Not only demoted from first priority to now sold-out for less

Jackson Rush LewisKaren Lewis stated in 2013: “When will we address the fact that rich white people think they know what’s in the best interests of African-American and Latino children, no matter what their parents’ income or education level?” Okay Karen then tell me why your influential, well connected, and supposed leaders in Chicago aren’t producing results and finding solutions themselves?  Instead they turn to the Feds for a bailout…Also please tell me why it’s acceptable to them to ask for 1/2 of what the Potus is asking for illegals, also why are two of them black?

Bobby Rush Stated just last month: “We’ve had already there was a commitment of 500 jobs. We want to increase that to something like 1,500 summer jobs,” Rahm Emmanuel announced: that up to 23,000 summer jobs/internships for illegals.

Jesse Jackson: “If we can find $4 billion for those children — and we should — we can find $2 billion for Chicago. There are more children involved, and more have been killed, and more have been shot,” Just this past month Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition had their 43rd annual summit in Chicago, the sponsorship was off the charts as it is every year! The list of sponsors is very impressive a conservative cause could only wish for that amount and type of sponsorship. Some of the monies towards that event can and should be put into these communities, yet he’s now pointing a finger for lack of funding for jobs and programs.

The hypocrisy of all those mentioned above is so flagrant and foul it’s a wonder Chicago hasn’t just self-combusted from the toxins spewing from their mouths! Lewis is the first one to run to those “rich white” people when it comes to her getting her way and pay, and if she runs for Mayor, I bet those “rich White” liberal people are going to help fund her campaign let’s keep it truthful this Truthful Thursday! Why are those tan, brown and black babies now all grown up and NOT in prison (a play on Lewis’s words during that speech) only worth 1/2 as that of illegals if you’re going to ask for funding? For personal practices of inclusion, let me add Whites and all other races for that matter in the city of Chicago, Cook County and surrounding depressed areas in the state of Illinois.  Haven’t you all been bamboozled, and heard enough false promises from these folks and those of their ilk?  So many Blacks/African-Americans call Black conservatives sell-outs, well I believe it’s actually the reverse, because democrats have been sold-out so many times by their elected officials that perhaps the federal reserve should be regulating them too.

Can someone tell me where the funds for that “Quinn’s Anti-violence program” program initiated by Governor Quinn in 2010 to the tune of $15 million dollars*, where did it go?  $55 million dollars of taxpayers funds were earmarked for this politi-nepotism fund, monies lined peoples pockets for their own self political aspirations and personal wants.  So with that damning reputation and financial practices pattern, who will monitor the monitors for more funding that lines the pockets of all those that are in cahoots as well as those that buy elections in Crook County as Jackson calls for more federal dollars?  Rev. Jackson states in his latest media soundbite that the President is at fault too.  I can’t argue too much with his inclusion of his President, since so many voted for the man based upon race, and his alleged “President for the people,” although this isn’t the first time he’s called out Obama.  Oh yes that’s right he apologized later for that catch with a hot mic.  The problem I have here is that for those that call themselves civic leaders and those that are elected leader, it’s amazing how leading now means pointing the finger at someone else, and then calling for too little almost too late.   Is it now, ask what your country can do for your community dear community organizer/leader?






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