A Little Venting on Immigration

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Today I am just doing a little venting on the topic of Illegal Immigration. As this is a personal perspective venting, there are no links, websites, or citations attached in this piece. I just felt the personal need to write about this topic as I live in a Border State and this topic is a very big topic for us here in Arizona!

While Illegal Immigration is a hot topic for all of us here in the US, I can’t help to wonder….. Have any of our National Level Officials thought to look at a more sensible option? LOCK DOWN THE BORDER AND MAKE THE FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS FIX THEIR OWN DAMN COUNTRIES?

The biggest excuses for people coming here to our country Illegally are:
1.  They want the American Dream.
2. They want a better way of life than what is being provided for them in their own countries.

Just think… If countries like Mexico actually cared about their own people, worked the way they were supposed to, and weren’t so corrupt; there wouldn’t be a need for people to want to leave or be forced out! Also, at some point in time the people in these Foreign Countries are going to have to stop running, stand up for themselves, and force their Governments to change. After all, the United States has done this numerous times in our Nation’s history and our Country was founded upon people wanting a change.

I recently heard at an Hispanic Republican event that a lot of Hispanic Illegals don’t want citizenship, they just want to be able to come out of the shadows, be able to work, and send money back home to their families. That blew me away and truly disturbs me! That is basically saying we want what you have to offer, but we don’t want to be one of you. It also says, we don’t care how your country and its Legal Citizens are affected by us being here, we just want to take what you have and go!

I mean really! Illegals are called Illegals for a reason! What they are doing is circumventing the system we already have in place which is in itself ILLEGAL! They are not just Hispanics either! They are people from all over the world! Why are we as a Country playing Big Momma to other Nations (That often hate our guts), when we can’t even take care of our own citizens effectively?

In my opinion, we have our own Homeless, Veterans, Children, and Families here in this country, that are either citizens or people who went the appropriate route to gain citizenship that need our help.  We are already seeing jobs, health care, welfare, and other vital resources needed for our own citizens being affected by Illegal Immigration. We are also seeing the crime rate go up (especially in Border States) because not all Illegals are coming here with good intentions, for the right reasons, or for work.

Many people are Immigrants and our country was founded by Immigrants! Our nation has been made great and is a melting pot because of this fact. But… People tend to forget that there is a big difference between being an Immigrant who has immigrated legally to the United States and an Illegal Immigrant who has circumvented the legal system. We must stop confusing the two! If you do not believe that, try going to a foreign country ILLEGALLY and see what happens! They do not welcome you with open arms as we do here, and you more than likely will serve a stiff penalty for doing so!

I do understand the bleeding heart syndrome for people in other countries less fortunate than we are. I do understand the want to help others grow! BUT…. What I do not understand is the willingness to step on, penalize, and take things away from our own citizens to get this done.  It is not our fault that other countries don’t care about their own people’s welfare!  I for one am tired of people blaming the United States for other countries way of running their own countries. I am tired of people expecting us to take on, fix, and pay for what is really their own problem that they themselves caused and refuse to accept responsibility for or fix.  If we are truly going to be forced to be the World Police, then we should be policing in a more effective manner.

As the old saying goes: You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself!
Thoughts anyone?


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8 thoughts on “A Little Venting on Immigration

  1. Bingo. Bullseye. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Very well said and spot on. We used to be a melting pot and now people don’t want to melt anymore. Mexico could’a/should’a/still could be the China of the Western Hemisphere for cheap products and productiveness. Instead the drug gangs there are murdering people by the thousands while we ship goods across the vast Pacific and the goods are still cheaper than made in the USA. I’m for locking the borders and making those countries clean up their own mess. The US would be better off putting money forward for that than spending money on education and health care for people AND descendants that stole their way into the country. And excuuuuuse me for exercising my freedom of speech.

  2. I recently replied to an editorial from The Press of Atlantic City. It seems the Press Editors see no problem overloading our school system while we pay the highest real estate taxes in the nation! They wrote that it wasn’t fair to ask for identification when registering children in our schools: “For most of us, being asked to present our driver’s license as a form of identification is no big deal.” It’s not, unless you don’t have one. And why doesn’t someone have a driver’s license?? Because they can’t qualify because they, or their family, sneaked into this country ILLEGALLY!!

    Do the Press Editors condone shoplifting?? Would they encourage the police to turn the other way and ignore drivers who talk on their cell phone? That’s Illegal too, but they surely wouldn’t approve of it, would they? Then how do they justify approving of illegals in this country?

    New Jersey has the highest real estate taxes in the country. And at least half of those taxes are school related. I see anywhere from $8,000 to over $20,000, per student, it’s costing the tax payers. Note I said “tax payers”. Illegals don’t pay the same taxes you or I do.

    They are also wrong about “public schools should never be the front line of immigration debate”. They should be, and any and all efforts should be made to remove illegals from his country.

    Let’s also stop making up new words to soften a serious situation. Just like the Liberals changed “Global Warming (because that wasn’t working) to “Climate Change”, stop calling Illegals “Undocumented”. Or refer to this as an “immigration debate”. Since when do we debate a crime?

    “We hope that area school districts have simply made an honest mistake”. There’s no mistake. There’s black and white. There are rules that Liberals should follow, but their attempt to be “fair” is causing everyone who legally pays taxes, well, to pay more.

    It is not an “oversight” to come through the proper channels to become a legal citizen in this great country of ours. It’s the law, and I’m really sick and tired of people approving AND encouraging anyone to break the law. Somebody needs to stand up to the ACLU, and put a stop to this nonsense.

    Do we follow the laws, or ignore them. Since when are we allowed to pick and choose which laws we want to obey? I’m all for challenging a law that’s unfair, but there’s nothing to challenge here. Someone who comes to this country illegally should have none, zero, of the rights, benefits and entitlements that are given to folks here legally. No health care, no schools (in New Jersey they want to give drivers licenses and scholarships to our colleges to Illegals!!), and no jobs. Enough is enough. How hard is that to understand?

  3. What many don’t realize – at least here in California – is that it’s actually much CHEAPER to wire money to Mexico than to another US State!
    California’s budget is a joke! Then Illegal Immigrants send their money to Mexico, draining benifits and not replenishing the well!
    I’ve said this for years – we must TAX the money sent to Mexico and other South American Countries at 50%+ to recoup our loses and make it UNPROFITABLE to steal our State Benifits! THEN they will be motivated to enter LEGALLY and become PART of America, not APART FROM America!

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  5. I would deport all of them. Let them follow the rules and come here legally. Until they are all deported put a 50% tax on all money transfers to their home country.

  6. Well Written, Kuuleme! I find that when I bring up the very point that there are problems in Mexico, democrats like to attack nationalism. Then I point out that there is no doing on the United States that made the problem condition in the foreign country. For some unknown reason it’s as though the world must have been “perfect” until the United States messed it all up by becoming better than “perfect”.

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