Time for Moderation of the Moderates in Illinois

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The Republican Party is often perceived by society (especially by democrats) to be Pro-life, and that’s not a negative as far as many of the party’s constituent base. But perception often times is not reality, nor is often times republican are uniform in principles, morals and even voting practices. As with any party there is true diversity in the GOP and not just racially but mind-set.  One troubling trend though, and especially specific to “blue states” are those that will present themselves as a conservative but do not legislate nor vote as a conservative especially on issues that are typically touted as the core principles of the party.  Some call them RINO’s others like to refer to them as ‘Moderates’. RINO stands for Republican In Name Only, and the more politically correct version, “moderate” is a favorite for those that fear the “swing voters” can’t stand to hear the true values of core conservatism.

This practice of catering to those “possible voters” is not only dividing the party but aiding the opposition in conquering elections. Republicans in Illinois can sometimes deliver a convoluted message, one that isn’t very definitive, and because of that, we have heard everything from being called out right liars and hypocrites, to “you republicans clamor for less government, but then you turn to the government for stiffer laws on illegal’s and reproductive rights.”  Many times I find myself explaining yes we do want smaller government regulations and tax burdens on businesses so that we can have a state that businesses would feel welcome in. We do demand the government to stop fostering a sanctuary for those that don’t respect our laws enough to apply for legal citizenship by providing them with tax-payer funded welfare and other support services that continues to aid to the trillions of dollars of debt for the United States of America. Regarding the reproductive rights,

I explain that while many conservatives don’t support abortion, we will demand that safer practices are implemented for those that decide they will abort because that is true pro-life advocacy, valuing the human life at all it’s stages.  Also it is often inaccurately brandished about that we are “judging” women that have had abortions, again false.  There is no judgment, only concern that she has had post-abortive follow-up, and provided information that will direct her to professional and experienced counselor if there is a desire to talk to someone post-abortive.

Aristotle wrote, “All things in moderation” and moderates have been a far too long favorite, some of the most questionably campaign funded, championed and yes, even bi-partisan elected in Illinois. Well how’s that working out fiscally for Illinois? Where are the jobs? Why are so many organizations and churches rallying at the state capital protesting legislation that angered conservatives and morally conscious voters?. It is time for moderation of the moderate-republicans in Illinois. Conservatives don’t have to use emotional tactics to garner votes; they can competently deliver a clear message of what is right and wrong without fear nor compromising the integrity of their principles and voter constituency.

Illinoisans should also be concerned with having a reputation of fostering fairness in regards to reproductive rights and life, one that not only when a woman is taken to a hospital to be treated from rape offered the “emergency contraceptive” pill, but also offered the opportunity to have the time look over information for help with carrying the pregnancy to term in the should she end up pregnant. What many don’t realize is that you have up to 72 hours to ingest a Plan B pill to avoid pregnancy and even longer with other products, so therefore even just a few hours to calmly assess all the options can be beneficial to these women, as some decisions cannot be undone.

There are some great role models that were conceived in rape such as; Valerie Gatto, Miss Pennsylvania USA 2014, Layne Beachley, Ethel Waters, Eartha Kitt and so many others. Amanda Mancke candidate for state representative for the 97th district is a “moderate mold lawmaker as stated in a recent Illinois political publication.”
How many of us have heard lately and often, how we need true morally principled, constitutional conservatives in this state, and not just those that tout fiscal conservative value? Well then to those voters that vote based upon the belief that all life is sacred, As you can see by the flyer below, which was sent out by Personal Pac for Amanda Mancke,  Mancke is NOT that candidate for you, nor are any other legislators that would accept endorsements and/or funds from this type of PAC. Primaries are coming up fast, to be exact five days from the publication of this blog, March 18, 2014. I would recommend all my readers, even those not in the state of Illinois to be sure to check your primary candidates out thoroughly, an informed voter is a powerful voter.
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Sexual Assault Mailer Cover

Page two of Rape Flyer

Body of Letter

Mailer postage side

To find information about IL candidates: http://www.elections.il.gov/infoforcandidates.aspx and https://votesmart.org.


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