins. Orwell’s 1984 again?

  3. Thank you! Ms Stephens this is the best break down of a word that is mostly used by stupid people and by race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, whee these two racists have made a great living putting mostly white people down.

      • i am Out Side of the Boxes Kuuleme Its me Valarie and I’m so over face BOOK its unreal
        YOU all ready KNOW i am one real Negro woman and relinquish Nothing
        smell the coffee America and turn off the dam TV
        Big Brother is real and 1984 is fictional Fact ALL UP in Faces ! its HIGH time we all REPENT to GOD turn from our ways Unless GOD is Building we Build against HIM ! May Jesus Keep you Safe from ALL Harm IN these the end of Days

  4. In 1987 I was 3 hours from graduating from basic training for the Army Military Police Corp. in Ft McClellen, Alabama. My platoon was march and a soldier named Bob was marching out of step. I said to him why don’t you get into step with us? He replied, why don’t you shut up, you nigger! I was so insensed and stupid I pulverized him and knocking him unconscience with blood streaming from his face! He was sent to the hospital but survived. This word is extremely annoying. I think our double standard in using this word is insain! It makes us blacks sound ignorant using this word. Years ago Jesse Jackson held a live vidual burying the N word. A couple years later Jesse was caught unwittingly using the N word while referring to Obama during the descussion about the election! We are the biggest hypocrites!

    • There has been numerous attempts and pushes to ban or get rid of the word! The word is not going anywhere. We can only try to “change” the meaning of it and how it is viewed. This reminds me of another topic. Gangs. They thought years ago by blending the red and blue to make purple would somehow unify the people and gangs would go away. That was not successful and gangs are still around.

  5. The issue I have with the word, and yes I have used it from time to time speaking with family and friends, is other minority races using it. I’m talking Puerto Ricans and Mexicans; even white girls that have children by black men think that it’s ok to use it. This was a word that was used to degrade a people to their lowest as being below dogs. I find it not funny or as a term of endearment when “Vatos” call themselves Nigga. It makes me ashamed as I have used it in the past on several occasions like I said before but these are a small circle that know what is in my heart. It sounds like hypocrisy and it is but when your race have been through the trials and struggles of not being considered a man and this was the word to describe you then other races need to walk a mile in Blacks’ shoes before they can begin to accept using the word.

    • Other races have been identified by this term. It was a term to define the Irish too. Blacks have got to stop letting this word have power over them It is another form of slavery to be chained by words! I have been called the N-word numerous times now, yet I do not let it affect me because I know the definition of the word, and know I am not one! Blacks need to empower themselves here and not let this word define who they are!


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