The Marijuana Debate

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I have been hearing so much about the Medical Marijuana issue lately, that I thought I would write something on it even though it is a very controversial topic. I have been reading through Arizona’s laws on Medical Marijuana, and I have found the quite intriguing. I keep reading and hearing arguments over this topic, and people tend to get very emotional when arguing it. I myself know A LOT of people who have their “Pot Cards” here in Arizona, and yet NONE of them have any of these conditions listed as Debilitating Medical Conditions according to our laws!

“Debilitating medical condition” means one or more of the following:

(a) Cancer, Glaucoma, positive status for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Hepatitis C, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, agitation of Alzheimer’s disease or the treatment of these conditions.

(b) A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or its treatment that produces one or more of the following: Cachexia or Wasting Syndrome; severe and chronic pain; severe nausea; seizures, including those characteristic of Epilepsy; or severe and persistent muscle spasms, including those characteristic of Multiple Sclerosis.

Doctors/Caregivers are already handing cards out like candy. People are pushing the limits as to how much they can grow once they get their cards and are selling it to those who don’t have theirs. We are already seeing people who live off of Welfare and our tax dollars sitting at home living off the system smoking pot due to what is called “couch-lock” and the lack of motivation to do anything else that seems to go along with this drug.  While the idea of pot being good as a medical usage seems to be the major argument for this, I would like to remind people that almost every illegal drug has a medical usage in one way or another. Live Science’s Assistant Editor Marc Lallanilla gives 6 examples of popular illegal drugs and their medical uses, yet there are many more.

I have seen many people say that legalizing Pot will make the War on Drugs go away and in my opinion that simply is not true. The Cartels will always be around as their business deals in more than just pot. They won’t be going anywhere, because not everyone has or will get a pot card. Different types of pot has different types of highs as well, it just depends on what type of high you like. Potency of the pot is also something that will be an issue, because people are always coming up with ways to make strains that are bigger and better and that does affect the price when it comes to pot. Legal pot also costs more than Black Market pot! You can find an example of a Pot Menu on RCP Sacramento’s website. If you can’t afford to get a Pot Card and renew it every year or just don’t want to get a pot card for whatever reason, the Cartels will still unfortunately be there to supply it for you.

New Time Blogs: Perfectly Blunt walks you step by step in how to obtain a Pot Card in Arizona. It costs roughly 300.00 to get your card. If you are one of the lucky Welfare Recipients living off the Government you only have to pay a whopping $75.00. In Arizona you have to do this process online at this time which can open the door for many using others info to get a card. You also have to renew you Pot Card every year. The cost for an adult patient’s renewal is 150.00 and minors have fees of 350.00 as posted on the Arizona Department of Health Services Website.

Also, don’t forget the Stupid People! We do have a lot of Stupid People in this country! The Stupid People who have no Common Sense will ALWAYS ruin things for others! It’s the Stupid People that cause laws to be made in the first place, as they have no Common Sense and they need guidelines to follow! It is because of the stupid that Government steps in and plays a parent to the country, and they are able to do so legally because the stupid have given them the means to do so!

Just for the record: This blog is NOT to argue whether or not medical pot or pot in general should be legal. What I am simply stating here is that if indeed people want this legalized and to stay legal, the Pro Pot Peeps may want to start closing some loopholes and gaps if they do indeed want it to be legalized and stay that way!


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16 thoughts on “The Marijuana Debate

  1. I all reality the medical profession is not onboard with “medical marijuana” . For all the studies that find clinical uses for cannabis there are many more that show all the so called effects are really because the users are “high”. Every single component of cannabis has been chemically removed and tested to find medical uses. Pharmaceutical companies would just love to find “cures” and “treatments” that would boost their bottom lines, yet after 60 some years of trying have found none. I am not an prohibitionist , don’t believe the Government has the right to tell Americans what they can imbibe. It has NEVER stopped people from doing what they want and of course created huge illegal enterprises. What I would like to see in this debate is an admission from users that the “medical” uses are really about getting high and a real and reliable field test that can assess the level of intoxication that can help keep users from operating equipment (including cars) that may cause injury and death to the public at large. And just for the record the notion that legal cannabis will be a boon to the tax base is nonsense, just as with cigarettes the health of long time users will use up any benefits as lung cancer and heart disease eat up all the possible revenue.

  2. Whilst I agree with most of your post, the whole ‘WAR on DRUGS’ issue has tainted any rational debate. It seems that all the negative misinformation (‘reefer madness’) is still out there. I still hear it said that Cannabis (aka MJ) causes mental illness etc. BUT the truth is that whilst some people do suffer adverse effects, NOT all do. The majority of problems around Cannabis have resulted from PROHIBITION & its time to move on ! “Kia ora koutou katoa from Aotearoa/NZ”

  3. I especially like the misguided people that quickly cite passages in the Bible as pertaining to the Scriptural use of ‘Herbs’, in particular in the Book of Genesis. What they fail to post, in it’s entirety, is the outcome and repercussions for the use of certain ‘Herbs’. They conveniently overlook those stipulations and consequences of being in an altered state of mind, including the use of alcohol. Why? Probably because, in their mind GOD is condoning the use of certain ‘Herbs’, but in reality he is also condemning their use.
    People should read the scriptures in their context and not just the parts that fit in to their particular life-style or agenda.

    We were given dominion over every living thing on this Earth, including the ‘Herbs’, with certain guidelines. Now that, that is Intelligent Design.

    • Poppy is an herb too and you don’t see people wanting to have opium put out on the open market as is! Morphine is a derivative of opium, but it is not the actual drug itself as it is broken down and change for medicinal use. Also, people tend to forget that the utilization of herbs back in the day was also called out as witchcraft! Lol!

  4. People are confusing MEDICAL MARIJUANA WITH RECREATIONAL POT SMOKING! They think both have to do with each other! One is a treatment and the other is illegal and stupid!

  5. Good post. I’m from Colorado. (Need I say more? I will anyway.) Medical MJ was legalized here several years before Retail MJ. As you note Medical MJ is the thinnest excuse for anyone with the slightest ‘perceived’ ailment to get MJ. Now we have Retail MJ which is highly more taxed and expensive than Medical MJ. Of considerable note is that many favored legalization because ‘the government can make a ton of money’ and then use it to educate kids not to use MJ. Hmmm. I’ve heard that some will buy cheaper Medical then resell it in or out of state (either illegal) at a profit. I think many will pay the legit high prices for either to avoid being illegal. So far I have rarely smelled any pot smoke but it has been winter and soon doors and windows will open for summer. The jury is still on the long term effects of legalization. Wayyy out. Farrrr out mannnn.

  6. Very well written. I knew that this was going to be a system that was going to be abused even before in was put into law.

  7. Good article. I think legalization for recreational purposes will cause more problems than it will help. I do not think it will do a thing to help with the ‘war on drugs’, which has been a huge failure in itself.

    I watched the CNN special on marijuana legalization for people with severe and debilitating illnesses. The children in that special broke my heart and the hoops these parents have to jump through to get help for their children is cruel and senseless. We should make it easier for these sick people to access this drug.

    • This is what concerns and worries me here in S. Az., as we have enough people who ignore driving laws, without a bunch of “stoned” ones. And, with the small amount allowed monthly, where are they going to get the next fix when they can’t live without it? I see the cartels in heavy competition with the legal providers. And, when do they graduate to the next level of pain killer (mind killer) drugs? Oh, well, I just hope they all have good vehicle insurance.

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