My Response to Emily Letts’s Abortion Video

I couldn’t sit idle and let this run it’s course through mainstream media and social media, unlike the pregnancy that didn’t get a chance to run it’s course to term, nor did I feel like responding via type and decided to video my response to what is a reprehensible act in my opinion, by a young woman that one day may look back and regret her decision to film her surgical abortion as post it onto the internet where it will be able to be resurrected for all eternity.  One day, Ms. Letts may have a family of her own, perhaps too during that time she will no longer be employed as an abortion counselor and instead of the thoughts of an aborted baby, she will always be weary of a video a young and perhaps impulsive self made video.  Perhaps in the future Ms. Letts’s views regarding abortion will change, we just never know.  I know I am not the same person as far as values, behavior and actions as I was in my twenties.  My  response is in the video link below.  God bless.

*For any man or woman seeking guidance, advise or counselling post-abortive, please check out Hope After Abortion:


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11 thoughts on “My Response to Emily Letts’s Abortion Video

  1. Hope ms. Lett is not flippant with her clients as she is with her fetus. The fact she was paid for her repulsive film makes me sure she needs strong psychiatric help. Her attitude that abortion was cool I’d disturbing to even the most advocate pro life supporter. Her characterization that her pregnancy just happened is ridiculous. She and her cohorts planned this entire publicity stunt. For someone who had unprotected sex and did not use birth control because it made her fat or hormonal smacks of a lie. She states she took pregnancy tests often, then, why did she not take the day after pill? This was a well orchestrated publicity stunt on her part. I hope it was painful because I am not sure she knows real feelings from fake. Her actions should lead to the Cherry Hill Women Center losing all funding for their ruse to get ratings for a very difficult decision. For any real woman. This video will follow her forever as it should. No self respecting male could her consider as a partner in the future. Sadly she deserves all the criticism she receives.

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