Personal Reflection After The MLK Holiday



I really dislike getting into conversations over MLK Jr. at times. What most people do not get is:

MLK Jr. was around in a different time and different era. We CAN NOT look at MLK Jr. with eyes from our present time, because then we get things a little screwed up. MLK Jr. was neither Republican or Democrat. He worked with both sides of the fence at times.

If you read his words, some of his thinking would sound down right socialist or even communist today. BUT…. at the time it was something that was needed! He was fighting a battle for equality and things were very different then. He lived during a time where Blacks were seen to be inferior, but he knew that they were not.

The Democrats and Republicans were fighting over who would get the Black Vote and the Democrats played a better game and won. The Nation of Idiots were on the rise and the Communist Party had infiltrated the Black Community as well. EVERYONE was fighting over who would have the Black Communities confidence at that time.

I keep hearing that MLK Jr. is a Conservative. Well I have news for you, most Blacks and Hispanics from that era (and many from this era) are CONSERVATIVE, but yet they are still DEMOCRATS! They believe in tradition, God, good morals, family values, self-respect, self-reliance, self-responsibility, staying in school, and much more!

The Democrats have won the Minority war because they can show “good works” in within the Minority Communities, regardless of their intentions behind them. If you are looking for help with food, housing, bills, and such; most often those are Democrat ran organizations where you will find the help that you need. That is something that is very hard to compete with if you can not show others that you are thinking in their best interests.

For example:
MLK Jr. worked with Planned Parenthood during his era. Is Planned Parenthood a good organization? NO! It’s objective was to eradicate an entire Minority population and today it still is. But, at the time Blacks could not get Health care anywhere else, and Planned Parenthood (a Democrat ran organization) was one of the few organizations that offered these services. He did what he thought was best for his people at the time as they did need Health care as a means of survival.

If we are to win the war for Minorities, we are going to have to step up our game. We are going to have to put our money where our mouth is, start coming up with things that will help people to get on their feet, and educate them so they are able to stay on their feet. Throwing money at the problem can be a good thing a times, but it is not the only thing either. People are going to have to get off their behinds, get out in their communities, and put in some work as well!

Starting organizations within the Minority Communities that are Republican ran would be a good place to start to gain some trust. Republicans are most often scared to go into Minority Communities, and that is never a good thing. It promotes more separation between Minorities and the Republican Party. You may get offending by my next statement, but it has to be said. “White Republicans and Conservatives are going to have to get over their fears of going into the Minority Communities!”. It can’t be just us Minority Republicans and Conservatives going into these Communities!

When it is just the Minority Republicans and Conservatives working within the Minority Communities, it gives the Left the ammunition to say that we are being used by the Right. Something like this has to be a team effort by the ENTIRE Party if it is going to be successful. If you want to show someone you care about their well-being, you have to be able to show your face and let them know you are there! That is Marketing 101 folks! Minority Republicans and Conservatives can get you in the door, but we can’t do all of the work for you.

Little things like making Republican Functions more affordable for everyone, can go a long way. The idea of having to pay $80.00 to $200.00 (depending on if you are bringing a spouse or not) just to attend a Republican Lincoln Dinner or MLK Celebration is absolutely absurd! It says to Minorities “we’re celebrating how far Minorities have come as a ritual, but we really don’t want you here with us”. Asking for lower donation amounts would be a good thing as well. The idea of “all Republicans are rich” is killing the Republican Party in a big way when it comes to Minorities and those are just a few ideas.

I will end this with a quote from MLK Jr.:

“Pity may represent little more than the impersonal concern which prompts the mailing of a check, but true sympathy is the personal concern which demands the giving of one’s soul”
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thoughts anyone?

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8 thoughts on “Personal Reflection After The MLK Holiday

  1. Well said! I work with a Leftist group mentoring kids in Pgh’s poorest neighborhood. At the same time I am trying to get the PA GOP to reach out to minorities. I am also working with my local GOP Committee to reach out. I am stunned that Noone has bothered. No wonder the ghettos are 99% Democrat. I tell these people that NOW is the time; Hope & Change has been a colossal failure. People are beginning to wake up…

  2. Conservatives are afraid to speak to minorities. Regardless of your color you will be deemed racist, a sellout, intolerant, uncle Tom. We have to reach others by sharing our joined values. They have to see we’re not polar opposites even if we disagree on certain topics. I believe the same is true in combating islam. Christians have to realize we believe in the same God. If we are too busy deciding who is right in their ways of worshiping it allows allah to sneak in our communities too.

  3. As a black conservative, I find it easy to talk to other blacks that are willing to listen. With the current political climate it has become very easy to talk to blacks. They are now seeing the failure of the Obama Administration and the democrat party. Now is the time for the Republican Party to make an inroad into the black community. Chicago is fast becoming like Detroit and the black community see it. Da hood is starting to come around and they are begging for new ideas. If the Republican Party can just stop being democrat light, they just might win over the black community.

  4. Very interesting and informative. Can’t disagree with it, as we have been woefully inadequate with how we respond to the problems facing minorities. I have never been a big advocate of throwing money at a problem, because it is usually done with little or no common sense or logic behind the move. However, I am in favor of intelligent spending when it comes to fixing problems, because if you do it right the first time, it costs less in the long run. I am all for spending money if it saves us money down the road, the only problem that I have, is that for the most part, is that no common sense has been used to this point in the spending. We as Conservatives pride ourselves on logic and common sense, why not put our money where we put our pride, and use it to help get people out of the problem and onto the path that helps put others on the right path to self-reliance.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree. White Republicans must go into these neighborhoods. We must do more. Republican job centers and skills centers in minority neighborhoods would go a long way towards swaying their minds in the Republican conservative direction. Mitt Romney made a huge mistake in writing off 47% of the population and look where that got him. We cannot afford to write off half the country. We must fight for those voters with words and works as you say Kuuleme.

  6. I remember those times. I lived in Ohio, close to the Ohio river. My late father told me that the town that he worked in was a “sundown” town. Had no idea what that meant. Keep in mind, there were plenty of bridges across that river. It wasn’t quite a “sundown” time by the time that I was born in 1952. My grandfather was a member of the KKK. So was everyone of my little playmates grandfathers. I don’t know if they were active chapters by the time that I was born. I do remember that I lived on one side of the creek that fed into the Ohio. ALL of the blacks in town lived on the other side, and it was an unspoken rule that blacks better not cross that rickety bridge onto our side. We were ALL poor, so as a kid I thought that it was kind of silly. Race was not discussed at home, really. The only time that I saw a black person on “our side” was when someone burned a cross on a hill facing the black side of town. The next day, three young black men came and carried that cross home. No one said a word to them. I sat on the steps and watched as they walked home, with heads held high. Those were very different times!

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