The Emily Letts Abortion Controversy

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There has been an article floating around Social Media that has caught my attention. The article “Woman Films Her Own Abortion To Show World How ‘Cool’ It Is was posted on The Daily Caller, and has caused quite a stir in the Conservative World. After reading the article and some of the other media around the web addressing this issue, I can understand why. The young woman, 25 y/o Emily Letts, seems to be minimizing and trivializing abortion to a disturbing degree.

Letts seems to be very proud of her decision in taking a life that she was able to create, and even makes claims that it’s safer than giving birth. What is even more disturbing to me is that the young lady is an Abortion Counselor and considers herself to be a Sex Educator. She actually counsels others in their decision-making! Abortion is not something to be taken lightly. It is not something to be filmed, entered into video contests, or made to sound like it’s the “cool” or “in-thing” to do. Abortions are not something to be proud of either, and should be discouraged whenever possible!

The Blaze ran with this story as well. In their article “I’m Not Ready to Have Children’: Activist Films Her Own Abortion to Show Women It Can Be a ‘Positive’ Experience” Letts tries to claim that abortion can be a positive experience for woman! SMH… Letts didn’t even include the man who got her pregnant in her decision-making. I found that to be incredibly selfish of her. Regardless of how reckless this young lady may be in her own sex life Letts did not create that life by herself, and the man (if she even knew who he was, IJS…) should have been a part of the decision-making.

Letts states very clearly that she wasn’t ready to have children, but admits that she wasn’t on any type of Birth Control to prevent it from happening. She even admits that she didn’t have any long-term partners! I think even kids in grade school know that the “Timing Method” and tracking your ovulation cycle doesn’t work! They also know the more you have unprotected sex (especially with various partners) the more chances you have of getting pregnant! I think the clinic should have checked out her personal habits before allowing her to work in this field, but then again… It is the agenda of the Left to promote Abortion, not decrease it!

Letts interviewed with Cosmopolitan in an article called “Why I Filmed My Abortion”. In it she tried to explain why she taped her abortion being performed. I think she did a very poor job at this and came off sounding very uniformed, unintelligent, and rather dense. Letts is a former professional actress and I think she saw this as an opportunity and means to make money, get her 5 minutes of fame, and get her name out there again.

In fact, I’m kind of curious to know who reached out to whom with this video idea, as she actually films the abortion procedure being performed and was supposedly only in her first trimester. I find it odd that she gets a pregnancy test “on a whim” and her first thoughts are to video tape her abortion. Grabbing a video camera to tape your abortion isn’t usually what floats through a womans mind after finding out they’re pregnant! Letts entered the Abortion Care Network’s Video Contest called Stigma Busting on her own accord (and won), and only after her video went viral did she decide to come out publicly on the matter. Keep in mind that entering into a video contest on the Abortion Care Networks website isn’t one of the first thoughts that enter into a womans mind either!

In reading her reasons for coming out with the video, her excuses were atrocious and I wouldn’t want my child or female friends going to her for guidance! I think she is a very poor example of a Counselor and Sex Educator.

You can watch “Emily’s Abortion Video” below (Warning: Content will be disturbing to some viewers):

As you can see the video over 31,000 hits on it and climbing. There are 200 plus people who were brave enough to give it a thumbs up, yet over 1200 people have given it a thumbs down so far. In the Cosmo interview Letts states that she was so proud of another woman (a woman on You Tube who goes by Angie AntiTheist, who is a self-proclaimed ATHEIST by the way) who had posted her story and video on You Tube and answered all feedback that she received. She said the woman would keep putting up videos, the more threats and hate comments she received. Letts stated “She didn’t hide from it. I loved that”, but Letts own channel only seems to have one video on it. She also doesn’t seem to want any feedback on her ridiculous video either as she disabled the comment section on her own. I guess she’s not that brave or proud of her decision to get an abortion, video tape it, and go public after all…..

Your thoughts?

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16 thoughts on “The Emily Letts Abortion Controversy

  1. I think your article is well thought out and I agree with you on all points. It is disturbing that she video taped her own abortion acknowledging the baby as a life she was taking so casually and without remorse. Although she hasn’t broken any laws by doing so I feel she should be subjected to some kind of punishment. It is hard not to judge a woman who would do this. It is sickening. I didn’t watch the video but I’ve read her words and there is nothing positive about abortion.

  2. Her taking the issue with such a lackadaisical attitude is repulsive. Her irresponsible action to think it was a “cool” experience shows she has no clue to the consequences of her actions. This smacks of being a publicity stunt and the agency who was complicit in the video deserves to lose all funding for such reckless behavior and she should be investigated for her ability to influence young women. No one should be proud of getting an abortion. Her getting pregnant, if it truly happened, was planned. I think abortion is a hard choice for any woman and her lack of respect of their feelings is just disrespectful. Anyone who got paid to film an abortion is not human, but a typical self centered, selfish idiot who deserves every criticism she receives. Thankfully the video will follow her for the rest of her life and it will be part of her reputation forever.

  3. She did have a choice. The ‘choice’ was the crappy one she made when she got in the bed with no birth control. You screwed up by making a bad choice Emily, then you made your baby pay. What an irresponsible, foolish woman. All things even out in the end though, don’t they?

  4. I am disappointed with you Kuuleme. I don’t know where to begin with your comments. So how about the beginning. “Letts seems to be very proud of her decision in taking a life that she was able to create, and even makes claims that it’s safer than giving birth.” Letts did not create life. No human being has that capacity. She has an egg that was fertilized either by having sexual intercourse with a male or by artificial insemination which is just basically someone inserting the sperm into the uterus. That is not “creation”. That is her body doing what it was created to do. There is actually no “miracle” per say in the process. It was set in motion by the actual “Creator” of all human life, God.

    Next you comment, “Abortion is not something to be taken lightly.” Actually I would contend that abortion is not something that should be taken at all. It is the killing of an innocent life. Period. And since it is the taking of innocent life that makes it by definition “murder”. I don’t say that for any type of effect or affect. I say it because it’s the truth as truth is what is actually real. See, murder is the deliberate taking of another’s life. The life inside the woman after conception is not her life. It is a separate life that is sustained by the life of the mother. We have much scientific data that completely verifies this fact. So for one to willfully kill another person, innocent of any type of crime against another or against humanity is criminal and should be punishable by death. Instead we as a society not only celebrate it but fund it with our tax dollars. (And we call ourselves enlightened!)

    Should the man be included in the decision to abort a human life? Does that matter as much as the fact that the life of a human person is being snuffed out by someone who is in a position of power to do so? Isn’t this what the slaves suffered in pre-Civil War United States.

    I don’t want this to be an attack on you personally, however feel compelled to comment because even though you come out against what this woman has done, your own commentary, in my opinion, is the attitude that has allowed us to get to this very point in our National history. We don’t value life. We think that it’s okay to have the abortion but we shouldn’t be flippant about it. We should make the choice in seriousness. Hmmm! Maybe we should discourage it totally.

      • Did you actually read my response? I made it very clear what I disagreed about. I’m not trying to be flippant about my response nor am I trying to flame you. I just find your comments in the article very revealing. It’s sounds as if you don’t really have an opposition to abortion, only to what this young person did. Am I reading that incorrectly?

    • Letts was the one who said she had the power to create the life she did in her interview, so your issue is actually with her statement not mine. Or did you not read the links I placed in the article??? Abortion is definitely not something to be taken lightly! We still have abortions going on in this world, as it has not been eradicated. A lot of things will have to be fixed and people will have to put their money where their pro-life mouths are if we are to demand ending abortion totally. As far as whether the man should be involved in the decision making… YES, he should. After all it was his sperm that fertilized the egg! Men are also affected by abortion as well. Do NOT make the assumption that they are exempt!

  5. I find it rather disturbing how she can be so casual about an abortion and not even think that she is asking to kill a human being. Why would anyone want to make a video of an abortion? I think she could use some counseling.

  6. Which is worse, being sick at heart, or sick to my stomach?
    So sad! Was the abortion even real or is the entire thing acting?
    Assuming it is real, a follow up video in a few years might be very informative. Many “feminists” come to have regrets…

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